ATLANTA – Tom Noonan, who helped make Atlanta a thriving hub for Internet security firms, sees green tech as the next big thing. Noonan is taking the helm as CEO and president of JouleX, a green IT firm focused on managing energy use by network connected devices.

Noonan, the former co-founder and CEO of Internet Security Systems (ISS), which was acquired by IBM for $1.5 billion, is also an operating partner with TechOperators, the Atlanta venture capital firm that seeded and incubated JouleX along with Target Partners in Munich. Reports say the seed investment was $2 million.

“At TechOperators, we have been looking for companies to invest in that will be global game-changers,” said Noonan. “The JouleX technology is capable of completely transforming the Green IT space. JouleX will do for energy management what ISS did for Internet security…something the world has not yet seen.”

Ripe for innovation

JouleX’s technology reduces energy costs by monitoring, analyzing and managing energy usage for all network connected devices and systems without the use of costly software or device agents.

JouleX is the first company to provide “agentless” network technology that monitors energy consumption, analyzes energy usage, and provides automated ways to manage the reduction of energy consumption and save significant costs.

“At $7 trillion annually, the global energy industry is ripe for innovation,” said Noonan.

“Energy conservation through efficiency is pivotal to saving energy costs and protecting the environment – and with JouleX, reductions in energy usage by as much as 60 percent are possible. Corporations can now measure enterprise energy consumption and control energy waste across all of their office IT networks, data centers and building management systems.”

Noonan widely known for vision, management style

Noonan’s management style and vision have been widely recognized by industry-leading publications including Forbes, Business Week and Fortune. In 1999, Ernst and Young recognized him as “Entrepreneur of the Year.”

Additionally, he was appointed to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council by President Bush and continues to serve the White House in this important role, and has also delivered keynote addresses at several G8 Summits.

Noonan discusses the JouleX technology in a video on the company’s Web site.


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