One of the things that can be hard about running a small business is that you do not have a whole department devoted to each process or function. This means that the staff has to take care of everything themselves, from marketing and promotion to invoicing and financial forecasts.

There are some things that small business owners and operators can do to make it easier to sell their products or services and good photography is one area that is sometimes underestimated. There are a number of ways that organizations can benefit from photography, including:

Product Promotion

Product Promotion

The old adage ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ has never been truer than online. When people search for a product, they are much more likely to click on an image that looks like the product they were imagining. To get the most amount of uptake on your imagery, it’s a good idea to convert it from a JPG to a PDF, this will ensure it’s higher quality and easier to send via email.

Photographs of products are an important part of the sales journey and research shows that conversion rates are higher for products with strong images. Good product photos allow potential customers to fully inspect an item before they commit, giving them a sense of security that they have had a chance to thoroughly inspect it for the features they value.

Some small businesses find that a high-end catalog improves sales, whereas others use high-definition images on their websites to do their products justice. Being able to zoom in to see different areas or see the details of a particular aspect of your product could help a customer make their final decision to purchase.

Reducing Customer Queries

Customer Queries

Some products or services invite questions and if you are providing a tailor-made solution, you should expect to have a lot of inquiries from potential clients. However, you can make use of good photography to answer a lot of questions about what you offer.

When it comes to products, photographing them from every angle and including dimensions or showing them in context can help customers get a sense of scale, which is important when making a purchase decision. Showing examples of previous projects, before and after shots, or any informative imagery can really cut down on the number of questions people have about what you offer.

You can assess the potential for time-saving by evaluating the queries you get to see if they could have been answered with more informative imagery. Good product images can also help reduce the number of returns you get as customers are confident that they know exactly what they are getting when they buy from you.

Give Potential Customers A Treat

product image

Many small businesses find that giving a potential customer something for free helps them to make a purchase decision further down the line. There are plenty of options, depending on your industry, including

  • A white paper packed with relevant industry statistics
  • A brochure that showcases the results that they might achieve
  • A how-to list that helps solve a specific problem
  • A personalized quote that includes mock-ups of the client’s order

These are often available as multi-page PDFs that can be downloaded or sent via a link once the potential client has entered their email address. Offering this kind of freebie not only creates a sense of goodwill towards your business, but it also positions your organization as an expert in your field and promotes a degree of authority that helps customers feel confident in your expertise.

Wrapping Up

From individuals trying to get their own operations off the ground, to small businesses that want to grow and evolve, anyone can benefit from good imagery. Customers want to feel as though they have as much information as possible when making a purchase decision, either on their own behalf or that of their business.

Good images can make it much easier to understand a product or service, and therefore encourage potential customers or clients to complete the purchase process. Professional photography is a reassuring sign that a business knows how to deliver, so don’t underestimate the power of the picture you portray of your business.

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