Example Of Internet Of Things Devices In Everyday Life

Many people hear about Internet of Things but wonder what is Internet of Things and what are IoT devices 2023. IoT technology is revolutionizing the way our world and our societies function, perhaps without even realizing it. The technology is used on both a large and small scale to automate and improve processes in everyday life. You have many example of internet of things devices, for instance, smart cities and smart cars. However, we also have examples of IoT devices at home, for instance, american made security cameras, mobiles, and much more. Let’s talk about it in detail. 

What is Internet of Things and Example of Internet of Things devices – IoT devices 2023

Let’s start with a brief definition of What is Internet of Things before talking about the example of Internet of Things devices and examples of IoT devices at home. Internet of Things, or IoT in short, is a network of interactive hardware, software, and sensors that collect data and communicate with each other. These best wreless security camera for iphone have a striking impact on everything from how transportation systems to product design work.

People are eager to know about examples of the Internet of Things in everyday life and how it can be of use to the common man. The development and emergence of IoT and related IT services mark a shift in technological development, and the technology is often mentioned as the leader of the next industrial revolution, often referred to as “Industry 4.0”. This is because technology opens up smarter objects and environments, improved communication, and increased automation.

When we talk about examples of Internet of Things in everyday life, IoT technology has an impact on important projects, and shapes how “smart cities” and infrastructures will be built, just to name an example of internet of things devices. But it also has a clear presence in our everyday lives, and talking about examples of Internet of Things in everyday life, is found in, among other things, smart speakers, portable devices, and security systems.

In this article, we talk not only about what is Internet of Things but also example of internet of things devices and a few places where IoT technologies exist and affect our everyday lives. But before that, let’s briefly discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of IoT.

Example of Internet of Things devices – Advantages and Disadvantages of IoT

Now that we have a slight idea of What is Internet of Things, let’s know some of its advantages and disadvantages. 


  • IoT promotes interaction between different devices
  • IoT provides good automation and control
  • IoT has strong admin functions
  • IoT saves time
  • IoT can save resources due to reduced manual tasks and time
  • IoT can automate daily life through various devices
  • IoT can increase the quality of life


  • Will require infrastructure that can handle large amounts of data.
  • Cyber ​​threats are a major problem in the Internet of Things.

IoT applications in our daily lives – Example of Internet of Things devices

As we talked earlier about what is Internet of Things and example of Internet of Things devices, the Internet of Things is about several of the new golf gadgets we own being connected to each other in different ways. By being connected to each other and in turn to the internet, the gadget can collect data or be controlled over the internet. This is what is called the Internet of Things.

Talking about example of Internet of Things devices, this can apply to everything from gadgets in our home, to large industries, community functions, and the like. The Internet of Things can facilitate, streamline and save resources in manufacturing in industries. For the average person, high tech gadgets everyday life easier.

Internet of things solutions are being applied to all possible industries that interact with technology: healthcare, logistics, retail, agriculture, etc. However, according to statistics, video entertainment is still the biggest spending category in IoT. This means that this technology has not yet reached its full potential, and enterprises’ investments in implementing the internet of things are about to grow.

Example of Internet of Things devices and Examples of Internet of Things in everyday life

Taking our discussion on what is Internet of Things and example of Internet of Things devices further, when it comes to individuals, the Internet of Things will be able to help with all sorts of things. One of the examples of IoT devices at home that is often mentioned is self-driving cars, a reality that still feels far away for many. Other examples of IoT devices at home that the internet of things will be able to assist with is keeping track of a person’s weight curve.

Imagine that your mobile phone together with some form of exercise watch counts how many steps you take in a day and thus can calculate how many calories you should eat. Then, give suggestions on dishes you can cook for these calories.

This list can then be double-checked with what you have in your fridge, and then get a list of what you need to buy at home. What if this is then linked to an account you have with a service that delivers food to your home. This is just one of the examples of IoT devices at home. How wonderful would it be able to witness this as one of the IoT devices 2023?

Smart homes are another examples of IoT devices at home devices for consumers. Smart homes are an industry that is growing and becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Smart homes are about intelligent gadgets being able to detect if a person is nearby or not so that the air purifier, ventilation, or heating is only running if a person is present, for example.

Example of Internet of Things devices – IoT applications for industries

Of course, when we talk about what is Internet of Things and example of Internet of Things devices, it is not just private individuals who use and will use IoT devices 2023. Industries also have a lot to gain from connecting different machines in a smart way via the Internet. When industries use the Internet of Things, it is usually abbreviated IIOT, Industrial Internet of Things.

With IIoT, industries can monitor, collect and analyze the data in detail and thus gain valuable insights on how operations can be streamlined and improved. By getting this detailed information, companies can make faster and more accurate business decisions. With machine-to-machine communication, small business cyber security solutions, industries have been able to increase their efficiency, productivity, and performance.

Example of Internet of Things devices – IoT applications in your office

As we talked about what is Internet of Things and examples of IoT devices at home and in industries, the same applies to offices too. large office buildings can quickly become demanding and expensive to operate due to the flow of people and many different functions that need to be running at the same time. The operations departments of huge real estate companies, consequently, came to realize early on how IoT technology could streamline operations while helping to keep costs down.

It is, for example, common for only certain parts of large buildings to be used at one time. If there is only one on/off switch for the whole building’s ventilation, lighting and electricity would mean very high bills and wasted energy. By connecting the building functions to the user instead, you can ensure that only the necessary energy is used. It not only reduces operating expenses and energy expenditure but also companies’ climate footprint.

A standard way to get this done is by using access systems to register when different parts of a building are used. Functions such as lighting, ventilation, and heating can then be activated automatically afterward. With the help of IoT technology, it will thus be possible for companies to keep track of how much a particular part is used so that routines and operations can be adjusted. The result will be a more resource-efficient and economical office. Certainly, IoT devices 2023 are something to look forward to.

