Do you want to get inspired and motivated as a business organization? If so then you should know the global brands examples which can serve as your inspiration and motivation. Boosting your global presence is, of course, the best strategy in today’s business landscape. The bottom line is that you need to have a digital tool which can help you in expanding your global reach. A business website can help you in reaching your potential customers. That said, you have to look for a web design and development agency which is also well-versed in digital marketing.

There are things which you should know in relation to enhancing the performance of your business. There are Examples of Global Brands which should be known for you to be enlightened. Their success story can give you the highlight about the steps that they are implementing as a business organization. Success has been achieved as they have been able to penetrate the global market. In today’s business landscape, doing business is not only for those people with a deep pocket. What is the implication? Simply put, anybody can do business, even a newbie (startup) with a little monetary capital. You just have to choose a business industry and use the power of the Internet in tapping your potential customers.

Examples of Global Brands

In this blog post, you will know the top 5 global brands which have been successful due to their consistent implementation of effective strategies.

1. Apple


Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world right now. As of today, there are 1.8 billion active devices of Apple. The bottom line is, this company has been trusted by a lot of people worldwide. As a successful brand in the present generation, you can trust this company for your tech needs. This company has been serving billions of people worldwide, a manifestation that they have created a great global brand. Branding is about letting people know the existence of a particular valuable company. This has been the story of Apple. This tech giant has been considered by many as a top-notch provider of smartphones and any other smart devices.

What this company has been boasting of is their capacity to produce high-end products. As a fact, Apple’s prices are a little bit higher than the prices of the other tech brands. Clearly put, this company is offering high-end technologies and gadgets, enough to tell the target audience that patronizing this company is worth it. And Apple has been embraced and loved by the global audience because of its capacity to adapt to the needs and demands of the global market. If you want your business to follow the footsteps of Apple, then you need to emulate their business methodological implementation.

2. Nike

Nike is another global brand which has taken its pride from its excellent global branding strategies. This company has boosted its digital presence and has evolved into a giant brand that offers both high-end and mid-end shoes. Nike is so careful when choosing a global partner. The most typical example of a successful global partnership is their tie-up with Manchester United. This company is a major sponsor of the mentioned soccer team. They are taking such a move (sponsorship) in line with their goals to solidify global branding.

Branding in a global context is not that easy. Yes, you read it right. It is not easy because there are several factors which need to be considered. You really have to make sure that your brand has the tools and resources. For big-name brands, they are investing much on business partnerships through sponsorships, like what Nike has been doing with Manchester United. Along with this, successful global brands are also focusing on intensifying global presence through Internet-based channels. Having a website, web app and mobile app is the most important step towards the achievement of your goals and objectives. You should use online tools to represent your brand on the market and to achieve what successful brands, like Nike, have been achieving.

3. Coca-Cola


Coca-Cola is another giant company which has a massive global reach. This company has been existing for more than a century now. It started its operation on January 29, 1892, in Atlanta, Georgia, US. From that time onwards, Coca-Cola has been considered as one of the giant companies that operate worldwide. Nowadays, almost all countries have been penetrated by this company. This is a manifestation that global branding has been effective for this company. They have reaped massive, sustainable success through the implementation of global-reaching techniques.

They have created a mission statement which has attracted the target global audiences. Their main mission statement is about providing optimism and happiness. Through their products, individuals and families are expected to be happy. They have outstanding marketing and branding strategies which have been focused on consistency. That being said, following Coca-Cola’s footsteps is an essential way to grasp massive progress and sustainable development. And, did you know that Coca-Cola had conceived the idea “think local, act local” in 2000. This business organization has been successful applying the strategic local sensitivity. Their products have been localized and each of their products in the local market is using texts based on local language.

4. McDonald’s

This is another successful company which focuses on food. McDonald’s has been in the franchising industry for several decades now. They humbly started their local operation in San Bernardino, California way back in 1955. The main strategy of this food chain is about uniformity. That said, their business strategy is franchising. Such a business strategy has been proven as effective and tested. They have penetrated the global market for years now. This company has 3200 restaurants in over 119 countries according to this post. Clearly put, McDonald’s has been successful globally. Their brand has been globalized and millions of people have already been served from the time of its conception and launching.

Franchising is one of the best approaches related to global branding. For sure, your brand will expand globally through this approach. Hence, it is important to understand the essence of franchising as a global branding technique. You should follow the steps done by McDonald’s as a valuable and respectable global brand. Doing this can elevate your chance of beating your business competitors. Hitting a competitive edge is not that easy, so to speak. But there are techniques and strategies which are made available for you. You can go to the next level as a brand by exerting efforts centered on brand globalization.

5. Spotify


This is the last global brand company which is going to be explained in this blog post. Spotify has been in the music streaming industry for several years now. Did you know that this is a successful global brand? Yes, it is! Why is this company successful? Well, it is apparent that Spotify is applying the so-called “freemium business model.” What is this model? Their basic services are all free and every subscriber is allowed to remain using the free version unless he or she wants to subscribe to Spotify’s premium account. With a premium account, there are no ads to pop out in every song to be streamed. So, the freemium account (free account) is filled with ads possibly in each song to be played.

With the given options, Spotify has gained momentum in the music streaming industry. A good choice for the creators of this streaming giant – Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. Their success has been attributed to their skills in understanding the needs and demands of the present generation when it comes to pleasing the audience. Of course, as more of us have been amazed by technological advancement, gone are the days when we depended on the old-style music playing. In the past, we would just listen to the radio or we would just play cassette tapes (CDs later on) for audio pieces (songs). At present, it is about streaming audio which is so convenient for all of us. Did you get the essence of why Spotify has been successful globally today?


You have to focus your strategy on global branding. This is an approach which can help your company and business succeed dramatically. To tap the global audience, you need a website and a mobile application. As well, you have to apply other related strategies such as search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing and digital branding. When you apply the mentioned techniques, your chances of winning the fierce competition will be high. Of course, you have invested your hard-earned money expecting you can get more in return.

Do not let your business be left behind. Attain your goals and objectives to ensure that your brand will be brought to the next level. Apply global branding strategies to reach more customers. Take note that your potential customers are limitless when your brand is available online. So, look for the right Internet marketing and branding company today!

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