Moms today are “hyper-connected” to their technology devices and are turning to social media and blogs for advice and support, according to the third annual BlogHer eMoms study, providing insight on moms, kids, and technology’s impact on managing family life.

One of the more surprising findings: more than half of children three and under are allowed to use a family desktop or laptop.

Moms Gain Confidence Through Social Media
BlogHer moms report that parenting advice and information from blogs helps them build confidence about their parenting skills, even more than any other form of social media (81%) including Facebook (60%) and Twitter (41%).

Info from blogs influence purchase decisions

Blogs are also the most confidence-boosting form of social media for moms in the general population. The survey revealed further that information gleaned from blogs helps moms make decisions for their families.

More than half of the moms in the general population have purchased a food product (56%), watched a TV show (54%) or read a book (63%) based on advice they got from a parenting blog.

“Social media is having a profound effect on family life by providing authentic, trusted information, and blogs lead the way,” said Elisa Camahort Page, Co-founder and COO of BlogHer, Inc.

“Whether seeking teething advice, researching anything from strollers to eco-friendly toys, or deciding what to cook for dinner, blogs give moms confidence in their choices.”

Moms’ Mobile Use Exploding

According to the survey of 1,102 women, today’s moms are hyper-connected to their technology devices. Nearly all moms (99%) own a laptop or desktop computer and 83% own a smart phone, with mobile phones now trumping computers as the screen moms depend on the most.

Mobile use continues to grow at explosive rates, with two-thirds of moms using mobile more this year than last. These connected moms use mobile everywhere, whether out running errands or at home, in every room of the house, even in the bathroom.

Moms use mobile to make phone calls (97%), send text messages (95%), stay connected to family and friends (90%), check email (80%) and to check their social networks (75%). Despite intense mobile usage, the study indicated one area of potential commercial growth in the mobile space, as only 40% of moms reporting using their mobile for shopping and coupons.

Toddlers as Tech Users

Over half of children three and under are allowed to use the family desktop or laptop computer. While kids are not given their own tech gadgets until older, they are increasingly interacting with mom’s gadgets as toddlers. In 2012, 34% had already used a smart phone before the age of three; an increase over last year’s reported 27%.

Reaching 43 million U.S. women each month (Nielsen Site Census, July 2012), BlogHer  is the leading cross-platform media network created by, for and with women social media leaders.

For full details and results of BlogHer’s eMoms study, visit:

Survey Methodology:
The BlogHer study was conducted among 669 members of BlogHer’s publishing network and 433 members of the general U.S. online population (ages 18+) for a combined sample total of 1,102, in July 2012. The margin of error is + or – 2.87%, with a 99% degree of confidence.

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