Salesforce salaries are amongst the top in the software developer market. Salesforce is a prestigious organization, offering fruitful career opportunities. You probably must have heard a lot about Salesforce and how it is the leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) provider in the world today. Every software developer, be it both large and small, yearns to work for this prominent organization. However, as you might have guessed, employment attainment is a tough and challenging process. This is where a salesforce course can do wonders for serious aspirants. If you want to assure a higher chance of getting the job, you must prepare diligently. A salesforce course is proven to ease the tumultuous process of preparation, through proper guidance from various experts.

Once you have achieved employment in Salesforce, a lucrative career, brimming with substantial salary packages will await you.

We will save you the hassle by skipping to the part that interests you the most: Salesforce salaries in the US. This is a thorough guide of what Salesforce US employees make in a year.

Apart from attractive salary packages, salesforce also offers a multitude of benefits. Before jumping deep into Salesforce salaries, let us first focus on employee benefits given by Salesforce.



Primarily, there are 6 benefit schemes provided by Salesforce to its employees. These will be discussed below:


Salesforce provides premium health insurance to its employees. Going through reviews, we found out that the vast majority of employees were highly appreciative of health insurance.


Numerous employees, upon being asked about their work experiences, mentioned their managers being a strong guiding light.

Middle managers have been mentioned as being transparent and cooperative. Those higher in the hierarchy are driven by goals and are highly competitive. This often makes the work environment too overbearing sometimes as employees struggle to keep a balance between work and personal life.

Work Flexibility

According to several employees, the option of working from home is highly welcomed. Employees appreciated work-from-home opportunities when the workload increased.

The volunteer time off benefit, frequently referred to as VTO, has also given joy to employees as they have the option to exercise their communal interests without the fear of losing pay.

Health And Wellness

Sometimes, the little things are of critical value. Salesforce employees have given encouraging praise to their employers on this particular benefit.

Salesforce employees get health benefits, such as free yoga classes, a gym membership, fitness reimbursements, and more.

Apart from these perks, Salesforce employees have also mentioned them getting company iPhones, iPads, and laptops.


There are free meals provided at Salesforce for its employees. Employees have expressed their joy, especially over certain work-life necessities such as a coffee bar.

A Competitive Work Environment

Salesforce frequently takes employee tests regularly to keep the employees updated on various aspects surrounding their job description, as well as current affairs.

Moreover, managers are tasked to instill competitiveness in daily operations as well.

On most occasions, employees have stressed this competitiveness’ importance in their career, and personal, development.

Salesforce Salaries In The US

Salesforce Salaries In The US

There are various Salesforce certifications, and these certifications have levels as well. Each certification has a different pay scale. However, it is necessary to note that experience has immense importance when it comes to gauging Salesforce employees’ salaries.

Based on our estimates, and data collection, the average salary obtained by a Salesforce employee is around $115,650. This figure is strictly restricted to the US.

Salary By State

In descending order, here are average Salesforce salaries which were acquired by individuals living in different states of the US.

  • New Hampshire: $135,656
  • Illinois: $127,756
  • California: $124,765
  • Delaware: $123,338
  • Indiana: $122,850
  • Massachusetts: $123,431
  • New York: $121,691
  • Washington: $121,800
  • New Jersey: $120,715
  • Connecticut: $120,659
  • Ohio: $120,000
  • Michigan: $120,000
  • South Carolina: $119,900
  • Pennsylvania: $119,890
  • Wisconsin: $117,247
  • Maryland: $117,230
  • Arizona: $117,070
  • Maine: $117,000
  • North Carolina: $117,000
  • Virginia: $117,000
  • Georgia: $116,580
  • Nevada: $116,000
  • Minnesota: $115,000
  • Texas: $112,800
  • Kansas: $111,150
  • Iowa: $110,200
  • Oregon: $110,000
  • Florida: $110,000
  • Idaho: $105,000
  • Oklahoma: $105,000
  • Missouri: $102,640
  • Colorado: $101,500
  • Louisiana: $100,500
  • Tennessee: $100,000
  • Rhode Island: $99,560
  • Utah: $98,960
  • Kentucky: $92,500
  • Alabama: $92,400
  • Nebraska: $91,056
  • Vermont: $87,750
  • West Virginia: $84,000

The Real Question: Income After Tax

To deliver a true and accurate picture, we have to understand tax deductions in the US. We will do this by observing the deductions made on the average Salesforce salary of an employee in the US.

As discussed above, the average Salesforce salary in the US is $115,650.

In terms of New York, the total tax expected to be paid on a $115,650 salary figure will be $34,489, leaving a net salary of $81,161.

In terms of percentages, from the total amount, a salesforce employee will receive 70.2% of the net pay. The rest will be taxed.

The constituents of an income tax vary state by state, however, you will find certain constituents to be a commonality in all states.

The usual constituents of a tax are:

  • Federal income tax
  • State income tax
  • Social security
  • Medicare

Although these tax deductions might seem harsh, they are, in fact, the norm everywhere. This deduction is mandatory and is a given. We often get employee feedback regarding a lack of motivation when it comes to aiming for higher salaries. We always tell them to fight the storm like everyone else is doing.

Other than that, there is also professional help available when it comes to paying your taxes. You can find a superior and carefully crafted tax strategy that is based on your situation. CPA firms, as well as various tax strategists, are readily available in every city, and they offer the valuable service of ensuring a favorable tax scheme for you that is entirely legal.

