Proving true that Ramazan is a month of blessings, there is exciting news awaiting a response from the Gambian migrants who reside in countries other than their own to earn a living to send money to Gambia to their families back home for financial support.

ACE Money Transfer has once again launched another exciting campaign in close collaboration with Yonna Forex in the Gambia. This Ramazan, you can get a free 500ml cooking oil bottle on receiving remittances during the sacred month. All the Gambian migrants residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland, can help you get a free oil bottle simply by sending money with ACE Money Transfer to any Yonna Forex branch across the Gambia. The recipient will get the free oil bottle on receiving every remittance of 3000 Dalasi or more.

Continue reading to learn about the exciting campaign, how to participate and all the essential details paving the way for you to win these exciting Ramadan gifts.

An Insight Into The Exciting Campaign


This campaign is specifically designed for the beneficiaries of remittances in the Gambia, who receive money at any Yonna Forex branch that is sent to them from their loved ones living in foreign countries.

Participation in this campaign is simple as the Gambian diaspora will have to send money to any Yonna Forex branch in the Gambia through ACE Money Transfer. They will have to send a minimum of GMD 3,000/- or more in each transaction to let their beneficiaries get the free 500ml oil bottle during the campaign duration.

The Campaign Duration

This exciting campaign is starting on the 1st of Ramazan and will last till the 29th or 30th of the upcoming holy month.

The Gambian migrants will have to make transactions across the entire campaign duration. The more transactions they make, the higher number of bottles their beneficiaries will get.

Learn about the entire campaign and all the essential and associated details HERE:

The Impetus Behind Launching This Campaign

A singular reason cannot be cited as an impetus behind the launch of this campaign. There are several reasons, some of which are discussed below.

Rising Global Inflation

There is not a single person who is not affected by the rising global inflation. The poor segments worldwide and those hailing from countries like the Gambia, etc., are hardest hit by this back-breaking inflation.

Food prices in such countries are persistently rising, making it difficult for ordinary folk to provide for their families viably.

Therefore., in this context, this current campaign is launched to help the poorer segments to afford one of the basic food items – cooking oil, whose usage spikes during the holy month.

Rampant Poverty In The Gambia

Yonna Exchange

The incidence of poverty in the Gambia is high, with its level being deep and acute. Large swathes of the Gambian people have immense financial woes due to the unfriendly economic policies of the government. These policies only add to the financial suffering of the Gambian population.

Low Population Density

According to a report by USAID, the Gambia has a total population of just over 2 million people, of which about a 10th work abroad to earn a living.

Ideally, a low population density should spur economic growth and create several job opportunities. But given that the Gambia is a developing country with a teetering economy, this low population density has played an inverse role.

Owing to its low population, there is a dearth of job opportunities in the country.

Decreased Remittances

Another impact of a low population whose small percentage works abroad is a moderate flow of inward remittances in the country. In addition to these small numbers, the fact remains that most of these Gambian migrants lack proper education and skills and cannot find proper jobs abroad and rather end up finding work that is temporary and offers no hefty remuneration.

The first deputy governor of the Central Bank of the Gambia said that the Gambian diaspora sent in $712 million in inward remittances in 2022. These remittances play a critical part in the socioeconomic development of the country.

The Flailing Gambian Economy

  • The World Bank said that in 2021, the nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the Gambia was $2.04 billion.
  • Another report by the same institutions said that the GDP per capita income in the Gambia in the same year (2021) was $772.2 only.

These are some of the critically important reasons that served as a strong impetus behind launching this campaign.

Why Did ACE Money Transfer & Yonna Forex Join Hands For This Campaign?

Money Transfer

This is important for the Gambian migrants to understand.

Since both financial institutions, catering to the online money transfer needs of their respective customers, offer similar services to this effect, including but not limited to speed, 24/7 service availability, low fee, live currency exchange rates, etc., they have launched this joint venture.

A closer look at their services will unveil the fact that apart from offering exciting prizes and routing remittances through these, the remitters and recipients will be able to save more than they could expect otherwise.

So, start sending GMD 3,000/- or more during the campaign duration and help your family and loved ones in the Gambia win a 500ml oil bottle absolutely free!

ACE Money Transfer And Yonna Exchange – A Partnership Doling Out Exciting Prizes

There is nothing you are not doing already, nor are you required to do something new. Simply schedule your transfers according to the instructions in the link above and route your remittances through ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Exchange to enable your beneficiaries win a free 500ml oil bottle!

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