Email is still the marketers top online tool, says Amanda Steinberg, founder & CEO of, but engaging in best practices will improve your results.

DailyWorth emails its financial advice to 250,000 women a day. The site has garnered publicity form

New York Times, Forbes, USA Today, and a recent 2-page spread in Cosmopolitan magazine. Prior to DailyWorth, Steinberg owned and operated multiple Website development consultancies. A graduate of Columbia University, Steinberg also contributes to

Steinberg is one of dozens of digital experts participating in the upcoming Digital Summit in Atlanta May 9-10. She’ll join speakers from Google, Gilt, Mashable, The Huffington Post, Twitter, Klout, and many other firms at the event, which had fewer than 100 seats left.

Steinberg will be talking about email best practices. We asked her for some of her top email marketing tips.

First, she says, “Put a lot of thought and effort into your subject line. That’s the moment you’ll capture your reader or not. Too many email marketers use generic or repetitive subject lines. Use something that gets them to open it.”

Second, “Keep your content really short. One of the things I’ve learned is that people are just getting buried in their email. So editing and honing down what you’re sending is critical. We keep them to no more than 200 words.

Third, “Keep your list 100 percent opt-in. If someone doesn’t understand they’re signing up for it, it can do more to hurt you than help you.”

Fourth, “Don’t send your emails at 7 a.m. when everyone is mass delete mode. Send it late afternoon.”

She also says that the best way to market an email newsletter is to barter, exchange and advertise with other email newsletters.

“Email is best path to more email,” she says.

DailyWorth, she says, “Delivers one piece of financial advice a day, often telling a story.” She says they measure ten metrics, open rate, click through rate, shares, likes, and comments generated.

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