Technology start-ups have to stand out from already existing tech giants. Their owners must market their brands, products, and services to attract consumers and grow sales.

As a start-up founder, increasing your business’s visibility develops and strengthens its online image. Also, a strong online presence makes it easier for potential and existing customers to find your company.

Therefore, this article discusses the various online solutions to improve a technology start-up’s presence. Let’s begin.

Seven Online Solutions To Boost Technology Start-Ups Presence

Seven online solutions to boost technology start-ups presence

The following are effective online solutions for boosting a technology company’s presence as a start-up:

1. Use Pitch Deck Templates

Use pitch deck templates

A pitch deck is also known as a slide or start-up deck. It is a brief but detailed presentation that provides potential investors or customers an overview of a business, including its plan, products, services, and growing power.

As a start-up tech business, you need all the financial help you can get, and this financing, more often than not, comes from external sources. Due to this, you need to communicate your ideas in a manner that gets potential investors enthusiastic about investing.

Pitches are a great way of explaining what a business is to secure funding from investors. Knowing how essential this is, pitches and presentations must be as perfect as possible.  The Pitch presentation software can help with this.

It is an uncompromisingly excellent tool that combines productivity and design to help you create beautifully designed decks in minutes. You can build decks from scratch or use Pitch’s deck templates.

Pitch deck templates allow you to confidently present your business, product, or service effortlessly to investors, customers, or partners. Also, using these templates ensures you start working on your presentation design immediately.

2. Share Flyers

Flyers may seem ‘old-fashioned,’ but that doesn’t make them less effective. On the contrary, thanks to technology, you can design even more efficient flyers to increase your business presence, both online and physically.

Using flyers is a versatile, effective, and affordable method of increasing visibility. Organizations have used pamphlets to market and promote their products and services for several years. They are quite persuasive if you get them right.

Flyers help get information to your target market, and when posted on social media pages or websites, it reaches a wider audience. So, you can use it alongside a digital marketing campaign.

The main elements an effective flyer should contain include:

  • Essential details about the business and services
  • Content in line with the personality of the target audience
  • Colors that are closely related to your brand
  • A catchy title or headline
  • A call to action

3. Optimize Your Website For SEO

Optimize your website for SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO involves improving a website to increase visibility when people search for a business product or service. It includes increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic from search engines.

When you optimize your website to enhance SEO ranking, your presence on major search engines like Google and Bing increases, making your site more discoverable. Also, having good SEO gives you more opportunities to convert leads to customers.

The following are tips on optimizing a website for SEO:

  • Produce value-rich and helpful content
  • Make the website adaptive for any device especially mobile phones
  • Speed up pages
  • Have great UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) designs
  • Create simple site navigation
  • Develop landing pages

Additionally, analyze your website’s data to detect patterns that might increase the bounce rate. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

Lastly, conduct thorough keyword research to determine what will fit with your prospective customers’ intent. A customer or user intent refers to the thoughts that direct their decisions or actions toward making a particular purchase. That is, it causes people to look for your business.

4. Build An Email List

Email lists help businesses connect with their customers while also making it easier to increase their visibility. With it, you can engage with current and potential clients daily, weekly, or monthly.

An email list is an inventory of email addresses gathered from customers and visitors to your website. People who want information on discounts, product updates, newsletters, etc., subscribe to electronic mails.

You build an email list by getting more people to sign up. Ultimately, email marketing effectively helps more people know about your technology start-up.

These are some of the best practices to follow when creating or building an email list:

  • Have call-to-action buttons on every landing page encouraging people to subscribe
  • Post about your email newsletters on social media pages
  • Include images that pop up on landing pages
  • Describe what visitors will get by subscribing to your email
  • Use email marketing software like HubSpot and Mailchimp to build the list
  • Create loyalty and referral programs
  • Offer discounts and deals

5. Have A Solid Social Media Presence

As a start-up, one of the first steps you should take is opening social media accounts. This is because social media for business is no longer optional. It is a great way to build your online presence, reach customers, attract new ones, gain insights, and grow your brand.

More than 53% of the world’s population is on social media, meaning that social platforms give you access to more than half of the people in the world. So, your business must have an online presence.

Also, being active on social media promotes transparency and builds clients’ trust. Use the platforms where your primary target audience is quite active. Research peak periods when they are mostly online and post within those times.

Hootsuite is a social media marketing tool that ensures you release valuable content consistently to boost your online presence and followers. Also, with this software, you can schedule your content and review posts across all your social networks with a few clicks here and there. This will then lead to an increase in your following.

6. Incorporate Online Advertising

A technology company can build its presence through online advertising. Online advertising uses the internet to obtain website traffic, target, and deliver marketing messages to the proper customers.

When you place online ads on sites like Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc., you can significantly increase brand awareness, website traffic, and revenue. In addition, you can advertise in multiple formats, including text, video, and image.

Online advertising also targets users by their age, interests, behaviors, location, etc. Examples of online advertisements are banner ads, promotions on search engine results pages, social networking ads, pop-ups on sites, etc.

This advertising method is practical and affordable, and when done right, it produces significant results.

7. Adopt Influencer Marketing

Influencers are those individuals that can have the power to affect the purchasing decisions of other people due to their knowledge, authority, position, or relationship with the audience. Also, an influencer is someone people trust, and their opinions and endorsements carry a considerable amount of power.

Influencer marketing is a form of online promotion that combines old and new marketing tools and techniques. It involves a brand collaborating with a person (influencer) to market its products and services.

It could also simply be to improve brand recognition and awareness. Finally, the large following of influencers on social media and the web, in general, makes teaming up with them a guaranteed way to enhance a start-up’s presence.

Advantages Of A Strong Online Presence

The following are the benefits of having an excellent online presence:

1. Access To A Larger Audience

When a business has a solid online presence, it gets access to a broader range of its target customers. This, in turn, creates increased awareness for your product and services and brings more clients. Additionally, you will also attract top talents to your organization.

2. Accessibility

It is crucial for your customers, investors, and partners to know they can reach you without hassles. Since many businesses do not use phone books anymore, it can be exasperating for customers to find them without an online presence.

Potential clients will contact you and efficiently perform business transactions. In other words, with a strong online presence, you become more accessible.

3. Creates Trust

One of the significant factors for building long-lasting relationships with customers is trust. When an organization has an excellent online presence, customers will relate to them better.

Before a customer commits to your service, they conduct a quick search online to determine if your brand is legitimate. If there’s no information about your business online, they may be tempted to end the business relationship.

4. Competitive Advantage

There’s always tough competition between two companies that produce the same services. Without the right strategy, you may not survive as a start-up. But, you can have an edge over your competitors by having an exceptional online presence.


Having an outstanding online existence is essential for any business for various reasons. This article provided you with the top online solutions guaranteed to boost a technology start-up’s presence.

These solutions are affordable, effective, and rewarding. So, use Pitch deck templates, share flyers, optimize your website for SEO, and build an email list. Finally, have a solid social media presence, use online advertising, and adopt influencer marketing.

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