With online gambling more popular than ever, many people are familiarizing themselves with the industry. Many folks are signing up for iGaming websites at an increasing rate. The industry has generated billions of dollars in the USA alone, exponentially growing worldwide.

As technology develops, online gambling becomes more and more complex. Operators incorporate the latest trends in gaming, such as virtual reality, enhanced reality, and even artificial intelligence. For example, AI has had an immense impact on improving the safety of players and helping websites notify at-risk gamblers.

In this article, we would like to explore artificial intelligence’s impact on the iGaming industry and discuss how online gambling software developers incorporate the tool to help at-risk gamblers.

Gamblers at Risk

iGaming and AI

Artificial intelligence is a relatively new trend in the tech world. Already, the iGaming industry has found numerous uses for the technology. And, of course, online gambling is just one of several industries incorporating AI applications at a fast pace.

The video game industry uses AI to create better environments and interactions. The sports world has found new applications for AI, which help athletes train better or help commentators with plays. As the tech surrounding AI progresses, the trend will undoubtedly become omnipresent.

But how does iGaming use Artificial Intelligence? One of how artificial intelligence has impacted gambling is by introducing personalized content. How it works is simple. The AI analyzes a player’s search history on the website and creates a personalized ad campaign, introducing them to new games they will likely be interested in.

Artificial intelligence can also help gamblers predict future trends and help them bet using alternative funds. For example, by using AI to analyze the history of a given cryptocurrency, a gambler could predict its future volatility. Crypto betting is hugely popular, with many debating whether gambling is better using crypto or credit cards. It comes down to personal preference. However, AI is undoubtedly helpful when making decisions.

Of course, iGaming already has had a significant impact on responsible gambling. Websites like Playtech already incorporate AI tech like Betbuddy to help gamblers at risk. So, the question is, how are they doing this? Let’s find out.

Playtech and BetBuddy

Playtech is a company that develops gambling software for those who don’t know. They’ve created online poker rooms, bingo games, slots, roulette, and many other games involving online casinos. They’ve also significantly impacted the mobile gaming industry and the live dealer casino industry. Since 1999, the website has been innovating and discovering new ways to improve the online gambling industry.

Online Gambling

In 2017, Playtech acquired a then-new, groundbreaking technology in analytics. Betbuddy combines artificial intelligence with responsible gambling analytics to create the latest trend in the gambling field. The platform reviews the latest research in gambling behavioral patterns and identifies problems through machine learning.

It would already be impressive if it stopped there. However, Betbuddy can also develop solutions and proactively identify at-risk gamers. Thus far, Betbuddy has produced accurate analytics, which many at-risk gamblers have found incredibly helpful.

What is Responsible Gambling?

We’ve talked about how BetBuddy has helped Playtech boost responsible gambling. But, thus far, we’ve not mentioned what responsible gambling is. So, in this final section of the article, we would like to go over what responsible gambling entails.

Sometimes called “safe gambling,” the term refers to a set of social responsibilities that any gambling establishment has to adhere to. The goal of safer gambling is to ensure that operators are fair and safe and to raise awareness for gambling addiction and similar gambling problems. So, let us go over just a few aspects of responsible gambling and discuss their importance:

  •   Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction has been a problem for a casino for as long as casinos have existed. All gambling establishments have a moral duty to warn their guests about the dangers of gambling addiction and contribute to preventing the problem from emerging.

Online Gambling

  •   Underage Gambling

Online and land-based casinos have to prevent minors from using their business. The American Gambling Association has had several initiatives promoting underage gambling prevention.

  •   Privacy

Some may forget that digital and personal privacy also falls under safer gambling. Gambling establishments have to keep any information they demand from you safe.

Final Thoughts

Artificial Intelligence has contributed significantly to the world of gaming. A part of that is also the online gambling industry, which has reaped the benefits of technological advancement. Gambling operators use AI technology to make gambling safer and better for their fans, creating a better product overall.

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