Hundreds of corporate events take place each year, but after a while using the same themes can become boring. If you’re preparing for the holiday season it makes sense you’re thinking about corporate holiday party themes for your next event.

Below we’re going to share some of the best holiday party themes to get everyone into the season of giving.

1. Christmas ‘Carol-oke Party’

Christmas 'Carol-oke Party'

If you’ve got a team of outgoing individuals this is going to be one of the most popular holiday party ideas to use. You get to spend time indulging in food and beverages as you celebrate the holidays and a much-needed break from work while singing the night away.

Ensure the karaoke section is front and center so everyone has a chance to highlight their amazing singing skills. You can even create flyers that state the best karaoke act of the night will get a prize.

2. Mix and Jingle

If your events focus on networking opportunities for you and your coworkers, this is going to be the perfect theme. The ‘mix and jingle’ is about spending time mingling with people outside of work and building connections.

The mix will be the tasty holiday drinks served to everyone who’s in attendance.

3. Decorate the Tree

Decorate the Tree

If your company is big on holiday decorations around the office a decorate the tree theme is the way to go. As you send out the invites for the party ensure you make people aware they’ve got to bring an ornament for the tree and prepare to decorate the office together.

This is the perfect way to increase team collaboration, which is an essential part of business.

4. 12 Treats of Christmas

The best part of the holidays is all the treats’ people get to share around one table with family and friends. Why should your company event be any different?

Carefully choose twelve treats that give people a sense of nostalgia as they munch on them. But be careful, all these treats are bound to leave someone with a stomachache.

5. Great Gatsby Party

Great Gatsby Party

If you’ve read the book the Great Gatsby, you’d know he was known for throwing extravagant parties filled with wonder and excitement. If this is the theme you choose for your holiday celebrations, you won’t be disappointed.

Everyone should dress their best in their interpretation of the jazz age better known as the “Roaring 20’s”. Don’t skimp on the theatrics because Gatsby wouldn’t.

You can add touches here and there like a jazz band and a glittering ballroom for people to dance.

Corporate Holiday Party Themes: Tis the Season

Everyone looks forward to hearing what the possible corporate holiday party themes will be for that year. If your staff enjoys eating go with the 12 treats of Christmas, but if they’re about networking the mix and jingle, is a better choice.

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