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Some Awesome Electronics Gadgets to Gift for IT Person

When you are planning to give that tech-savvy gentleman in your life a special gift, you cannot choose socks, a watch, a shirt, or a tie. Gadgets and gizmos can brighten the day of the tech-savvy man. There are numerous electronic gadgets gifts for him that you can buy right now through your P.C or smartphone but you need to make sure that you buy the best one for him that he will love.

Depending on if the IT person is more into gaming, PCs, making his life comfortable or a podcaster, you can choose electronic gadgets to gift boyfriend and electronic gadgets to gift husband from the following list.

These are some of the best electronic gadgets to gift a man who is your boyfriend, partner, brother, father, or friend.

Even if you are buying for a woman, these electronic gadgets gifts for her will surprise her and put a smile on her face. Here is a list of the top 20 best electronic gadgets to gift an IT Person.

Apple Products

Apple Air pods

This one is first on our list of best electronic gadgets to gift because everyone these days loves watching videos, movies, and listening to songs on their phone. Wireless headphones allow you to keep on listening when you are traveling on the subway and your phone is inside your pocket when you are following a recipe on your laptop in the kitchen.

If the IT person you know is also an obsessed audiophile and an iPhone user, you can buy Air Pods Pro that offers a far better experience than regular wired and wireless headphones. Noise cancellation, ear-fit, and quality audio performance are top-notch, so why miss it.

You can also switch to a budget-friendly option electronic gadgets gifts for him and go for OnePlus Buds that are stylish, elegant, and durable headphones at a much lower price. They also offer great audio quality and an amazing experience. It is one of the best electronic gadgets to gift a person who is obsessed with videos, movies, and songs, in short-the screen.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch is a great gift for anyone, a tech nerd or not. But if the IT person happens to be health-conscious, the Apple watch is just designed for such individuals. It has fantastic apps, fitness features, and everything that a smart device has.

If the Apple Watch seems expensive, you can buy the Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Tracker instead that has its own GPS, Spotify support, Sleep and Alarm Widgets, and Fitbit Pay. Health is important hence this one is also great for your health-conscious boyfriend. These watches can be great electronic gadgets gifts for her as well!

Home Video and Audio

Outdoor Audio Stereo

If you are looking for the best electronic gadgets to gift a person who is a fan of outdoor music, you cannot go wrong with Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1. They are a great product to gift your outdoor music-loving friend or family member. Who does not enjoy a lovely outdoor experience, if the guy you’re giving this gift spends his time outdoors and likes music, this is one of the best electronic gadgets gifts for him.

Polk Atrium 4, Sonos Roam, and Klipsch AW-650 are other killer outdoor stereos that play your audio files in high quality and cancel out the noise. So you can enjoy movie nights and outdoor parties with music.

Indoor Stereo

An indoor stereo is also a great option for the best electronic gadgets to gift your friend who has an Alexa Powered house or if he casually listens to music while home. Indoor stereos are a must-have these days and if he doesn’t have one, it is the perfect opportunity to surprise him with something he would absolutely adore. Anker Sound core Flare 2 and Amazon Echo Studio are two amazing stereos to use indoors that are completely worth the price and last long.

The Amazon Echo studio has Dolby Atmos-compatible directional audio that delivers amazing quality voice and bass.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

One of the best electronic gadgets to gift is an Amazon Fire TV Cube when you want the person to have an electronic gadget that provides plenty of entertainment. The TV Cube improves the media streaming capabilities and allows you to control Alexa with voice commands. It is like an all-in-one gift that is an entire package of entertainment and comfort.

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is designed to play all the streaming services of Amazon and other third-party streaming services such as Netflix, Twitch, and more.

Chromecast With Google TV

Google TV is the modern face of entertainment with the comfort of your own home. For small living spaces, a Chromecast with Google TV works like a charm. It is one of the best electronic gadgets to gift as it is a smart, round dongle that is attached to the back of your TV and plugs into the HDMI port.

It is a perfect gift for him because then he can watch movies and TV shows on unobtrusive live streaming. The Chromecast also comes with a remote and an on-screen interface for easy and customized use.

Soundbar for TV

Not all TVs have a great audio system. They are designed to have amazing video quality and other capabilities. Audio is usually neglected and to have good TV streaming, a soundbar can be the perfect gift choice for the tech-loving guy.

Laptops and Gaming Accessories

Android Tablet

Android tablets are great for reading, writing, and browsing the internet. If the IT person doesn’t already have a tablet or is already thinking of buying a new one, you need to gift him a fully functional tablet that has a large screen and amazing processing speed.

If you have a higher budget and want to buy the best electronic gadgets to gift, you can also choose a Lenovo Yoga book that is both; a laptop and a tablet. It is the best P.C for a creative and stylish person who likes to carry gadgets that show his unique and creative taste.

