Bitcoin IRA Companies.

Most of us will have normal individual retirement accounts, otherwise known as IRAs. They are a brilliant way for us to balance our financial security for the future.

Yet, the world is unpredictable, and it is ever-changing. We have seen technology grow above and beyond in recent years, and with cryptocurrency becoming constantly more involved in our lives, other aspects of the financial world are growing with it. Many people already have their own bitcoin or dogecoin wallet and regularly make their purchases this way.

Some investors are now choosing to add diversity to their IRAs, they introduce alternative assets to their accounts, including assets such as Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies.

As Bitcoin and cryptos are digital, and not tangible assets, this means that cryptocurrency IRAs have to have a special kind of management system, and a huge amount of knowledge in crypto trading.

There are a multitude of crypto IRAs around now, with different pros and cons for all of them. Many important factors are to be taken into account when looking for the best cryptocurrency IRA, including security, user experience, and fees.

So, we have decided to rate them and look at which is the best. Of course, everyone has their own unique experience, with their own knowledge bases, so what is best for someone may be a less good option for someone else.

Take a look at these options we have collected for you, there is sure to be a crypto IRA here that suits you just perfectly.

Top Choices.

There are six main choices we want to go over for you today. In case you want to go and do the research yourself, we will share our list here with you, each of these has a different specialty they excel at.

  • The best overall – Bitcoin IRA.
  • The option with the best fees and best rates – iTrust Capital.
  • The option that has the best investor user experience – Coin IRA.
  • The IRA option with the best security in place – BitIRA.
  • The best choice for self-directed investing – Equity Trust.
  • The best choice for more than one cryptocurrency supported – Regal Assets.

Everyone needs to get something unique out of their cryptocurrency IRA, depending on which of these factors matters most to you, there will be one that is probably most appealing to you.

Now, we will take a deeper look into each of these. Which is the best Bitcoin IRA?

Bitcoin IRA.

Bitcoin IRA Companies

Bitcoin IRA offers 24/7 trading, as well as a cold wallet for your digital assets. It also has a beautiful $100 million insurance protection.

It supports easy trading and an easy setup. However, there are high setup and maintenance fees.

Bitcoin IRA was established in 2016 and is the largest cryptocurrency IRA company.

They have an easy account set up and all day, every day, real-time trading with military-grade security features.

You can create an IRA account with them in just a few minutes, and you can begin trading within three to five days.

One thing so many people like about this option is that they support nine types of cryptocurrency in their trading, this includes Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

The minimum amount allowed to open an account is $3,000, but they also offer a saver option that requires $100 as an entry deposit, and you must deposit $100 per month as a recurring investment.

They are very secure with a 256-bit encrypted SSL trading platform. They also store digital assets offline in cold storage accounts too.

There’s not much bad to say here apart from their expensive fees.

iTrust Capital.

If you found Bitcoin IRA off-putting due to the fees, then you will probably find iTrust Capital more attractive due to their lower fees. They are also great for novices to this scene, or experienced crypto investing veterans.

They have low account and trading fees, all day, everyday trading, and a $2,500 minimum investment, which makes it one of the best thus far. The only downside to this option is that they have no financial advisors on their staff, although this could be something they may change in the future, and we hope so!

This company is young in comparison to some, at only 4 years old, founded in 2018. ITrust Capital allows you to buy and trade not only in cryptocurrencies but also in gold, and all in real-time!

They have the lowest trade and service fees seen! While it is not particularly uncommon for you to pay 15% per transaction when you trade in cryptocurrencies, they only charge a beautiful 1% per transaction.

You also suffer no monthly fee, and any clients are not charged initial purchase fees, broker fees, or otherwise.

You can trade in 27 or more cryptocurrencies whenever you want, and you only need $2,500 to open your account and $30 as a trade minimum! Gold is the same.

Coin IRA.

Coin IRA

If you have tried other options, and you find that the experience lets it down, Coin IRA might be worth a try. They help to walk you through the setup and how you manage your cryptocurrency IRA. They offer low fees, many storage options, and more, they are probably one of the most ideal options for beginners.

They have cryptocurrency consultants on hand, with multiple secure wallet options, and low fees! What’s not to love?

Actually, they do require a $20,000 minimum to open a cryptocurrency IRA, and there are no fees listed on the website otherwise, so assume high!

They help you to get started with their free guide to cryptocurrency investing, it can help to educate newbies to the world of investing in cryptocurrency IRAs, and will inform you on how to convert your existing retirement accounts to invest in cryptocurrencies.

They basically walk you through the process, so this is a great option for beginners, well, aside from their large minimum investment.


BitIRA is great for people interested in security. They offer dollar-for-dollar coverage for your digital assets online and offer a cold wallet as well.

Your assets are guarded in offline storage, you get full insurance coverage, and multi-encryption encoding for every transaction. The only downside here is that you have to open your accounts with a digital currency specialist.

They are rather new to the game as well, but they are well known for stellar security measures.

They require a minimum investment of $5,000 to start your IRA, and you need a digital currency specialist to open an account.

Like others, they trade in nine types of cryptocurrency.

Equity Trust Company.

Equity Trust Company

Equity Trust is perfect for managing self-directed IRAs. They have been doing it for 45 years and are now in the crypto game too.

Their experience is advantageous for many. They support investments that are traditional or alternative, and there are 0 transaction fees.

However, on the flip-flop, there are high administration fees, and you need to open your accounts with a representative.

Admin fees can range from $75 to $2,640 per year depending on the size of the account, as well as a $50 setup fee, and a 0.05 cold storage fee too!

Regal Assets.

Finally, if you dabble in many cryptocurrencies, this is the one for you! Regal Assets offer IRAs allowing you to invest in hard and digital assets.

They support all popular cryptocurrencies, with flat-rate fees. However, you do need to open your accounts with a representative.

You can invest in almost any cryptocurrency you want to, however, you will also face a $100 annual admin fee, and a $150 yearly storage fee.

Is it worth it to invest your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin? You tell us.

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