Are women starting businesses for the same reasons as men?

According to Krizia (Miss K), executive producer and host of the Women Entrepreneurs HQ Online Show, women do have different motivations for starting a business than men.

“Since I have the pleasure of interviewing successful female entrepreneurs from around the world on my online show, I have been able to understand the motivations of women when launching their own businesses and in many cases, it’s different from men”.

“Money is an important reason why women start their own business, just like it is for men, but for the women I’ve interviewed, it’s not a strong enough motivator that would get them into a business that they hate and that they’d do solely for the financial compensation. The money is the perk that follows the passion and the purpose,” says Krizia – who uses just the one name.

Top 5 Reasons Why Women Start A Business:

1) Financial independence – For many women looking to attain the level of financial independence they crave, a business is the best way. Even for those women working their business part-time while still holding onto a full time job, financial freedom is the motivator.

2) Being in control of their own destiny – Things have come a long way for women in their careers, but in some industries and companies there are still low glass ceilings for women. Women are now operating their own 6-7-8-9 figure businesses and there are no glass ceilings insight!

3) Stay home to raise their family – Many women want to be able to stay home and raise their kids or at least have the flexibility to be more available for their kids. Becoming an entrepreneur is a much easier for women to consolidate the need to support their family financially and also be present for major milestones in their kids’ lives.

4) Do work that has purpose and meaning– Purpose and passion are two words that are extremely important to women when deciding to launch their own business. Most want to feel like they what are doing matters and has a positive impact on the world.

5) Give into their creative-self – Most women operate more from a right brain perspective and use their creativity in their work. For many female entrepreneurs, the confinement of the corporate box wasn’t allowing them to spread their wings creatively.

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