In the rapidly expanding world of influencer marketing, many brands are struggling with their choices among influencers. Creator Report estimates there are over 200 million creators on the Internet worldwide, presenting opportunities in every niche imaginable.

Finding the right influencer is undoubtedly a critical consideration in marketing success, but modern social media platforms provide one capacity that many marketers overlook. They make it possible to choose not just who to partner with but also where.

Geotargeting makes influencer marketing even more successful by making branded content more relevant to its targeted audience. Tailoring brand outreach to locality has a better chance of reaching the right people at the right time.

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Geotargeting Utilizes Local Influencers

Geotargeted marketing often does not strategizing going after the “biggest names in the business.” Instead, geotargeted influencer marketing enlists local influencers whose followers share close proximity with both the influencer and the brand. Local influencers communicate brand differentiators through a local lens.

Geotargeted influencer marketing can also be leveraged to support national brands with a local presence. Creators with local ties create a connection between their location and the national brand with local credibility and influence.

For instance, a Seattle weather personality could promote a national brand of raincoats. A Southern influencer could promote a national restaurant chain’s soul food dishes. A national chain of hair salons could partner with a local beauty contest winner.

Local influencers help advertisers reach customers who are dealing with uncertainties in their lives. Local influencers can create a refreshing change from one-size-fits-all marketing with their knowledge of and demonstrable care about local issues.

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Geotargeting Helps Influencers Come Across As Friends

A recent survey by Clear Channel and JCDecaux found that 81 percent of consumers say that trust is an important factor in making purchasing decisions, but only about one-third of consumers trust national brands. However, 61 percent of consumers trust recommendations from friends, family members, and neighbors.

Geotargeting helps marketers find micro-influencers who can assume the role of good neighbor. With geotargeting, influencers can present personal, genuine, humanized content that conveys brand messaging in their locations. There is no all-purpose approach to geotargeted influencer marketing, but there are some general rules that apply to every geotargeted influencer marketing campaign.

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Five Rules for a Successful Geotargeted Influencer Marketing Campaign

  • Use geotargeted tools to match the influencer’s audience to your intended sales audience.
  • Make sure there is an organic fit between the event influencer or local influencer and your brand.
  • Avoid rigid “sales-y” language. Be flexible with your content, emphasizing solidarity with the location you intend to reach.
  • Allow your influencer to share your products in a way that is consistent with their own brand.
  • Let genuine emotion shine through. Strive for authentic content.

Then you can drive sales with tools such as Facebook Shops and Instagram Swipe-Ups that allow in-app purchasing. Link from influencer posts to your ecommerce pages. Leverage influencer content to create highly targeted paid media, and offer time-limited pricing, discounts, and other incentives for your local audiences.

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