Best HR Technology Trends to Watch in 2023

Keeping up with all the developments in human resources these days might be challenging. Significant changes are happening almost every day in everything from technology to culture to experience to legislation. As 2022 comes to a close, HR executives and professionals have a lot to consider. We have given a lot of thought to the employee experience in light of the post-pandemic strong return to in-office employment and the opposition this encounters.

Even while it might be difficult to evaluate each new fad and trend, there are key HR, PeopleOps, and HR technology developments that should be seriously taken into account as we approach 2023.

HR Tech Trends

Consolidated HR Tech And HCM Solutions

As 2023 approaches, consolidation is the most obvious trend that can be anticipated in HR technology. The current rate of expansion in HR Tech is unsustainable; streamlining is required.

Several companies have already made early purchases of HR platforms in 2022, creating room for more to follow suit. was purchased by Visier, Calibrate by Perceptyx, and Peakon by Workday. Undoubtedly, more purchases are being made, but the trend of mergers and acquisitions is still young.

Quiet Quitting on the Rise

With the standard of living going ever higher and inflation eating up consumer savings, the work hustle is fading out. According to an article by Lensa Inc, quiet quitting has gone mainstream as rising costs of living no longer cover many basic needs and employees are only willing to give minimum effort into their jobs. Lensa, a job search engine, has identified in its database that while job recruitment is stable and the US job market has enjoyed peak levels of employment, work satisfaction and worker compensation are steadily declining.
Companies have introduced extra benefits, paid leave, and extra-mural activities for their employees to combat this dissatisfaction. But under the current economic circumstances, quiet quitting will be here to stay if worker compensations are not met with the rising standards of living”.

Self-Service Websites

Using self-service platforms, employees can now carry out tasks that were previously handled by HR specialists.

Here are a few instances: seeking a leave of absence, altering the schedule, Changing benefit packages, getting payroll records, and completing legal paperwork during onboarding.

Hybrid Work Model Is On The Rise

The pandemic’s most major impact is the increase in remote work. Organizations are now required to use remote and hybrid work methods according to COVID-19. Employees who work both on-site and remotely are included in the mixed workforce.

The secret, however, is to minimize the difficulties and maximize the advantages of hybrid working. Mentoring, coaching, and support of employees dispersed across several locations are necessary to create a hybrid work culture. This is an area where technology is assisting businesses in streamlining their operations and increasing team productivity.

Digital Learning & Development

Companies of all sizes make employee training and education, from onboarding to outplacement, a priority. A tidal wave of change has hit L&D over the past two years, largely as a result of organizations’ inability to adapt quickly enough to sudden shifts in working arrangements. The challenge for learning and development professionals in 2023 will be to provide ongoing learning while putting engagement and inclusion first. To get the best outcomes, learning and employee experience must complement one another.

The use of gamification and virtual reality in the learning process will make 2023 a watershed year, with enterprises already adopting digital learning.

Data-Driven DEIB

Organizations have increased their efforts to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace during the last ten years. However, the success was not very significant. The main reason for this was that there wasn’t enough information to examine the results since many of the efforts were made on paper. Data releases in several businesses have been shown to signal behavioral shifts.

Utilizing data analytics to get useful insights is crucial as firms implement several policies and practices to improve diversity, fairness, inclusion, and belongingness at work. According to research by HBR, an organization’s diversity efforts may be significantly impacted by data analysis and disclosure.

HCM Platforms

The comprehensive HR solutions known as HCM platforms comprise many of the other crucial technologies covered in this article. These include centralized hubs that give HR staff members access to nearly all HR-related tasks and advanced technologies that go over and above other kinds of tools.

Other characteristics may include: Management of the workforce, Data and analytics enabled by AI, Management of talent, Management of recruitment and Management of performance, and self-service solutions.

Although HCM platforms are designed for large businesses, SMBs can also access HR solutions.HR software, like BambooHR, gives variations of capabilities customized for small and growing enterprises.


Technology is always developing and changing. It won’t be long until new technological advancements become the norm; they are continually being made. Future HR trends will come and go, with some remaining for many years and others just existing briefly. Which trends will be the most significant in ten years is difficult to predict. But in 2023, before adopting the altering business norms, HR departments will need to assess and comprehend the influence of technology.

Without much human involvement, HR automation and innovation will undoubtedly shape the field’s future. To create a forward-thinking workplace for the future, it is crucial to apply optimal HR practices and be educated on HR technology trends for 2023.

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