There are many mobile processor types and it may seem overwhelming to compare phones processor. The fact is, a smartphone’s processor is a very important component of any smartphone. Mobile processor list by performance is a valid question since how your processor performance has a direct impact on the phone’s gaming performance, speed, user experience, and, of course, the battery efficiency.

A smartphone with a speedy processor translates to opening of your favourite applications in an instant and your task being finished in fraction of time. On the contrary, a weak processor will mean issues such as lag, overheating, and poor battery life. There are sites like Nano Review mobile Compare available to you where you have Nano review processor, chips and much more. The sites like this help you make the best decision when it comes to buying the best smartphone. 

Doest matter how many mobile processor types may be there, to compare phones processor is very important. just as the CPU is the heart of any computer, the processor is the heart of every smartphone. Therefore, when choosing a smartphone, you should pay maximum attention to the model of the processor used in it. After all, not only the speed of the gadget’s interface will depend on this, but also its performance in games, the list of supported networks and communication frequencies, and even the battery life.

Talking about the many different mobile processor types there are, many users often mistakenly refer to a single-chip system as a processor. But this is fundamentally wrong. SoC (System on the chip) is much more than that. It includes not only a processor, but also a graphics accelerator, a wireless modem, an audio chip and an image processing processor (ISP), which directly affects the capabilities of smartphone cameras. And this is not to mention many other smaller, but no less important components.

When we talk about mobile processor lists by performance, there are not many large SoC/processor manufacturers on the market. The flagship segment includes Qualcomm, Samsung, Apple and HiSilicon. In sub-flagship and medium, this list is replenished by MediaTek processor list, and in the budgetary – by Intel, NVIDIA and Unisoc. Let’s see which SoC can be called the best in each of the market segments. However, before we compare phones processor, let us know a little more about the companies who manufacture these processors. 

Compare Phones Processor – Manufacturing company

 Compare Phones Processor - Manufacturing companyWe will be talking about mobile processor lists by performance in the coming sections. However, before that, let us become acquainted with the companies who manufacture them. Then it becomes easier to compare phones processor. Most processors for smartphones in the market today are produced by a handful of companies namely: 

  • Qualcomm – an American company founded in 1985 and is a leading manufacturer of processors
  • Samsung Exynos – This processor is commonly used in phones from the same company.
  • MediaTek processor list – a Chinese company that is in demand for budget models.
  • Intel Atom. The products from this company are often used in cheap models.
  • NVIDIA Tegra – Processors are used in Microsoft KIN.
  • Apple Ax – High-quality processors used only in Apple products.

Let us discuss one more important aspect of a processor before talking about mobile processor list by performance, the processor clock frequency before we move on to compare phones processor. 

Compare Phones Processor – What is the processor clock frequency 

When it comes to mobile processor types and mobile processor list by performance, most buyers are seldom aware of this indicator. It is mentioned next to the processor name and contains four or two digits. And many who have a little understanding about it, often are under impression that the more the better. But unfortunately, it is not as straightforward. Not always will be a high frequency a winning solution.

Before you lean the choice in favour of a particular product, you need to know what this processor can do for the selected phone model. Because the same frequency can show considerable different results with different manufacturers. The exception is processors with clock frequency below 1 GHz. They don’t need to be worried about, even if they happen to be mobile devices from Samsung or Nokia.

Of the many mobile processor types, to know about mobile processor list by performance and iif the processor is suitable for the user’s preferences, it is enough to look at the results of the AnTuTu benchmark on the Internet. Tests of almost all known processors are given there, so it is not going to be a difficult task. For comparison, you can even see what results were obtained from the flagship representatives.

This helps you make a wise choice when choosing between different models and not pay too much price when a model does not deserve it. Another excellent place you can refer to is NanoReview mobile compare. The site compares chipsets, smartphones, and much more. We will keep discussing more about Nano Review mobile compare and Nano review processor compare in paras below. 

So now, we get down to our main business – compare phones processor and Best mobile processor list 2021

Compare Phones Processor – Flagship SoCs/Processors

Flagship SoCs/Processors

Best mobile processor list 2021 – Qualcomm’s current mid-range processors

Continuing without mobile processor list by performance, Qualcomm’s mid-range mobile processor are broadly divided into two “series”. Talking about latest Snapdragon processor 2021, while the Snapdragon 7 and 8 series is aimed at a little high-end segment, the 6 series is aimed at buyers looking for better value smartphones in or under $300.

Let’s have a brief look at the Latest Snapdragon processor 2021.