A Sleek Laptop

Since we have already started discussing laptops, why not talk about a sleek and powerful laptop? Most IT persons adore fast computers just like racers who adore fast cars. Dell XPS 17 released in 2020 is just the right type of sleep, a high-performance laptop that comes with 3 thunderbolt ports for non-stop work grind. It has 4K screen quality and a long-lasting battery, so the IT person can easily perform all IT tasks without unwanted delays.

Gaming Laptop

For an amazing gaming experience, Alienware laptops are hard to ignore. They are affordable and powerful high-end laptops that provide an amazing gaming experience anywhere. The speed and performance are the biggest factors to consider when the guy is a gamer. Alienware m15 R3 is the ultimate desire of most gamers with 1TB of SSD storage and design that allures gamers.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

In the best electronic gadgets to gift category, mechanical gaming keyboards cannot be overlooked. Well, if this man has a laptop or a P.C then what? In that case, does he own a mechanical gaming keyboard designed exclusively for gaming?

If not, then consider the Razer Blackwidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed – Phantom Edition. It is quite expensive but trust us, it is worth the price. The well-crafted mechanical keyboard has all that a gaming nerd needs. It is made by two companies popular for creating the best gaming gear; Cherry and Razer.

Razer Gaming Mouse

Even if the gamer has a gaming keyboard, is he in need of a high-tech gaming mouse? If yes, then Razer Pro Click Wireless Mouse is unbeatable and one of the best electronic gadgets to gift, here is why.

For serious online gamers who play to win only, the Razer Pro Click Wireless Mouse is a comfortable, full-featured mouse that empowers you to do much more than just staying in-game. It is one of the best ergonomic mouse on the planet so don’t miss this one!

Gaming Headset

It is impossible to leave out the talk of good gaming headphones when talking about gaming gear. Gaming headsets are no joke and the Razer Blackshark V2 gaming headset proves that.

The gaming headset offers excellent audio quality for gaming when you can hear teammates shouting and gunshot fires in your game. With loads of customizable features, options, LED lights, and a comfortable fit, it is among the greatest electronic gadgets gifts for him.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 & 2 is the game to remaster for veteran PlayStation players. It is fun skating action that is designed with amazing control schemes. The unlockable levels are a thrill and along with a killer soundtrack and so many amazing levels, it can be a great PC game gift among electronic gadgets to gift boyfriend.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition is an aspiring dream of every pro gamer. It offers a 4K gaming experience that is worth the price. NVidia’s ferocious graphics cards are in short supply these days so if you manage to get your hands on one, buy it for the computer nerd.

It can be a great holiday present or a birthday gift. Something that keeps him busy throughout the holiday season if you gift it on Christmas. Hence one of the best on our list of electronic gadgets to gift boyfriend.


If the tech-savvy person also runs a podcast, you can gift him a microphone. It is a perfect gift for dedicated streamers and podcasters. HyperX Quad Cast S Image is an ideal microphone for streams as it is automated and starts recording your speech while you are using the webcam.

Home Products

Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

If the IT person has an Alexa-connected smart home, one of the best electronic gadgets to gift then this Thermostat with voice control is loaded with features that include a touch display, connection with Wi-Fi, and a remote sensor.

It can connect with most smart home devices and integration is the best feature of this device. You can turn on the thermostat before you reach home from work so that the house is heated up when you are home. If you live in the same house with the guy and are a partner, you’ll be making your life easier too. This one should be bought blindfolded if you are looking for electronic gadgets to gift husband or boyfriend.

WIFI-Fi Smart Lock

This is a high-tech security device that you need to buy for your boyfriend or girlfriend because it is also one of the best electronic gadget gift for her. This high-tech security device is easy to install and has a ton of features that make it compatible with Alexa, Google, HomeKit, IFTTT, and others.

Security is always a priority in every house. And giving a loved one such a gift means that you care about their safety.

GPS Tags

GPS tags are a great way to know what is where. It can be placed on your pet, your car keys, and even your wallet. If he keeps on forgetting where something is or want to easily unlock stuff, you should buy him GPS tags that work on NFC to easily unlock cars, houses and locate where his stuff is. Having it on a pet is the easiest way to find out where your cat goes when you aren’t home and never lose her.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0-Professional Drone

Although this can be a pricey gift, a tech-savvy person will love a gift like that as it is one of the best electronic gadgets to gift. One who enjoys recording his surroundings and creating memories will absolutely love it.

The drone offers professional recording at 4K with mechanical shutters. It is equipped with a 20MP camera combined with Cinema 4K/60fps video, 14fps Burst Mode, and obstacle sensors to record pro videos and take amazing photo shots.

So, if it is among electronic gadgets to gift husband, you can be certain, he will be taking plenty of good quality photos of you and him together-meaning so many memories.

There are many other products one can explore when considering the best electronic gadgets to gift their loved ones. Knowing what the other person likes and enjoys can help you decide which gifts to buy. Hopefully, our list has given you a good place to brainstorm for gift ideas.

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