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11 Key Advantages of Hiring a Website Design Company

94 percent of consumers say they don’t trust websites with a bad design.

Yet, some entrepreneurs still decide to go for a DIY website design. They claim with so many “free” website design platforms, it’s a waste of money to hire professionals. Sadly, these entrepreneurs regret this decision in the long run.

Keep reading to uncover 11 key advantages of hiring a website design company.

1. Quick Website Design

Most people forget to check how long a DIY website design will take. They assume that it’s “free” to create a website themselves, yet they don’t account for the time cost. These people regret later when the DIY website design project takes longer than they expected.

They realize they’ve wasted so much time, as there’s nothing to show. Many of these people give up midway and choose to hire a website design company. Sadly, it’s impossible to recoup all the time they invested.

As a savvy entrepreneur, you should learn from these people’s mistakes. You want to make the bold move of hiring a website design company from the start. Your goal is to focus your time and effort on things that better suit your skills.

You want to work on developing your business’s strategic plans to give it an edge over its competitors.

The idea is to hire experts who’ll complete your company’s website design work within the agreed period. You want to get your business’s website online as soon as possible. So, compare different website design companies’ track records to decide the best one to hire.

2. Customized Web Design

Your business website is one of the tools you can use for brand differentiation. You want to set yourself apart from the competitors and showcase your superiority. It’s, however, hard to do this when you go for a DIY website design.

The reason is that most “free” website design platforms will only help you develop a generic website. Potential customers will have a hard time differentiating your website as they’re million other websites that look the same. So, despite having high website traffic, you’ll struggle with low conversion rates.

To get a custom website design and counter this problem, hire professionals. You want to get professional help creating a unique website for your business. Your goal is to get a tailored business website that improves your conversion rate.

To find a reliable website design agency, seek referrals from other business owners. You want to select an agency with a proven track record of designing superior websites.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing Website

The other need for hiring a web design company is to get an aesthetically pleasing website. This company will offer better web design options that fit your goals. You want to have a beautiful website that creates a positive first impression.

Your goal is to build a positive online business image. You want to use an aesthetically pleasing website to showcase your credibility. The idea is to show that you’re a reliable company that offers quality products/services.

Also, you want to leverage the power of a beautiful website to increase foot traffic. Your goal is to make more people desire to visit your company’s physical premises.

4. User-Friendly Website

To get a user-friendly website, you should seek professional web design services. You want to ensure that all your users have a great experience. So, start by making your business website mobile-friendly.

You want to capitalize on mobile traffic’s projected 7-fold growth between 2017 and 2022. The idea is to keep increasing website traffic, thereby getting more leads.

Here are other ways to make your website more user-friendly:
• Work on making your website accessible to all people
• Add easily recognizable links
• Work on improving website navigation
• Add simple web forms
• Add a contrasting color scheme
• Add well-formatted content

You want to make it easy for visitors to access website content. Also, ensure that your website is accessible to people with disabilities.

5. Highly Responsive Website

Do you know how long your website should take to load? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve no idea. You’ll most likely make a random guess and assume that 5 seconds.

Unfortunately, 5 seconds is too long in this age of highly responsive websites. Your business should aim to have web pages that take 2.5 seconds or less to load. If you fail to reach this target, your business will struggle with a high bounce rate.

The reason is that consumers today will shut down all slow web pages. These people will prefer to buy from your competitors who have highly responsive websites. You need to work with a reputable website design agency to counter this challenge.

If you already have a business website, this agency will conduct an audit to test responsiveness. The idea is to check how long your website takes to load different pages. With this data, it’s easy to know the best actions to improve website responsiveness.

6. SEO Optimized Website

Most businesses spend a fortune on SEO tactics such as creating authoritative content and updating it regularly. It’s unfortunate to see these companies’ efforts undermined by a poor website design. These businesses keep pumping up SEO efforts, yet they struggle with low website ranking.

The reason is that they don’t realize how website design affects SEO.

If you’re facing this problem, here are website design features that affect ranking:

• Layout consistency
• Website font
• Mobile responsiveness
• Videos and images
• Website navigation

To improve your business’s online visibility, you must work on the above things. Since it’s hard to handle these things on your own, hire a reputable website design company. You want to get professional help in creating an SEO-optimized website.

