Did you know two out of every five websites use WordPress?

What once started as a blogging platform in 2003 has grown into a comprehensive CRM with thousands of themes and plugins. Today, you can use WordPress for anything website-related, such as blogs, portfolios, online stores, and more.

But just as cars require the occasional tune-up, your WordPress site needs maintenance to work correctly.

Without the proper WordPress maintenance, you could face security threats, compatibility issues, outdated plug-ins, and a slow-performing website. If you are wondering what essential tips to follow to maintain your WordPress site, this short and simple guide is for you.

broken links

One of the WordPress tips you can use is to check for broken links. These are links that don’t lead anywhere because the URLs have moved or the link was typed incorrectly. Broken links are critical for your SEO and your user experience, which is why you should check for them regularly.

2. Delete Unused Plugins

A piece of WordPress advice to use is to delete unused plugins.

Search for plugins on your WordPress site and consider if you are still using them if they are still relevant if they are compatible, and more. Every plug-in takes up resources, which is why you should periodically check to see if they are in use.

3. Create a Backup for Your Site

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If you’re using WordPress for your blog or online store, create a backup for your website. Backing up your website is essential. If you get hacked or you break your website, you can restore it to an earlier version.

If you can’t handle your backup, hire professional maintenance services to do it for you. You can find more information here about hiring maintenance services.

4. Run Performance Tests

To keep your WordPress website running fast, you need to run performance tests. Images sizes can affect performance along with your website hosting and maintenance, and plugins. Poor performance can lead to higher bounce rates and bad user experiences, which is why you should test your performance and see where it can be improved.

5. Clean and Optimize Your Database

Options in WordPress Ready Web Hosting

If you want to give your site WordPress security, you need to clean and optimize your database. Cleaning your database is like cleaning your house, clear the dust and everything will look brand new. All you need to do is run a plug-in to sweep and clean so your site won’t be sluggish.

Use These WordPress Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Site Updated and Safe

By following these WordPress maintenance tips, you can keep your website working properly.

A properly maintained WordPress site has many benefits, including improved website speed, boosted SEO, correctly working links, and more. You will also get a stronger user experience, which is key for customers and clients alike. You can keep your site in top shape just by doing a few maintenance tasks every month.

WordPress maintenance is essential for running your site well.

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