Security is a very important aspect that business owners consider when running a business. No matter where your business is located, the safety of your staff, customers and property should never be overlooked.

The constituents of a commercial security system could include security cameras, fire detection systems, intruder alarms, access control and integrated systems. A commercial security system is designed to keep away intruders and trespassers.

The right commercial security systems for your business

Before choosing a security system for your business, you need to consider a few things. The type of commercial security system you choose is largely dependent on your type of business and the goals you have for your business. This will help to determine the important protection elements, placement and installation, and vulnerable entry points.

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Prior to choosing a security system for your business, you need to conduct a review of your present security situation in order to assess the needs of your business, either by yourself or by hiring a professional. Advice can then be given on which components are needed to build an effective security system for your business. Some of the points you should take into account include:

  1. The number of entrances and exits located in the building.
  2. The number of employees who enter the premises every day.
  3. The vulnerable or weakened entry points.
  4. Any additional security requirements for the business.

It is important that your security situation is reviewed occasionally and compared to security trends in the area to enable the effectiveness of your curated security systems. This would include reassessing and testing your security systems alongside reassessing the area.

Types of commercial security systems

1. CCTVs (Closed Circuit Television systems)

This type of security system is one of the most popular types of security measures today. CCTVs consist of a number of security cameras connected to a central digital recorder. Adding indoor and outdoor cameras can guarantee you higher protection levels. For large businesses, monitoring multiple camera feeds can be cost-consuming. In cases like this, video analytics can be used. This would examine video outputs for patterns of suspicious behaviours and allow surveillance to focus on the more important events.

2. Intruder Alarm Systems

These are also known as burglar alarms. They consist of a keypad, a control panel and a contact sensor. They detect unauthorised entry into an area and notify you when the breach is detected.

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3. Fire Detection Systems

These are one of the most important aspects of a commercial security system. Fire outbreaks could occur at any time, especially when you have electrical installations in place. Fire alarm systems consist of a smoke detector, sprinklers, alarms, evacuation signage etc.

4. Vehicle tracking and monitoring systems

Useful for monitoring employee whereabouts and theft prevention, these systems allow you to track schedules and give you information on vehicle diagnostics such as fuel consumption and engine warnings.

The importance of choosing the right security system for your business

When choosing security systems for your business, it is important to choose the components according to your needs. This is mostly determined by the scale of your business. While all commercial businesses are at risk of theft or vandalism, small businesses are at an even higher risk because of the cracks in structure that might be present.

From cases of theft by customers or employees to a high number of vulnerable or weakened entry points, small businesses require a small but concise commercial security system. Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, intruder alarms and fire detection systems are the basic requirements for your commercial system if you own a small business. Adding smart technology such as motion sensors and utilising video analytics can also help in a bid to make your commercial security system more efficient.

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Large businesses require more advanced forms of commercial security systems. Your security system can be decided on with the help of a professional. The security professional will take the size of your business into consideration, along with the location of your business and the facilities your business employs. Surveillance cameras, intruder alarms, fire alarm systems, vehicle monitoring systems and access controls will be taken into consideration. These types of security systems are necessary to cover all aspects of your business to prevent you from incurring losses that could occur whether by insurance claims by your employees or theft.

Customers also put more trust in businesses that guarantee their safety; both physically and financially. Ensuring that your customers and employees feel safe is your number one priority as a business owner. When a security alarm goes off, if your security system is connected to a control centre, authorities and useful welfare personnel are almost immediately notified of a crime in progress. This enables quick response and minimally incurred risk.

Your peace of mind is guaranteed when you have security systems in place. Even if your alarm system never goes off, you can feel safe and protected knowing that you are covered even in danger.

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