Did you know that almost 40% of the global population plays video games?

What started out as a pastime for kids has become a worldwide phenomenon without geographical or age boundaries. A lot of people play video games on their smartphones but to get the most out of your gaming experience, it’s crucial to invest in a console.

Are you wondering which ones are worth your hard-earned money? Keep reading to learn all about the best video game consoles in 2021.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 is the latest and greatest of the Sony PlayStation video game consoles. The PS5 takes the lead for many reasons, including its amazing graphics capabilities. Who needs virtual reality when visuals like this are so crisp and detailed?

With a 4K TV and hookup, you can make the visuals look even better. In fact, the overall graphics capabilities are more than 5 times stronger than the PS4. Depending on the game you’re playing, this video game console can give you up to 120 frames per second of pulse-pounding fun and engaging storytelling.

The brand-new SSD storage allows the console to run like a dream. Plus, the loading times are a lot less than what you’d expect from the PS4. That way, you can spend more time leveling up your characters and gathering the greatest loot to share with your online friends.

Aside from the console itself, the controller has been reinvigorated as well. The buttons and triggers use a combination of adaption and haptic feedback to add a whole new dimension to your gameplay. For instance, you could be pulling a bowstring back in the video game and feel actual resistance from the controller’s trigger as you do it.

You can save money if you go with the PS5 that doesn’t have a disc drive. After all, many people are buying digital copies these days. Plus, it’s more environmentally friendly than purchasing plastic discs and cases.

PlayStation has always been good about offering their players exclusive titles. For this generation, you’re able to play the challenging Demon Souls and the exciting Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Xbox One X

Xbox One X

When it comes to Microsoft Xbox video game consoles, it doesn’t get any better than the Xbox One X. Simply put, this new version of the Xbox is like night and day when compared to the last one. Between this and the PS5, lovers of detailed graphics will be in heaven.

This new generation console has 8 times the amount of graphics power than the last generation. The higher refresh rate and other technical goodies make for a much smoother and immersive gaming experience.

Past Xbox consoles have been known to overheat a lot and sound almost like an old vacuum. However, you’ll be glad to know that this newest console is setting the record for the quietest one of all, which is quite an accomplishment when you consider how much power it has.

While the PS5 has several envy-inducing exclusives already, Xbox will always have the Halo franchise. This generation sees the release of the latest installment, Halo Infinite, which many players are saying is one of the best Halo games of all time.

There are also plans for another installment of the fantastic Fable series. The teaser trailer hints that it will be a fresh start that’s sure to please both new fans and veterans of the games.

If you ever encounter issues, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of solutions to common Xbox One problems.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

If you’re in the market for portable video game consoles, it’s worth noting that nothing beats the Nintendo Switch. This is the perfect console for serious gamers, recreational gamers, and everyone in between. The Switch is the first successful hybrid console that allows you to switch from playing video games on your television to playing them on a handheld device.

You can even make the switch in the middle of the game with almost no interruption whatsoever. As if that wasn’t innovative enough, the controller can be taken apart and attached to the mobile screen.

While it’s apart, it can also be used as two miniature controllers. That way, any friends that come over can start playing at the drop of a hat.

As for game choices, the Switch has a lot of wonderful variety, not to mention exclusivity. Nintendo is known for iconic characters like Mario, Zelda, and Sonic the Hedgehog. You’ll be able to play all the latest video games featuring these fun characters, as well as a ton more.

Aside from the exclusive games like Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Switch is home to a lot of revamped versions of modern classics. This includes Dark Souls Remastered, The Witcher 3, and many others.

While the graphics capabilities aren’t as impressive as the PlayStation or the Xbox consoles, the Nintendo Switch can still hold its own. Plus, there’s a new edition that’s coming out soon which will feature 120 frames per second at a 4K resolution. Once that happens, the Switch games should look just as good as games on the other consoles.

Either way, the convenience of being able to play your Switch on the bus, for instance, can’t be matched.

Are You Ready to Get the Best Video Game Consoles?

Now that you’ve learned all about the best video game consoles in 2021, you can start playing the most addicting games on the market. From single-player action games to multiplayer family games, there’s always something you can do to pass the time with as much fun as possible.

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