Custom Printed ID Cards is an essential marketing tool for a variety of reasons. While most of us recognize the benefits of such personalized plastic ID cards as a form of ID, few of us understand its true value. In fact, there are many situations in which using custom printed ID cards are almost a necessity. However, for businesses that don’t require mass amounts of identification cards, then there are other options available.

Here Are Some Custom Printed ID Cards Examples

Membership Cards

While there is no need to send members an actual membership card, this can be helpful in many situations. If you sell or give away subscriptions, then having a custom printed ID card made with a standard sheet of white, rigid vinyl will suffice.

You could also use the same card for processing member and visitor fees at the front desk when you enter a room or as part of a guest register. For added security, you could use a security ink stamp on the card’s magnetic stripe, which will make it impossible to duplicate or copy.

Membership Cards

For a small business that receives and processes fewer ID cards per month than it does in years, it makes good sense to invest in a quality custom printed ID card printer. These devices can be used to create sales slips or employee identification cards. They can also be used to produce brochures or informational cards about your business. When combined with a high-quality technology business cards printer, you will be able to create a lifetime of customer loyalty.

Mailing Lists

Even though a business may have standard white, rigid vinyl membership cards, it makes sense to invest in high-quality custom printed ID cards that are of varying strengths and sizes, depending upon how many cards your business receives each year. By using a professional custom printed ID card printer, you can provide your employees with access to the most up-to-date and accurate mailing lists available.

custom printed ID card printer

Hologram technology

With the advent of full-color holographic technology, you can provide your employees with a convenient way to keep in touch. A hologram is a three-dimensional image that is created by a computer. By using a special hologram printing machine, you can produce a hologram image that closely resembles an original card, while minimizing production costs and eliminating the need for a standard plastic ID card.

Silver Secure Hologram

You can also use a full-color hologram for creating custom ID cards if you are interested in including a holographic design on your ID cards. While metallic holograms have been around for decades, there are now more options available when it comes to creating personalized holograms. A silver hologram, for example, would look just like a silver-colored card but would be completely transparent, making it very difficult to tell what is on the card or at what location it is stored. If you want to add a unique element to your ID cards, consider using a silver secure hologram.

Screen-printed Membership Cards

If your company uses many employee id cards, such as at your small business meetings or seminars, you may want to consider screen-printed membership cards instead of regular plastic ID cards. With screen-printed membership cards, everyone at the meeting has an opportunity to see the same information on each card. Rather than printing a uniform name, picture, and information on each card, you can put each employee’s name in a special area of the card, designed specifically for that person’s information.

Screen-printed Membership Cards

By utilizing your own creativity with these four different ID card options, you can help your business keep its competitive edge. The right ID card design can help your business become known within its industry. When potential customers see your business name and logo, they already know who you are – and they will want to do business with you. Make sure your business card looks great on paper and is easy to find, so you can make the most of the marketing dollars you invest in creating your business.

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