This week alone, you’ve made online transactions, ordered groceries, or streamed YouTube on your mobile phone. It’s no secret that mobile app usage is deep-rooted in our daily activities. Reports had shown that an average American checks his phone once every 5.5 minutes. With mobile app adoption growing, the niche is expected to generate $935 billion in 2023.

Yet, it’s amusing that some startups have great business strategies. But struggle to create brilliant mobile apps for their customers. This could be because they don’t know the latest trends in web development for startup companies. Here, Emphasoft explains 10 mobile app development trends you shouldn’t miss out on.

5G Solutions

mobile app development trends

The wait is over and 5G technology is now being used worldwide. Ericsson Mobility Report predicts 5G subscriptions to coast over 1 billion in 2022. And double by 2024. Before 2020, technology was still regarded as a thing of the future. Well, we’re now living in the future!

5G is 100 times faster than 4G. It gives users lots of immersive experiences. With 5G, you can stream YouTube videos in HD without worrying about buffering. You can download and transfer data quickly. Plus,  mobile devices can connect to data-heavy tech like VR without affecting performance. You enjoy a faster and smoother experience.

Foldable Devices

While your favorite game is handier on mobile devices, it doesn’t provide as immersive an experience as playing on the laptop. Well, foldable devices can solve these challenges.

You can increase the screen size of foldable devices. It has lots of advantages

  • Increase screen size to enjoy better gaming or Netflix experience
  • It has a multi-window function that allows you to use different applications at the same time.
  • A pocket-fit device that becomes handy anywhere and usable anytime.

When creating mobile apps for your users, foldable apps are certainly one to watch.

All-In-One Services With Super Applications

Super Apps are mobile apps that can do everything. A mobile app that processes the payment, make online purchases, book train, and air tickets, and pay for subscriptions is a good example of a super app.

Super app is widespread in Asia with WeChat and Gojek leading. Recently, western companies are now developing similar solutions for their customers. Users certainly prefer all solutions in one app instead of switching among applications.

So, when developing products for your customers, keep super apps in mind. It could be what will help blow your competitors away.

You may not know how to start your super app sojourn. Get a price quote from custom mobile app development services like Emphasoft.

Instant Applications

Users want the best services while optimizing their resources. And instant apps can provide the perfect platform for that.

Instant Apps are internet-based applications that are smaller in size than regular apps. Instant Apps allows you to try app functionalities without downloading. You assess the app online to see if it fits your use case.

Adoption is currently skyrocketing. You also could save your audiences lots of hassles by rolling-out instant applications. They save time, resources, and memory space.

Instant Apps are useful in all use cases. It can be used for both Android and iOS mobile app development.

Wearable Devices And Equipment

Since Apple unveiled its first smartwatches in 2015, wearables had dominated the tech market.

Wearable devices are electronic gadgets that are worn on the body. It includes smartwatches, earbuds, AirPods, fitness trackers, smart jewelry, smart googles, wristbands, etc,  Wearables make decisions through user information received from embedded sensors. It can also communicate through Wifi, internet, and Bluetooth.

The wearable market is growing. Statista believes wearable devices will hit 1 billion in 2022. With adoption growing, the wearable is an emerging trend you can have in a mobile solution.

Don’t know how to get started? Mobile application development platforms can help create software compatible with wearables.

App Development

AR and VR

Augmented and Virtual reality provides an immersive virtual world experience for users. While AR allows you to view such a world on your computer screen, VR makes you live the experience.

With the adoption of 5G technology, VR and AR is gaining wide adoption in mobile devices. Today, it’s no longer the Pokemon Go device. It is being used in many other fields.

  • The Healthcare industry uses VR for the therapy treatment of anxieties and phobia patients.
  • Ikea provides customers with VR devices to place furniture in their homes. And determine whether it looks good before buying them.
  • Volvo’s VR technology allows customers without dealerships to test drive their cars.

Popular software like Facebook, Google, and Apple are venturing into the VR niche. Its worldwide usage is projected to hit 216 million users by 2025. You can also use a flexible approach to bring VR solutions to the doorstep of customers

Blockchain Technology Opens New Opportunities

Mastodon is a multi-server alternative to Twitter. PeerTube helps you watch videos like YouTube without YouTube’s overarching ‘terms and conditions. Possibilities in Blockchain technology transcend cryptocurrency.

Blockchain’s decentralized ledger had opened up new opportunities in mobile app development services. It can help develop a multi-server solution within a single app. Such apps secure users’ digital identities and information better than regular apps.

Today there are lots of Blockchain products include

  • Fediverse: Social blogging apps built on Blockchain ledger
  • Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)platforms
  • Wallet apps to manage borderless transactions
  • Mobile crypto gambling
  • Crypto trading apps.

And lots more.

A downside with Blockchain-mobile app integration is size and performance. The bigger a ledger chain the more space it will take on the user’s phone.

Plus, the functioning of mobile devices becomes compromised. The sophisticated blockchain data processing and connectivity may affect phone performance.

How do you wade into blockchain solutions with limited risk? Consult enterprise mobile app development services like Emphasoft.

Mobile Gaming

Video gaming usually requires gaming laptops and other expensive gadgets. Since not everyone can afford expensive devices, mobile phones provide the perfect escapade.

78% of all gamers who are over 2.2 billion play games with mobile phones. It makes your games handy. You can enjoy it anywhere and anytime. Plus, innovative technologies like 5G and AR/ VR have taken gaming to a new level. Users can enjoy video games on mobile phones.

Trends In Mobile App Development

As a startup company, you don’t have to dump your solution and start developing games. Absolutely not!   Rather, you can input a gaming experience for your users to keep them engrossed and thrilled. Here are brilliant examples from Starbucks and Duolingo.

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing

For startups, user experience is paramount. And these brilliant tools can keep users engrossed in your app. The question is, how do you incorporate them?

Look no further than outsourcing mobile app development. Emphasoft is here as the perfect development partner with wide expertise. We help you create a high-tech mobile application that fits your business needs.

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