There are many of the best Edtech companies to work for as most of them received a huge boost when students from all over the world were suddenly forced to stay at home and to study online and Edtech companies are proving to be a super alternative to government programs. 

The pandemic has seen the growth of EdTech organizations and when you do research you will find some of the best Edtech companies to work for. It’s a case of getting your CV ready to apply for the many vacancies available. 

EdTech is playing an important role in modern education, introducing IT tools into the modern classroom to create a more engaging learning experience. The question is, which are the best Edtech companies to work for and what are Edtech companies’ hiring processes? 

Is education a good career choice? Careers in education can bring satisfaction as you’re making a difference in the lives of others. Even if you don’t become a teacher in a traditional classroom type of setting, there are a wide variety of careers in education. 

The Best Edtech Companies to Work For

The best Edtech companies to work for are the ones who are making accessible e-learning to those who have faced traditional learning barriers. Online content delivery together with in-classroom tablets work together in the Edtech realm. Best Edtech Companies to Work For

Increased Student Engagement

Where Edtech is introduced there are benefits for the kids such as increased student engagement. There is hardly a child who doesn’t love technology and they love using it in the classroom. Technology also makes it easier for students to collaborate with one another even when they’re far apart. 

Certainly, the EdTech industry is a rapidly growing market and countries around the world are enhancing the learning abilities of students by bringing technological initiatives into schools and universities, enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence to change education as we know it. 

The EdTech industry offers various benefits such as 24/7 access to learning. 

Top EdTech Companies 2020

The top Edtech companies 2020 brought a lot of change in the EdTech industry and each of the top Edtech companies 2020 was able to offer their customers great perks and benefits. 

The growth in the Chinese EdTech market has been particularly huge and in March 2020 the number of online education users reached some 423 million. The Edtech market has continued to create ever more educational platforms, and top Edtech companies 2020 were established to keep up to date with the growing demands of online education, more so with covid-19 forcing so many students to learn online. 

Talking about top edtech companies 2021 and Top edtech companies 2020, the top EdTech companies 2020 were valued at more than a billion dollars. Some of the top Edtech companies 2020 were SV Academy, Teachable, Pearson, and Saga Education among others.

Top Edtech Companies 2021

Let’s talk about Top edtech companies 2021. So what are the best Edtech companies to work for? As suggested, education is a multi-trillion-dollar industry and it has become immensely digitalized. Some of the best Edtech companies to work for have strengthened in response to Covid-19. 

Many startups saw amazing growth. As in 2020, there were top Edtech companies 2021. An example of this is Board Infinity which was established in 2017. It is based in Mumbai, India, and the company is hoping to expand in the coming years. Top Edtech Companies 2021Another one of the top Edtech companies 2021 is MasterClass, a digital educational platform that provides online courses. As one of the best Edtech companies to work for, it launched its website in 2015 and by late 2018 it had about 50 classes and 1,000 lessons. 

Cluey Learning is another one of the top Edtech companies 2021. As an online platform and being one of the best Edtech companies to work for, it offers one-on-one tutoring programs for students. It’s a Sydney-based company that was founded in 2017 and its growth plans include increasing student enrolments. 

Degreed is yet another Edtech company that was launched in 2012, and since its launch, it has raised funds in the region of $390 million and acquired other U.S. and European technology education companies.

EdTech Companies Hiring

Many education systems were turned upside down with the virus and many have had to look at remote learning and Edtech companies have flourished as a result. Online courses are on the rise and some of the best Edtech companies to work for are now hiring with an explosion of remote Edtech jobs. 

Udemy is a leading Edtech company in the United States and they have hired thousands of instructors to teach in the region of 50 million students in many different languages. 

One of the best Edtech companies to work for and that is hiring is Udemy. It is in San Francisco Bay but it has global offices and therefore has many hiring opportunities. In fact, toward the end of last year, they had in the region of 200 job openings in sales and engineering. 

Also, Remote-first Degreed is a US-based EdTech company to reach unicorn status and it has many remote openings. Remote-first Outschool, founded in 2015 has surged to unicorn status and as an online learning platform for children. It has many openings in marketing, engineering, and operations. 

Another of the Edtech companies hiring is Course Hero with its unicorn status. It’s based in Silicon Valley but the Edtech company hires for remote and distributed positions. They also have many openings for campus representatives and operations positions around the world. 

Then again, Coursera is one of the biggest online learning companies and it has in the region of 1,800 employees around the globe.

The EdTech sector is continuing to grow and remote workers wanting to get involved in the field of EdTech can be looking at various Edtech websites for more details and information.

Best Education Companies to Work For

The best Edtech companies to work for make sure that they’re able to offer lots of opportunities for people to learn through the use of their online platforms. As an example, Robin is looked upon as one of the best education companies to work for. 

This is because it is thought to be the only social-emotional learning solution connecting students and teachers with mental health coaches. Their mission is to equip as many people as possible with skills to achieve fulfillment. At Robin, they connect school communities to thought leaders in mental health and education. Best Education Companies to Work ForAnother of the best EdTech companies to work for 2022 is Hope Bundrant. The iNLP is an international life coaching and NLP training center. The iNLP’s training has been featured in and can boast 127 cumulative years in life coaching. 

Edtech Jobs for Former Teachers

What about Edtech jobs for former teachers? There is a lot you can do with an education degree and Edtech jobs for former teachers are available for those who are no longer teaching. As an educator, you have in your power to make a difference in the lives of young people. Edtech jobs for former teachers are available to those looking for alternatives to teaching. 

The skills of former teachers are transferable to quite a few occupations. There are Edtech jobs for former teachers advertised on teachers’ forums where you can find such job opportunities. Many skills learned in education degree programs can be transferred to Edtech programs. 

Counseling is a choice for a lot of former teachers not to mention driving and legal-type jobs and Starfire Education Los Gatos, CA has thousands of openings for permanent job roles at leading Edtech companies. 

EdTech Companies Hiring Teachers

Talking about EdTech companies hiring teachers, there are so many Edtech companies hiring teachers now and in this digital age, it’s easier to market whatever you do and make it known that you are available to be hired. With Edtech companies hiring teachers, there are even teachers that work at being sales reps. 

There are many teachers who become administrators while with some Edtech companies hiring teachers, there are those who first take a career quiz to find out where they would best fit within the Edtech industry. Every year, former teachers successfully begin new careers in Edtech. 

K-12 Education Technology Companies

K-12 education technology companies have grown in the last few years and there are a number of Edtech companies that are making their mark in the classroom. Because of covid-19, the Edtech space is still attracting increased venture capital investments. 

The K-12 sector has brought in billions from investors. The best K-12 education technology companies are busy expanding beyond US borders and to other countries around the world. Panorama Education is one of these K-12 education technology companies, offering an all-in-one SaaS platform for schools. 

There is also Outschool which was founded in 2015. One of the top education tech companies, this company has raised millions of dollars since its inception. It is one of these K-12 education technology companies that has literally thousands of online classes to offer students between the ages of 3 and 18. 

Looking for the best Edtech companies to work for, then do research as the generous lists and the many vacancies will be handy to you. The best Edtech companies to work for are the ones that have generated millions of dollars in funding just because of the potential they show. 

The best Edtech companies to work for may well have different offerings, so do research and find out which of their goals are similar to yours. With technology and Edtech you may well even be able to find a job in the rural areas of certain countries. You will be putting education into the hands of those who have never been able to benefit from education in the traditional way. 



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