For the hardcore video game players, there is nothing scarier than their gaming system not running properly. When issues such as gaming consoles not turning on, disc drives not coming out, excessive boot time, etc. arise, the first thing on a gamer’s mind is where to find the best video game repair near me.

Typically, most issues of such nature are resolved by your nearest video game store, but for complex problems, visiting a specialized video game repair store would be a wise choice. Finding an answer to the question “where to find the most reliable video game repair near me?” is the solution to most of your video game concerns.

Services Offered At The Best Video Game Repair Near Me

Services Offered at the Best Video Game Repair Near Me

Centers that offer video game repair near me have experience with all kinds of gaming consoles, game discs, and the hardware of the gaming systems. Every video game repair shop has experienced technicians that can fix any video game console, be it Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo.

Game Systems Repair

Video game systems are very dear to those who play games regularly, which is why their system shutting down for no reason proves to be a nightmare. Video game repair services offered at the video game repair near me include screen replacement for Nintendo switch, battery replacement for Nintendo and Xbox controllers, applying heat sink, changing the rear panel of the system, changing hard drive and motherboard of the gaming system, replacing the fan and many others.

Video Game Console Repairs

After finding the answer to which is the best video game repair near me, you should also know what kinds of gaming console replacement services they offer. If your console suffers from hard drive replacement, has a faulty wifi antenna, broken analog stick of the controller, issues with the button flex board or requires a power supply setup, visit a nearby video game repair store. You would be surprised to know that a common video game console repair near me has so many services for your console.

Game Disc Repair

Apart from the video game console repairs, the video game repair shop near me also offers disc restoration services. If you have a scratched game disc for any of your consoles, and it looks useless now, bringing it to your nearest video game store or a good reviewed video game repair near me can restore it. If you have your favorite game stuck in a starched disc, the repair shops can help retrieve your data from that disc.

Different Methods Of Repairing A Scratched Video Game Disc

Different Methods of Repairing a Scratched Video Game Disc

It is a huge disappointment when you put your favorite game in the disc drive of your console and it doesn’t start the game. There can be plenty of reasons behind this, most of which originate from a dirty, scratch disc. Making your disc smooth and clean is not difficult and you can do it without having to go to a video game repair near me. Here are some methods that seem to work for people trying to clean their discs:

  • By The Use Of Toothpaste 

It may sound risky to put toothpaste on your expensive game disc but it sure works for making your disc free from scratches. For this method, put a small amount of toothpaste on your finger after making it wet. Then apply the toothpaste wherever you see scratches on your disc and rub in an outward fashion.

Rubbing the toothpaste on the disc for too long and in a circular motion makes things worse instead of fixing them, so be careful. After around one minute, wipe off the toothpaste and clean the disc with a wet cloth, your disc will start playing your game soon. Many people use this technique to avoid searching for a video game repair near me.

  • By Applying Petroleum Jelly 

A lot of people clean their discs with their shirts while playing the games, which is the biggest source of scratches on the discs. Storing the discs the wrong way is another contributor to untidy and scratchy discs and can have you end up at a video game repair near me.

For making your disc good as new, apply a small quantity of petroleum jelly on it and after spreading it thoroughly, let it rest for one minute. Rub the petroleum jelly in an outward motion to make the disc smooth and even. Put the disc back in the console after wiping the jelly completely with soft fiber.

  • By Using Alcohol 

Take a soft piece of cloth and put a few drops of rubbing alcohol on it, after cleaning the disc with a dry fiber, start wiping it with the alcohol cloth. Make sure to not rub the cloth on the disc too hard, as it can add more scratches to the disc. Rub until you notice a decrease in the scratches or they become lighter. At the end make the disc clean and dry, before putting it back in the console. If the game still doesn’t start, repeat this process.

  • By A Scratch Remover Machine 

For routine gamers, cleaning the disc is an essential everyday task, so they should consider buying a scratch remover for their discs. A disc scratch remover machine is a small and inexpensive gadget that proves extremely equally beneficial for the pc and console gamers. This machine is designed in such a way that you place the disc underneath the machine and it fixes all the scratches from the disc in no time. Having the disc scratch remover means fewer visits to video game repair near me.

If your disc is not working even after you tried all the above methods then you need to consider going to a game disc repair service near me or get a new game disc. The new game disc can cost a lot of money and this is why we recommend searching for decent “used video game stores near me”. Used games can save you a lot of money that you can invest in something else.

Tips For Maintaining The Health Of Your Gaming System

Just like your pets, you need to take proper care of your gaming consoles too because their functionality can be affected very easily by numerous factors. Luckily, the gaming specialists at a well-known video game repair near me have told us the ways to protect our gaming systems from damage.

