Almost every data room software for large companies provides support for both iOS and macOS devices. In this article, a small macOS data room comparison will be provided. Have a look at five of the most popular and best services compared based on public opinion and fair reviews and read an even more detailed comparison at

First Off. What Is VDR At All?

Virtual Data Room Software

In fact, the virtual data room is literally a very secure repository of documents and other files that can be transferred from person to person using the same security protocol. This is usually used either on a regular basis or during some global events where there is a really large document flow.

For example, your company is going through an M&A process. The paperwork within this company is really huge, and these documents are in demand for potential buyers or sellers. How do you make sure that only authorized people can view the documentation and only have access to the sectors that they are authorized to see? This happens naturally and quickly with data room services. Other examples of frequent use of this kind of software are:

  • Communication between the board. Since the repository is secure, effective communication between administrative staff can take place through this. Usually, the electronic data room makes it possible to keep track of all document updates and keeps a log of those who have tried to view a particular document. It is safe and fast.
  • Production or company secrets. Most virtual data room providers provide a huge storage facility protected by modern protocols. No one will be able to access certain documents because only certain people you designate will have authorization keys. This means you don’t have to keep company secrets somewhere in a safe deposit box. It is much safer to do it with modern technologies like virtual data rooms.
  • Searching for investors. This is a fairly common short-term cause. Investors are demanding and require quite a lot of documents to be provided to them. It is good if you have all the documents lying in one place. They can simply be authorized to view the documents, which they cannot even copy. This way, it is a win-win for everyone: you spend a minimum amount of time and remain protected, and the investor does not have to wait long and has quenched his curiosity.

You can see that the scope of online data room software is quite huge, both in the short term and the long term.

Comparing The Best VDRs For MacOS

The Best VDRs For MacOS

The macOS operating system is currently supported by almost all top VDR providers. Among them:

  • iDeals. If you focus your attention on the reviews, it is one of the best. It has ISO27001 certification, and users note a fairly easy interface. Most customers are large and medium-sized businesses in the financial and IT fields. It supports many operating systems, including macOS.
  • ShareFile. It ranks second in the ratings. It has 256-bit SSL encryption and integration with Microsoft services like Office 365. It focuses on large, medium-sized, and small business customers. There’s a bit of a bandwidth limitation, but that’s promised to be fixed. It also supports most operating systems, including macOS.
  • Box. It has excellent ISO/IEC 27001, SOC (1, 2, 3), HIPAA, FINRA, FedRAMP, and GDPR protection and supports over 1500 external tools like Zoom, Google Drive, Slack, and AWS. It focuses on any size business and has MacOS support.

Virtual Data Room Software

  •  Intralinks. Unlike the other VDRs, this one focuses only on medium and large businesses. It is one of the pioneers in the market and the functions of the service are tailored to any activity within the company, from the bankruptcy process to initial public offerings. Users note the lack of features, but that’s always the case with old-school corporations. It supports macOS.
  • Brainloop. It is suitable for any size business and offers a wide range of tools. Users say it’s a simple tool for both the company and the other party. It supports macOS on a long list of operating systems.

You can read and compare virtual data rooms by yourself. Basically, these five providers differ in interface and some features. Choose the one that is convenient for you and your team.


Technological advances are now improving the entire work process. This should be taken into account when choosing a decent VDR. The old companies on the market are quite good because of the reputation they value. The new ones keep up with the times. In any case, you and your team have to choose the best virtual data room providers out of many.

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