Web design and UX design seem identical to each other. You can implement both of them while designing your website. A web design agency in London can guide you in this case. But before that, it would be better to understand the meaning and the similarities or connections between web design and UX design.

What is Web Design?

Web Design

Web design refers to the look and appearance of the website. The way a website feels like when we first look at it, the way it deals and interacts with the users, all of it comes under the term, ‘web design’. Your website is the impression that the user gets of your brand. A user can judge your business in a matter of few seconds after visiting your site. That is why you need a professional and experienced web designer. Web designers focus on some of these questions like: –

  1.  Is the website easy to scroll?
  2. How does the website respond?
  3. Do the users like the way the website looks?
  4. Is the graphic quality of the website of high quality?

Your website design plays a crucial role in the success of your digital marketing campaign.

What is UX Design?

UX design

UX stands for User Experience. UX design focuses on improving the user’s experience of visiting a particular website or application. The UX design works on mobile phone applications, desktop apps, and other platforms beyond the web. Its main focus is to remove or reduce the pain points. These points are the reasons that frustrate or irritate the users by delaying their work while they are using the website. A few examples of pain points are: –

  1. Lack of conversions even after a lot of traffic.
  2. Users not going through the entire content (not completing the whole video or blog).
  3. Visitors leaving after visiting one page (not exploring).

If you have a website for your business, you will want people to enjoy going through your website. Certain subtle elements are very much responsible for the success of the site. UX design pays attention to the factors that the users do not like in your website and how they respond to your website. It helps in initiating improvements wherever required to provide a better experience. UX designers focus on the architecture of the website rather than simply designing it. They ensure that large-scale user interactions can take place without fail. It learns about the user or customer’s needs, habits, behaviors, and emotions.

What Is The Connection Between Web design and UX Design?

Connection Between Web Design And UX

Both web design and UX focus on providing the user with a functional product in the end. The designers are required to analyze, manage and focus on the data in both cases. Here is how web design and UX design are similar and connected.

Both overlap each other – Most of the time, the web designers have to learn and work on the UX design, and the UX designers have to practice web designing. It all depends on the kind of agency they work for. Both the type of designers even has to spend some time working on the front end development too.

Transferable skills: – It is because of the overlap of the functions that the skills of both the UX and web designers are transferable. It is a common thing if the company is using all-in-one front-end frameworks that provide you with both functions. Some of these frameworks are React, Angular, etc.

Size of the agency – Huge agencies hire different designers for UX design and web design for separate roles and responsibilities. But since these two functions overlap each other, small agencies prefer to blend both of them. The web and UX designers work towards improving the website’s appearance, design, appeal, and customer experience. The slight difference is the skill sets of the designers. The skills are not entirely different but also not completely the same. In short, companies can bind the two functions as the skills of the designers are transferable. It all depends on the size and other factors related to the custom web design agency you decide to choose.

Same platforms for design – Some clients ask to display certain information in different ways on the web page. It is possible to do that in both ways that are either through UX design or by web design. That means you can either go for a web designer or a UX designer. Both the designers are trained to work on website designs and sometimes work for the same design teams.

Importance in web development: – Both functions go hand in hand. Web design and UX are essential components for a website. Web design agencies in London have to implement these functions as per the requirements of the clients. Neither of the two functions is better than each other. Sometimes agencies use both web practices for their clients. Web agencies have diverse experience in this field and will bring knowledge expertise to your digital marketing campaign.

Which of The Functions is Needed The Most?

Many companies cannot afford to include both web design and UX or hire designers for both functions. So the question is which of the functions must be prioritized in such a case.

There is no particular answer to this question. It is because both functions are used for different purposes and areas. But as we told, they have similar functions too. The main connection between them is how the website works. Agencies can also consider choosing both depending on the need. It is just that web designing is less repetitive whereas UX design is more about continuous improvements.

Your company needs to know what aspects of the website you want to focus on so that you can choose the right function out of web design or UX design. If you are confused, it is better to consult a web design agency in London.

Go for an experienced design agency that provides customized web design and UX design services.

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