Salaries Vary Across Different Departments

Salaries Vary Across Different Departments

Salesforce is a massive organization. Usually, the general public associates only IT and software development jobs with Salesforce. However, there are several jobs in administration and management, information and design, and marketing, among several others.

We first look at Salesforce average salaries in IT and software:

  • A Data Architect, on average, makes around $140,000 per year.
  • A Data Engineer, on average, makes around $122,150 per year.
  • An Information Engineer, on average, makes around $110,000 per year.
  • A DBA (Database Administrator), on average, makes around $107,500 per year.
  • A Database Developer, on average, makes around $102,350 per year.
  • An SQL Developer, on average, makes around $102,200 per year.
  • A basic Database Administrator, on average, makes around $95,011 per year.
  • A Data Administrator, on average, makes around $87,893 per year.
  • A System Administrator, on average, makes around $79,950 per year.
  • An IT Analyst, on average, makes around $76,550 per year.

A Salesforce employee in administration and management can be handed several duties. We will observe them now:

  • Alliance Managers make a whopping $230,000 per year. However, this number can be misleading because the number of reported salaries is scarce.
  • Analytics and Insights Managers make around $178,500 per year. This job has also been reported infrequently, given its stature.
  • An Assistant Vice President makes around $268,867 per year. This is an extremely high position in the Salesforce hierarchy, hence the gigantic figure.
  • Associate Consultants usually make around $72,768 per year. There are many reported salaries by Associate Consultants, hence this is a more rigid finding.
  • An Associate Director makes around $140,900 per year. These salaries have also been frequently reported, hence this is a reliable figure.
  • An Associate Manager makes around $72,114 per year. This salary is rarely reported.
  • A Business Consultant makes around $121,784 per year.
  • A Business Intelligence Manager makes around $131,086 per year.
  • A Business Manager makes around $113,831 per year.
  • A Business Operations Manager makes around $151,034 per year.
  • A Capacity Manager makes around $156,686 per year.
  • A Category Manager makes around $128,820 per year
  • A Business Coach makes around $54,589 per year.

After viewing administration and management salaries, we can see how there is the potential for lucrative salaries in this underrated department as well. There are several departments, offering even more opportunities for getting the required pay. You just have to apply yourself.

Salesforce employees in information and design have substantial pay packages as well. Apart from salaries, there is a wide variety of job descriptions too.

Here are a few salaries of Salesforce information and design employees:

  • An IT Security Specialist makes around $158,723 per year. This is an astounding figure, and it is occasionally reported by employees as well, making it an accurate example.
  • An IT Architect makes a resounding $186,612 per year. IT Architects at Salesforce are extremely rare because of the level of expertise required to obtain this esteemed job title, hence such a high salary.
  • An IT Analyst makes around $123,900 per year. This is a handsome salary package, even for Salesforce standards.
  • The Director of Information and Technology makes an enormous salary of $261,559 per year. This salary has been reported on a few occasions, hence its credibility is at par.
  • A Field Technology Specialist makes around $70,387 per year.
  • A Digital Analyst makes around $83,250 per year.
  • Data Analysts and Data Consultants make around $111,275 and $115,350, respectively, per year.
  • A Business Process Analyst makes around $121,000 per year.
  • A Business Systems Analyst makes around $84,090 per year.
  • An Analytics Manager makes around $141,946 per year.

There is tremendous potential in Salesforce’s department of information and design, as seen by the attractive salaries.

Finally, we will observe Salesforce Marketing department salaries:

  • An Innovation Consultant makes around $197,834 per year. We see that the marketing department at Salesforce is no less behind other popular departments, in terms of salaries offered to employees.
  • An Art Director makes around $148,000 per year.
  • An Advertising Executive makes around $72,915 per year.
  • A Campaign Manager makes around $101,362 per year.
  • A Communication Manager and Community Manager make around $115,000 and $120,500 per year.
  • A Content Writer makes around $99,094 per year. It is crucial to point out how Salesforce pays significantly well for generally underpaid jobs such as content writing. This is an extremely positive trait of a highly successful organization.
  • A Creative Director makes around $213,465 per year. Pinnacle salaries are the norm of every department at Salesforce, as is evident by salaries exceeding the $200,000 mark in almost every department.
  • A Digital Marketer and Field Marketer make around $80,000 and $122,000, respectively.
  • A Creative Manager makes around $157,186 per year. This shows us how Salesforce values creativity in its marketing strategy, as it pays extremely well to employees engaged in the creative side of the massive organization.
  • A Director of Marketing makes around $172,162 per year.
  • A Marketing Analyst makes around $90,526 per year.

Final Verdict On Salesforce Salaries

As you must be aware by now, Salesforce has sizable operations, spreading in numerous departments. The salaries we have discussed are actual salaries given by particular Salesforce employees.

The purpose of this article is to encourage and motivate you to join this prestigious organization, and secure a fruitful future for yourself. Secondly, it is to clarify the myth that Salesforce only offers career opportunities in the IT and Software development segment. This is not true as it can be seen by competing salaries in each department discussed previously.

Although a career in this organization is a prospective opportunity for anyone, we have to be mindful of the fact that preparation for entrance exams is key, and has to be done with great devotion.

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