  • Latest Snapdragon processor 2021 – Snapdragon 7 series

Best mobile processor list 2021 – Latest Snapdragon processor 2021 – Snapdragon 780G

Talking about many mobile processor types and mobile processor list by performance, the Snapdragon 780G remains tQualcomm’s most powerful 7-series processor. To remind you, sites like Nanoreview mobile Compare are also available to you with Nano review processors, chips and much more.

Best mobile processor list 2021 – Latest Snapdragon processor 2021 – Snapdragon 765/765G/768G

The trio of Snapdragon 76X series sits just under the 780G, and all of these chipsets were released in 2020. 

Vivo X51 5G released on Qualcomm Snapdragon 765. Other models with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 include Motorola Moto Edge, Vivo X50 and Google Pixel 5,.

Best mobile processor list 2021 – Latest Snapdragon processor 2021 – Snapdragon 750G

The processor was announced in September 2020. It’s among Qualcomm’s new mid-range chipsets. The 750G offers more performance in most aspects than the 765 series. 

Best mobile processor list 2021 – Latest Snapdragon processor 2021 – Snapdragon 730 Series 

This series includes three very close processors – the Snapdragon 730, Snapdragon 730G and Snapdragon 732G. All three are based on the 8nm process technology and use Kryo 470 cores and Adreno 618 graphics. The one and the only difference is the CPU/GPU clock speed. Obviously, you shouldn’t expect much performance difference between the 730 and 732G. As mentioned above, if all of it sounds too confusing, you can also use Nanoreview mobile Compare and Nano review processor. They can be of great help for those who are not too technical. 

Examples include Motorola G60 and Poco X3.

  • Best mobile processor list 2021 – Latest Snapdragon processor 2021 – Snapdragon 600 series

As we move down the list, the number of models increases. Since we’re talking about the latest chipsets, we purposefully leave out the older Snapdragon 6 series chips and focus on those that are most commonly used in budget smartphones and mid-range devices today.

Best mobile processor list 2021 – Latest Snapdragon processor 2021 – Snapdragon 690

Of the many mobile processor types, this is Qualcomm’s most rugged 6-series processor to date. OnePlus Nord N10 was one of the first smartphone featuring Snapdragon 690 

Best mobile processor list 2021 – Latest Snapdragon processor 2021 – Snapdragon 675/ 670/678

These Snapdragon 675 chipsets, though old, are still used on the relatively new smartphones. The Snapdragon 678, on the other hand, is fairly new, announced in Dec 2020. Several budget models are expected to be equipped with this 11nm chip in 2021.

Information like this is available on Nanoreview where you have Nanoreview mobile compare and Nano review processor comparison etc. 

Best mobile processor list 2021 – Latest Snapdragon processor 2021 – Snapdragon 888 and 888+

It is the Snapdragon 888 and Snapdragon 888+ that offer the fastest performance of any Android smartphone chipset to date and have the most impressive feature set, including up-to-date 5G support. And it is these SoCs that underlie most of the most interesting flagship smartphones. Among them are, for example, Xiaomi Mi 11 and gaming smartphone ASUS ROG Phone 5.

The only problem with chipsets is their “hot temper”. The first smartphones based on Snapdragon 888 could not realize the full potential of the platform as it skipped processor cycles due to overheating. A little later, this problem was partially solved with the help of software optimization/use of a reliable cooling system. And, although it was not possible to completely get rid of it, the Snapdragon 888/888 + were and remain the fastest chipsets for Android smartphones. To remind you, information like this and much more is also available on Nanoreview where you have Nanoreview mobile compare and Nano review processor comparison etc.

Compare phones processor – Middle segment – MediaTek Processor List

MediaTek processor list fiercely competes with Qualcomm in the mid-range. MediaTek processor list is as vast (and confusing) as Qualcomm’s. However, the company recently introduced the Dimensity series, which is aimed at the upper mid-range and flagships. 

MediaTek Processor List

Following are some new MediaTek processor list to look out for if you are going to buy a phone this year.

  • MediaTek processor list – MediaTek Dimensity 1000 series

Smartphones on Dimensity 1000: Realme X7 Pro, Oppo Reno 5 Pro.

  • MediaTek processor list – MediaTek Dimensity 800 series

MediaTek Dimensity 800: Realme X7, Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T.

