When science fiction writers of the past dreamt of the future they thought of all kinds of different advancements. As technology has greatly advanced, some of these have come true and others are still lagging. One area that has advanced significantly is the automobile industry. Cars are evolving into something else entirely.

Just about every technology that has become a mainstay of society is in our new cars. These vehicles are robots and computers all their own. Whether you are excited by the advancements of technology or are afraid of them, there’s no way to go back. Below is how tech is improving the way we drive.



One technology that has already changed the way that we drive is GPS. GPS satellites have improved in accuracy and real-time traffic results. It’s been a while since GPS allowed just about anyone to find directions on phones and other devices, but the technology continues to get better. With 5G internet, GPS is getting faster. You can find how to get anywhere in the fastest, most productive way possible. One of the most significant ways that GPS is improving the way we drive is by working in tandem with other technologies.

Image Capture

Another technology that is used with GPS is image capture. Image capture is when a car puts cameras on the car to keep track of the position of other drivers. With GPS traffic analysis and the speed of 5G internet, cars have accurate positioning of other vehicles. When car manufacturers combine these technologies with autopilot automation, they can create self-driving cars.


automated car

While Tesla was the first to really lean into autopilot and automation in their vehicles, they won’t be the last. The computer in these cars uses GPS and image capture to smoothly drive itself. These vehicles can safely change lanes. They can stay within the lanes. They keep speed and use regenerative braking. Cars are being automated like robotic arms zipping back and forth on the floor of a production warehouse. The technology is already here, but as time goes on automated vehicles will become more and more common.

Electrically Powered

Technology has also changed the way we drive by enabling electric vehicles. With lithium-ion batteries, there is no need for gas to power a car. There are plenty of options on the market for an electrically powered or hybrid vehicle, and the options for charging continue to grow. A lot of people charge their cars at home and never have to worry about running out of power if they are simply commuting and driving around town. With Tesla charging stations popping up on highways and in shopping centers around the country, the ability to charge these vehicles longer distances is upon us. The cars and the charging stations are becoming more widely available day-by-day.

Augmented Reality (AR) Safety Tests

Technology is also improving carmakers’ ability to make safer cars. Augmented reality (AR) is being used to make safer vehicles with remote driver technology. Companies like Volvo are using AR to test drive their cars without a driver inside them. This allows them to test the capabilities more without putting anyone in danger. They can push the limits of their vehicles and conduct more engineering to develop less dangerous automobiles.

Less Traffic


Between self-driving automation, GPS, image capture technology, and the ability to analyze traffic with artificial intelligence (AI) units, there soon will be a day where traffic is a thing of the past. AI will design better roads, provide more efficient routes, and eliminate the human element from traffic entirely. Soon we won’t be driving, and we won’t have to worry about traffic. The roads will be optimized. This is sooner than you might think.

End Note

Technology is changing our lives in so many ways, but if you want to see measurable progress look no further than the automobile industry. Some of the most recent advancements in tech are found in cars. Whether it’s automation, electric powering, GPS, image capture, AR, or traffic optimization, the way we drive has been changed forever by technology and will continue to change into the future. It’s an exciting world we live in that is augmenting cars and enabling them to transcend their previous form.

Ryan Beitler is a writer and journalist who frequently covers technology.

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