Example of Internet of Things devices – Self-driving cars that are connected

There are many examples of IoT devices at home and in industries. One of the controversial developments in the Internet of Things right now, or in other words one of the IoT devices 2023, is driverless cars that are completely autonomous in their steering in traffic. The car is wirelessly connected to the internet and other car users and can quickly collect a large amount of data to be able to drive safely.

Because the car is connected to the Internet, it can receive information that an accident has occurred later in the route and thus change the route to get to the final destination faster. All this that a human being does not always have access to when they themselves control the car.

Of course, it does not have to be just over the internet; it could also be that the car is connected to other cars nearby. In this way, a car can warn other motorists that a child has run out onto the road, or that a stretch of ice on the road surface has appeared. It needs to be seen how this develops in the future of cloud computing.

Example of Internet of Things devices – IoT applications in healthcare

There are not only examples of IoT devices at home, but it can be equally useful in the healthcare sector, healthcare professionals are often dependent on IoT devices and technologies to provide care, for example, in remote monitoring of patients, medical equipment, and hospital workflows. But now IoT devices are being used in more innovative ways to support patients during illness.

For example, a company called No Isolation uses “hot technology, to lessen loneliness and social isolation. They have come up with an AVI robot that utilizes IoT technology to involve children with long-term illnesses so that they can feel connected to their classroom and social life.

The AVI robot is given its own individual place in the class and allows the absent child to hear, see, and participate in the class. Utilizing a secure app, the child is able to communicate with his or her classmates and show when they want to answer a question by signaling a light on the robot.

Example of Internet of Things devices – IoT applications in agriculture

Agriculture has become increasingly difficult over the years. From the ever-growing population and demand for food to extreme and unpredictable weather conditions. Providing farmers with the technology to obtain detailed data and analysis on their growing conditions can significantly increase the chances of a prosperous harvest.

As farms are usually large open spaces that include many expensive assets, the ability to monitor livestock, land security, machinery, and equipment can ensure that farmers can guard their livelihoods. Also, IoT applications and devices can assist farmers to make better decisions during their cultivation process.

For example as one of the IoT devices 2023, sensors and monitors in the ground can render important and crucial information about the condition of the soil or crops. This can contribute to increasing productivity and success rates. As more processes are automated, farmers can then be one step ahead of potential problems. Soil readings also help farmers make eco-friendly choices related to fertilizers or watering.

Example of Internet of Things devices – IoT applications in the future

IoT devices and technologies will undoubtedly become more common throughout the world and our everyday lives. The demand and market are growing because there are great benefits to using IoT-based solutions. They can really have a decisive influence on how we manage people’s health and lifestyle, prevent accidents and increase productivity.

However, with all the benefits that IoT brings with it, there are also some risks, mostly security issues. 

Example of Internet of Things devices – Security issues with the Internet of Things

The more we see examples of Internet of Things in everyday life and more devices that are connected and managed via the Internet, the greater the risk that the system can be hacked and misused. An example could be healthcare that only has medical records via servers that are hacked and shut down. Suddenly, everything would come to a halt without access to medical records.

Even though new ways of protecting against cyber threats are being developed, it is still a cat and rat game because hackers can constantly find new loopholes to abuse. A common form of cyber attack where the Internet of Things is vulnerable is a DDOS attack where several hacked devices are used together to knock out a system.

Among the examples of Internet of Things in everyday life and more common objects connected to the Internet are surveillance cameras, both private and public. By being connected to the Internet, another person can access the camera and spy via the internet. Therefore, it is always recommended to password protect baby monitors, webcams, and private surveillance cameras.

Example of Internet of Things devices – Internet of things along with 5G

With the advent of IoT and so many examples of Internet of Things in everyday life, more and more things will need to use the internet. This will require much usage of mobile networks and 4G will not be enough to handle the need. Therefore, it is working feverishly with 5G worldwide right now. With 5G, we will experience much higher speeds on the Internet. The expectations are that we will have access to 100 Megabit/s.

In addition to the increased speed, 5G will also have a reduced delay. For example, if you want a car connected to the Internet of Things to drive itself, it can be a dangerous trip if the car takes half a second too long to make a critical maneuver. With 5G, you should be able to expect a delay of as little as a millisecond.

The so-called Beamforming that 5G will deliver will enable the signals from the masts to be controlled in the direction where the units are located. This makes the use of the available capacity much more accurate. However, some people are not in favor of 5G and people are protesting in many countries of the world as they feel 5G may be a threat to the health of many species. 

Example of Internet of Things devices – Closing Words

Having talked about examples of Internet of Things in everyday life and IoT devices 2023, there are also many things that need to be carefully taken into account. The gigantic increase in things that are connected to the IoT has led to most major players today having their own form of implementation. Organizations such as Google, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, and Intel have their solutions for connecting devices to their respective ecosystems.

But getting devices from different IoT systems to work together still leaves a bit to be desired. This is because no one wants to give up the idea that their particular ecosystem will be the generally accepted one. The major players are thus focusing on developing their own systems and the open technologies are lagging behind.

Right now, there is a wide range of technologies that enable IoT. For example Bluetooth, mobile, Wi-Fi, IoTivity, etc. There is a need to create more compatible standards that enable devices from different technical platforms to communicate with each other.

Maintaining security in a connected world can be a major challenge. Everything connected to the internet can be hacked and a connected device can in some cases offer a way into a company’s network. All poorly secured devices, such as a smart TV or a security camera, can be potential vectors of an attack. And it can be difficult to build a robust security system into many of the simpler devices that are today connected to IoT. So the security aspect is also a pressing issue that needs to be reviewed.

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