There is a great deal of work for a small company owner to do that involves non cloud-based accounting software. In addition to managing day-to-day operations, you must also keep an eye on the company’s financial situation. This purpose is served by desktop accounting software.

To keep track of all of your business’s financial data in one location, desktop accounting software is a must-have. The market is flooded with choices, making it difficult to narrow down your alternatives to the best desktop accounting software. Some of the free non cloud-based accounting softwares are desktop accounting software without subscription such as wave accounting software. Non cloud-based accounting softwareIn this article, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest desktop accounting software for small companies to assist you. The options of non cloud-based accounting software we’ve chosen and the reasons behind choosing these non cloud-based accounting softwares which are desktop accounting software for small businesses will be discussed. 

What are the 10 best examples of non cloud-based accounting software that are free accounting software?

Let’s look at the 10 best examples of non cloud-based accounting software that are popular as desktop accounting software for small businesses. Some of them are desktop accounting software without subscription. 


FreshBooks is one of the most popular non cloud-based accounting software out there. This free non cloud-based accounting software provides vital accounting functions including Accounts Receivable and General Ledger. Although accounts payable as such are not a feature, there are workarounds. This offline accounting software has an estimate feature, a proposal feature, and an invoice feature to streamline the billing process.

FreshBooks being one of the best offline accounting softwares makes it easy to track time and expenses, assign them to the right invoice, and make edits as needed. Both Stripe and FreshBooks are available to users for invoicing and collecting payments. FreshBooks is a very efficient offline accounting software. 

More advanced plans may include such perks as automatic notifications and fees for being late. Moreover, these strategies may include a retainer component that bills hours worked over and above the original retainer fee. Expense management is a breeze with FreshBooks’ bank integration, which daily updates and neatly organizes your expenditure.

The trial balance and the financial statements provide useful information as well. As well as many entities, currencies, and languages, This free accounting software supports a wide range of different payment types. Additionally, FreshBooks is our top choice for one of the best offline accounting softwares because of its powerful project management features.

Zoho Books 

Zoho Books is a very useful and free non cloud-based accounting software. This is widely used as a very efficient desktop accounting software for small businesses. You can manage your finances, send out invoices, collaborate in real-time with an auditor, and more using Zoho’s online accounting software. Other Zoho applications include stock management, HR administration, and customer relationship management systems.Non cloud-based accounting softwareZoho Books was chosen as our best accounting software for automation because of its vast accounting capabilities and automation for bank feeds, categorizing, invoicing, and other operations. With its roughly 40 app connectors, it may also be used with the programs you already have installed. Setting up Zoho Books is straightforward and doesn’t call for any accounting knowledge or experience.

Sage Accounting

Sage Accounting is one of the most well-known free accounting software and is used as desktop accounting software for small businesses. General ledger, A/P, A/R, cash and order management, bank feeds, and purchasing are just some of the sophisticated fundamental accounting functions offered by this non cloud-based accounting software. Sage Intacct allows for the potential automation of a large number of tedious accounting tasks, including accounts payable and receivable. Sage’s rigid chart of accounts is a major drawback of the software.

Sage Intacct’s dashboard allows users to keep tabs on cash flow and provides access to the standard reports needed by most companies. All sorts of changes may be made to the report to make it fit your needs. An attractive feature of Sage Intacct is its ability to split data for analysis.


Xero is a non cloud-based accounting software and free accounting software that has comprehensive accounting functionality, including double-entry bookkeeping, a flexible chart of bills, accounts payable and receivable billing and invoicing, expense tracking, sales order, and project management.

Automatic reminders can be set up, and the templates for invoices can be changed. It is straightforward to convert quotations and predictions into invoices, and Xero can be programmed to automatically produce and create invoices as well as reminders. In addition, invoices may be saved as a draft that can later be modified.

Although both Harvest and the third-party software needed for time and mileage monitoring are available for affordable monthly fees, they need integration. Xero, like many of the other leading contenders, offers bank feeds & reconciliations. Xero also has built-in support for managing inventory, capital assets, and customer relations.

Agent at Large

FreeAgent is one of the best offline accounting software packages for small enterprises and freelancers in the United Kingdom. Accounting software like FreeAgent’s is notoriously complex and difficult to use, yet it has all the functionality a small company needs to keep its books in order.Non cloud-based accounting softwareIt is amazing accounting software for desktops that gives a broad variety of functions to its customers. Both small companies and accounting experts may benefit from using the program since it was designed with their needs in mind. It helps them save time by automating their accounting processes. It also helps them be more accurate when keeping track of transactions and when putting up financial reports.


For individuals who don’t require a lot of help, TaxSlayer makes filing a tax return straightforward because it’s an offline accounting software that is a desktop accounting software without subscription. If you know what kinds of income you need to report and what credits and deductions you qualify for, you may skip ahead to the relevant sections.

Users of TaxSlayer have the alternative of answering questions to have the computer direct them to the proper forms, or going right to the bits they need to fill out. Because of its customizable features, TaxSlayer is a good option for people who prefer to complete their taxes alone but would benefit from guidance in case of difficulties. Undoubtedly TaxSlayer belongs to the list of the best offline accounting software out in the market. 

Toll on Freedom

Liberty Tax has been a provider of tax services since 1997. The company now operates over 3,000 locations across the United States and Canada. Like H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt, it offers DIY tax preparation software that can be used online, with the added benefit of access to human tax advisors for more complex situations.

We checked out Liberty Tax Deluxe, which caters to those who want to itemize their deductions and who also have income from sources like a W-2, investments, and retirement funds. Liberty’s solution performed well in tests despite its unconventional navigational methods.


Both the web-based QuickBooks Online and the downloadable QuickBooks Desktop are capable accounting solutions. As a company owner, you will soon realize that QuickBooks is one of the most popular non cloud-based accounting software and desktop accounting software without subscription systems available.Non cloud-based accounting softwareThis non cloud-based accounting software allows you to easily keep track of all the money coming in and going out of your business. It’s straightforward in every way: in operation, comprehension, and organization. Any information stored in a spreadsheet may be easily imported, eliminating the need for in-depth knowledge of accounting procedures.


Wave accounting software is a very well-recognized non cloud-based accounting software. Given the expense of things like payroll and credit card processing, not all functions are free, and the ones that aren’t quite as feature-rich as those given by competing software. Wave accounting software nonetheless, is among the finest pieces of non cloud-based accounting software available in Canada.


The next application on our list of free non cloud-based accounting software which is offline accounting software is AccountEdge Pro. AccountEdge, a premium accounting application for Mac, provides the most comprehensive and user-friendly accounting solution for small companies throughout the globe. Whether you’re using a Mac or PC, AccountEdge Pro is a very effective and straightforward desktop accounting application.

It’s risk-free to try it out for 30 days. In order to concentrate on what they do best, company owners may use the Pro version of this non cloud-based accounting software to manage and record their financial data. Accounting, automated payroll, sales and transactions, contact management, inventory monitoring, online purchasing, time billing, and more are all part of its feature set.

Bottom line

When you want to keep track of all your business data systematically, you need to know about some desktop accounting software that are non cloud-based accounting software like wave accounting software. I hope you have got a clear picture of the 10 examples of non cloud-based accounting software by reading this article.

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