Also, the right website design agency will educate you on the latest search engine algorithms. Your goal is to discover how you can keep on improving to maintain a high website ranking.

7. Latest Website Solutions

Most business owners are unaware that the majority of DIY website builders rely on outdated technologies. Using these builders will create an obsolete website with a poor design. Besides, you’ll struggle to integrate this website with modern technologies, for example adding payment options.

Also, you’ll have a hard time adding modern customer service solutions. You need to hire a website design company to overcome these challenges. You want to access practical web design tips that give your business an edge.

Also, with the help of this website design company, you’ll learn about different AI search solutions alternatives. You want to learn how to evaluate these alternatives and pick the best one for your business website. The goal is to leverage the power of AI to attract the right people to your website.

Also, you want to use AI solutions to improve web support and improve customer experience.

8. Scalable Business Website

Many small business owners only consider current needs when designing a DIY website. They don’t realize that their businesses will grow and their needs will change. So, a useful business website may not meet your needs tomorrow.

With time this website might not be able to handle the growing traffic. Visitors will have a hard time loading pages that were once highly responsive. Due to the difficulty in accessing this website, these customers will purchase from competitors.

Unfortunately, these businesses don’t realize this problem until it’s too late. And when they do, they’re forced to invest in a new website. The challenge is that, at this moment, many people have developed a negative perception of these businesses’ websites.

So, even after fixing the issues, they still struggle to generate traffic.

You should consider hiring a web design company to mitigate this problem. With the help of this company, you’ll accurately anticipate your business’s future needs. The goal is to create an easy-to-scale website that keeps accommodating your growing needs.

9. High Website ROI

Most business owners focus on the cost of hiring a web design company, and they don’t check possible returns. And that’s why they conclude that a DIY website design is ideal as they avoid this cost. Unfortunately, these people sacrifice long-term gains by focusing on the short-run.

Yes, they’ll save money by designing the websites themselves, but they’ll struggle to build an online presence. The reason is that they invest in a poorly designed website with high bounce rates. So, all their DIY website design efforts go to waste, as they’ve websites that generate zero income.

You should choose to hire a website design agency to counter these challenges. The cost you incur to hire this agency will ensure you have a creatively designed website. You’ll get a high-ranking website with high traffic and conversion rates.

Also, you’ll get a unique website that helps you build online business credibility. You want to inspire trust and make people recommend your business to their friends and relatives.

The other reason for hiring a professional website design company is to learn how to analyze website data. You want to know the best website data tracking tools. Your goal is to measure your website’s traffic and lead generation.

You want to collect data that helps you improve your website’s ROI.

10. Secure Website

Although you know that DIY website design exposes you to cyberattacks, you claim you’re a small business. You argue that you don’t have any valuable data that hackers can access. So, at the moment, it’s okay to compromise website cybersecurity.

Unfortunately, you’re mistaken, as 43 percent of cyber-attacks target small businesses. You may assume you don’t have any valuable data but your website visitors do. Hackers can use your business website to access these people’s personal data, such as credit card information.

If this happens, your business will be in trouble for breaking cybersecurity compliance regulations. Besides, search engines will warn people against visiting your unsecure website. Your business will suffer low web traffic and a negative brand image in the long run.

You can avoid all these things by hiring a web design company. You want to get professional guidance on enhancing your website’s security. Also, you’ll get help on how to effectively respond to a data breach to minimize unauthorized data access.

11. Timely Customer Support

One of the biggest problems with DIY website design is the lack of technical support. If your website crashes, you’ve no one to call, and you’ll have to fix the problem yourself. When this happens, you’ll have to disrupt business operations.

Besides, it may take several hours or even days to find out what’s wrong with your website. During this period, your business will suffer massive losses.

To avoid all these challenges, hire the best web design agency that offers timely support. The idea is to reach out to this company whenever you face any website design issues. You want to get timely help resolving this problem and reducing website downtime.

So, ask around to know more about the customer support of a given web design agency. You want to know whether you can trust this company to offer technical support when the need arises.

Grow Your Business’s Online Presence by Hiring a Website Design Company

You need to invest in an aesthetically-pleasing website to give your business an edge in the digital era. To achieve this goal, seek the help of a reputable website design company. You want to get a highly responsive website.

Also, you want to get a unique website to give your business credibility. The goal is to have an outstanding website that sets you apart from your competitors.

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