  • MediaTek processor list – MediaTek Dimensity 700 series

Examples: Oppo A53s and Realme 8

Compare Phones processor – The Samsung Exynos 2100 

The Samsung Exynos 2100 platform is a little apart. It is only slightly inferior to the Snapdragon 888/888 + in terms of performance, but the problem with overheating was even more pronounced here. Well, the SoC itself is mainly used in smartphones of the Samsung Galaxy S21 line.. However, Exynos chipsets are also found in devices from other manufacturers.

Today’s mid-range chipsets from Samsung that make sense to consider are the Exynos 880, Exynos 1080 and Exynos 980. 

Exynos 980

Devices using Exynos 980 include Vivo X30.

Exynos 1080  

Currently, Samsung’s top mid-range chipset is indeed the Exynos 1080. It’s based on a 5nm process technology and has a three-cluster design of a Cortex-A78 processor core. It supports 5G, including millimeter wave, as well as photo sensors capable of producing frames with a resolution of up to 200 MP and a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz.

Smartphones on Exynos 1080: Vivo X60.

Compare Phones processor – HiSilicon Kirin 9000

Continuing our discussion on mobile processor types and how to compare phones processor, another worthy representative of flagship SoC platforms is HiSilicon Kirin 9000. We really liked this chipset for its high performance and excellent energy efficiency. But finding it is not easy at all. And this is not about limited production capacity, but about big politics. The restrictive measures imposed by the US government hurt Huawei, which actually lost its key partners and the ability to produce its own SoCs with 5G. 

Compare Phones processor – Sub-flagship single-chip systems

In this segment, we have two obvious leaders – Dimensity 1200 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. And the latter, in fact, became a rebranding of Snapdragon 865+ with a slightly overclocked “large” Cortex-A77 core. And this alone makes the platform an excellent choice for sub-flagship smartphones that are only one step below full-fledged flagships.

Both chipsets easily passed the 700,000 mark in the AnTuTu benchmark. At the same time, the Snapdragon 870 outperformed the Dimensity 1200 by only a few thousand points, being stronger in the CPU test, but inferior to it when comparing the graphics performance.

Both SoCs are not prone to overheating, demonstrate excellent energy efficiency and run absolutely any games without problems. The Snapdragon 870 is at the heart of smartphones like the OnePlus 9R and POCO F3. Dimensity 1200 can be found in the OnePlus Nord 2 5G.

Average level

Taking our discussion on how to compare phones processor further, the Snapdragon 780G is one of the few mid-range chipsets made using 5nm process technology. What does it do? Modern technologies provide higher productivity and better energy efficiency. That being said, the platform boasts a set of two high-performance Cortex-A78 cores, six energy-efficient Cortex-A55 cores, and a fast Adreno 642 GPU.

The platform is optimized for gaming and supports 5G networks. Its performance is noticeably more modest than that of the SoCs discussed above, but it is also sufficient for comfortable gaming. The result of 530,000 points in AnTuTu speaks for itself. It is on this platform that the relatively inexpensive Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G smartphone works.

Compare Phones Processor – Budget level

When it comes to compare phones processor, there is no clear leader in this category, there are too many competitors here. But among the budget SoCs, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 662 stands out slightly. It uses an 11-nm process technology and includes eight Kryo 260 cores in the company with an Adreno 610 GPU. The platform gains about 180,000 points in the AnTuTu benchmark. Smartphones based on it will not lag, but they will not show any miracles of performance either. But you can definitely play PUBG Mobile.

This is a great budget single-chip system that underlies a fair number of very decent smartphones. These include, for example, Xiaomi Redmi 9T and POCO M3.

Compare Phones Processor – Conclusion 

We hope you know how to compare phones processor now. The choice of a single-chip system is especially important due to the fact that smartphones from the same price category can have completely different platforms. For example, you can find a gadget for $500, built on both the Snapdragon 888 and the mid-range Snapdragon 780G chipset.

The point is that the chipset is only a small part of a smartphone. In addition to it, the type of screen used in it, the quality of cameras and many other little things are of great importance for the price of a gadget. If you are not a gamer, and you do not need the highest performing smartphone, then you can save on the chipset, but get more powerful cameras or a better screen. If performance is the cornerstone for you, then you should choose a smartphone with the most powerful processor, but weak cameras.

Of course, if you do not mind spending $1200+, then you can choose the ultimate flagship with practically no weaknesses. But for most users, buying a smartphone is always a compromise, the need to sacrifice options you personally do not need. And we hope this article helped you in choosing the perfect smartphone for you. And of course, you have sites like Nanoreview where you have Nanoreview mobile compare and Nano review processor comparison available to make your life much easier. 


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