Almost every gaming system consumer has owned a minimum of two consoles in his/her entire life, and sometimes even more than two. So it cannot be possible that they don’t know how to take care of their consoles. From the gaming experts and the technicians at the video game repair near me, we have gathered amazing tips for maintaining the health of your console. Here they are:

  • Place Your Consoles At Spots That Allow Better Cooling 

With excessive gaming use, your console is supposed to get hot and needs to cool down from time to time for its optimum functioning. Placing your gaming console at a place where the cooling can take place easily is necessary, otherwise, you might end up searching video game repair near me on the internet.

When you put your gaming console at a dingy and hot place such as near the heating vents, the fan of your best gaming system for families gets overworked and might need to be replaced. Proper placement and cooling mechanisms keep your console healthy and running.

  • Keep Your Console Free From Dust 

Those who love video games must know about the ultimate duo of cleaning and gaming. Gaming consoles are supposed to be cleaned every few days to keep the dust away from entering the ventilation system of the consoles and have you stop searching for a video game repair near me.

Always keep your console at a place where there is little or no dust, and always wipe the dust from your systems to make them clean. Cleaning and dusting your consoles prevent them from overheating and ventilation problems and you don’t have to find video game system repair near me anymore.

  • Clean The Disc Drive Of Your Console

One of the most important parts of your gaming console is the disc drive which is your magical portal to new and advanced games. Cleaning the disc drive of your console is as essential as cleaning the rest of the system. Popular gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox are not designed to be moisture friendly so avoid cleaning the drive with a wet cloth. Keep the cleaning of the console to the dry methods, whether it’s the surface of the console or the disc drive.

  • Keep Your Gaming System Up To Date

Most electronic systems work on some operating system that keeps updating from time to time in order to accommodate the software changes by the digital creators. The same goes for your gaming consoles, they have new updates every few months that are necessary to keep your system advanced and running.

Many people don’t bother with keeping their system updated and end up with a slow gaming system. This is why you should always keep your system updated to avoid it getting slower. There are even some options available for automatic updates, consider turning them on to save effort and time.

  • Protect Your Controllers From Food And Drinks 

A bad habit that many people have is that they eat their food while playing video games. Now we all know the biological hazards of eating with a screen but this practice is also highly unhealthy for your controllers. Always keep your food and drinks away from your gaming system, especially your gaming controllers to keep them running for a long time.

Using your controller while having your meal, makes it greasy and the lifetime of your controller decreases substantially if you keep doing it. Always put the drinks and water bottles far from your console to avoid accidentally spilling them on the system and ruining it.

  • Don’t Drop It And Put Heavy Things On Your Console 

Gaming consoles need to have a certain space in your room and you cannot put stuff like your bag or clothes on them. Putting stuff on your console not only stops the ventilation process but also puts extra load on the casing and damages it. Similarly, moving your console from place to place is also not wise because there are chances of it being dropped and getting broken. Free a clean, airy spot for your gaming console in your room, and let it be there until you get a new one.

Several Famous Gaming Console Problems That Gamers Seem To Ignore

toseveralFamous Gaming Console Problems Gamers Seem to Ignore

Ever since console gaming originated in the early 1970s, people have gone crazy over the ever upgrading gaming systems that come out every year. But there are some issues with the gaming consoles that gamers seem to ignore. Here they are:

  • You Cannot Keep A Console For Long 

With the new upgrades and better versions of the gaming consoles being introduced every few years, there is no point in keeping the same system for long. As soon as the new generation of the same console gets launched, the previous one loses its value and the games on that generation start getting outdated. For example, with the launch of the Playstation 5, a number of features and games of Playstation 4 have been downgraded, so that people can buy the new one.

  • Controllers Have A Very Short Lifetime

Different gaming consoles have their own controllers in terms of style and compatibility, and they are really expensive to buy. But the price is not the worst part, the worst part is that they have a short lifetime. You have to buy a controller every two years, or even sooner because the previous one just stops working after a certain time. One or two of their buttons get defected or the overall performance becomes poor, which forces the gamer to get a new one soon.

  • Using The Internet Is Difficult On The Consoles

No one can deny the privilege of net surfing PC gamers has with console gaming, using the internet is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time to even type out the things you want to search, let alone checking your emails or social accounts. Similarly, listening to music while playing your games is another long and hectic task if you are using a console, as their music integration system is extremely lousy.

  • Controllers Need Charging Or Batteries

The Playstation controllers need to be charged after every few hours for you to use them again the Xbox controllers use batteries, which is even worse. Charging to play a game and constantly spending money for buying the Xbox controller batteries are some expenses covered only by console gamers.

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