81% of shoppers research products online before buying. That means for any business looking to sell services or products, their website is vital to the process โ€” since that’s what most customers will look at, assuming it ranks highly on Google!

While you can put all of the information you want in plain text on a site and call it a day, it’s not the most effective form of marketing. You might need to add something else โ€” like website graphics.

Here are some reasons that those graphics will elevate your business game to the next level.

1. They’re Eye-Catching

They're Eye-Catching

People aren’t as likely to read a blog post that contains no graphics. In fact, engagement is 650% better on average if a post has graphics.

This makes a lot of sense. Graphics can be bright, colorful, and eye-catching, aiming to draw people in and make them more interested in the text around the images.

Although the information on your website is important, graphics are what will deliver the first impression. If they’re sleek and attractive, someone is going to be more likely to stay on the website โ€” or not immediately click off and find another, at the very least!

As much as we’d like to think the information about products is more important than shiny graphics, consumers are only human and will be naturally drawn in by colors and patterns.

2. They Can Convey Information More Effectively

They Can Convey Information More Effectively

Graphics can also be used to convey information more effectively than without. You can use icons in tables to draw attention to information or create pie charts and graphs to show statistics.

If you don’t want to do any of that, it can even be as simple as using design elements of a website to showcase the important information. For example, if there are some really big advantages to using your product, put them on an attractive graphic and write down the rest of the information beneath it.

This also makes it easier for people to digest. If someone has to choose between a website with black text on a white background and hardly any white space, and a website that has easy-to-read, digestible graphics with the need-to-know information โ€” well, it should be obvious which one they’re going to choose!

If you can use graphics to seamlessly integrate information rather than just use them as an accessory, this will up the game of your business website.

3. They Strengthen the Brand

They Strengthen the Brand

Not only do graphics convey information more easily and draw people in, but they strengthen the brand.

When you think of any well-known business, you think of their logo as well as their name. The best graphics on a website will encompass a logo for the company as a whole, which is something for potential customers to remember.

This can be very helpful when it comes to word-of-mouth recommendations. If people struggle to remember the name, the logo will make it a lot easier.

You can also print merchandise with the logo which will help spread the word about your business. Some companies put their logos on shirts, which is definitely more effective than having a plain word written on there!

4. Employee Pride

Employee Pride

Having some great website design elements can also help with employee pride and motivation.

Many people feel unmotivated at work, or struggle to really make themselves feel like part of the company. If your website is cheerful and displays what you do in a way that people would be proud to associate with, they’re more likely to spread the word about their job.

Not only does that help with getting more engagement from their friends and family, but it helps their work ethic. No company can thrive without a set of great employees, and having some graphics they can be proud of can help you get there.

5. They Save Money

They Save Money

It might seem impossible for graphics to save money. After all, if you’re paying someone to design your website, surely it’s going to cost money and you’ll have to chalk that up to a loss?

The truth is that yes, in the beginning, it will. However, graphics help in a number of ways that can improve the finances of your business:

  • They’ll help you rank better on Google, providing you with more money
  • It makes you stand out from the competition, so people choose your products or services over theirs
  • It should be cost-efficient in terms of printing, if you ever want to go that route, because a good graphic designer will know how to do this

Of course, all of these cost-saving benefits only come with picking a good graphic designer, just as hiltonwebdesign.com. You should be discerning when making decisions about who you’re going to go with because picking a designer who isn’t so great could cost your engagement rather than help it.

Although you might be paying a chunk of money at the start for good graphic design and might be wondering if it’s a necessary loss, you should remember that it won’t be a loss once your business has been helped over the next few months.

It’s all about patience!

Website Graphics Can Do a Lot For Your Business

It’s beyond doubt that website graphics can do a lot of your business. They can convey information clearly, boost engagement, create a sense of pride and brand recognition amongst employees and customers, and even save money in the long run.

Make sure the designer you pick is good at what they do and has the experience, and you’re sure to never regret the decision to invest in them.

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