Three-quarters of the brand marketers and agency reps surveyed by  33Across, operators of the largest social and interest graph in the world, reaching over 1.25 billion users, say that the rest of the web is more important to them than Facebook advertising.

The survey also points out the increasing importance of big data – all that information about us that can be gleaned from digital sources – and how to access it, interpret and use it.

Key results of the 33Across Advertiser and Agency Survey include:

  • 75% of respondents said Facebook receives less than 40% of their attention versus the “rest-of-web” (ROW)
  • 71% describe their goals as more focused on fan engagement vs. fan acquisition
  • 70% said they were concerned about making sense of the data at their disposal
  • 91% are very concerned with being able to drive ROI from big data in 2012
  • 73% said the integration of cross-channel data continues to be a top area of concern

33Across found several examples where these issues are heightened in particular industries, as advertisers grapple with an increasingly broad and diverse online marketing landscape. For instance:

  • Over 90% of respondents within the Auto and Financial Services industries are concerned about being able to drive ROI from big data.
  • TravelFinancial Services, and Auto placed the most importance on successful integration of cross-channel data that is collected from a variety of online and offline sources, e.g., Facebook, ROW, and in-store purchases.
  • The majority of respondents (71%) are more focused on Facebook Fan engagement than Fan acquisition. The Financial Services industry, however, graded noticeably higher with its Fan engagement objectives (over 90%) compared to any other industry. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) ranked second in this category, with 89% of those surveyed prioritizing Fan engagement over Fan acquisition.

“These survey findings validate that Rest-of-Web is at the epicenter of this conversation, and big data will continue to be one of the largest issues that online marketers confront for the next few years,” said Eric Wheeler, CEO of 33Across.

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