A good domain name is the first step in a successful and effective business marketing strategy – everyone knows that. Most businesses prefer taking popular domains such as .com or .org. Let them have their own way while you stick to the domain extensions that represent the business you own.

For instance, businesses that operate in the IT field might consider an “ai domain”. Why is it so? The first association that comes to mind is the Artificial Intelligence acronym. What could be better for a tech corporation than an association with the newest and developing niche?

Not the Only Option Available


Not everyone knows, though, that .com, .net, and .org are not the only top-level domains (TLDs) available. They are rightfully the most popular ones today. And sometimes, it seems that a popular and well-known extension is the safest and best option.

But that’s not always true. There are plenty of TLDs that can suit your company better than a faceless .net.

Reasons why you might need one of the best alternative domain names:

  • The chosen name can be already taken;
  • You might want to add some uniqueness to the web address of your business;
  • Specifics and representation matter while creating a website name.

So, the reasons above can sometimes cause a problem. But not to worry! A solution can be found easily enough.

Domain Names for Sale

Check domain name marketplaces. This is the first thing to do after you’ve found out that a desirable website name is already taken. Your dream name may be on sale.

When a business closes, there’s no need for it to keep a specific domain. This can be viewed in domain name stores — or on the site itself because, sometimes, the terms of sale are written there.

Alternative Names

If the name you came up with is not on sale, the only thing left is to think of something new. The general rule is that a domain name should duplicate and represent the brand to quicken and simplify the searching process.

While creating a domain name, follow these tips:

  • Base it on the name of the company;
  • The theme of the business;
  • Choose the most popular user query in your niche as a name;
  • Use short words – they are easier to remember;
  • Try not to use numbers;
  • Consider alternative domain extensions.

These recommendations will help to increase the recognition of the company and get it to the first page of the search results.

Alternative Domain Extensions

Domain Name

If the desired variant is occupied, you can modify it or choose a similar one but in a different domain zone. This is the simplest option if you have already found the perfect name for your website. You just need to think over the ending for it.

At the same time, it is better not to use an existing competitor’s name, changing only the TLD. Search engines rank sites by age, traffic, and internal SEO optimization. If the domains differ in zones only, the search engine can redirect your potential clients to your competitor’s website.

Remember that a domain zone defines the cost and the jurisdiction of the website.

Universal Domains

These are suitable for any company. They are general and don’t specialize in a certain region or field:

  • .online;
  • .pro;
  • .xyz;
  • .link;
  • .app, etc.

There is not much free space left with .com, .net, and other popular general-purpose TLDs. Therefore, new zones are opening for registration. Users are much more likely to find the most appropriate addresses for their sites in new zones.

These zones include .xyz and .link — and they have perhaps the greatest potential among the “newcomers” to the market.

National or Local Domains

They will usually go with the companies that operate within a country, a specific region, or a city:

  • .us;
  • .eu;
  • .nyc;
  • .la;
  • .london, etc.

Thematic Domains

They allow you to specify what the website is about and attract new customers. You clearly state the sphere of your activity and interests.


  • .shop;
  • .tech;
  • .digital;
  • .video;
  • .bank, etc.

But did you know that national domains can be used as thematic ones? Like .it is a country code for Italy, and .id is for Indonesia. Also, the extension “.it” can be used in an IT business, for example.

Adding Fault Domains

Remember that one of the most promising national domains is the .ai domain name. It stands for Anguilla, a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean. It’s a must-have for artificial intelligence startups.


Alternative zones are the future. Each of them could become the main domain zone in a particular field by uniting sites with different content and in different languages around them. And it’s up to you to decide which of these zones to stop at.

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