Law firms are everywhere in the United States. You can throw a stone and hit three of them in some parts of the country. There are almost 450,000 law firms practicing law nationwide as of 2022.

The number of firms you’re competing against will seem daunting, but you have the right ideas and resources to set your firm apart. A crucial part of getting more clients for your law firm is learning how to build a law firm website that displays the best aspects of your firm and team.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect resource to create law firm website pages that encourage a great user experience for your potential clients. Keep reading to learn more today!

Emphasize Branding

IT services for law firms

Your branding is a massive part of marketing your law firm’s services and differentiating it from the other law firms in your area. Overloading your website with content seems like the proper route, but you must maintain focus on building your brand when building a mobile-friendly website for your law firm.

The content you provide needs to be top-notch, but the aesthetic of your legal website is of equal importance. Your law firm website is your chance to tout the expertise and skills of your legal team. Make sure you combine the exploits of your law firm with a great appearance.

Focus on featuring your law firm’s logo on your website as much as possible. Incorporating your brand’s colors into the web design is also great. These elements provide a touch of class and elegance to your firm’s website, and it comforts your potential clients since they’ll feel assured that they’re working with the best M&a lawyer.

Prioritize User Experience

The user experience is an essential aspect to consider when you’re using your web design tools. Anyone looking for a lawyer will need more patience for a website with long loading times. Easy navigation is another thing to consider when building the perfect website for your law firm.

Make it easy for your target audience to browse your site and find the information they seek. A confusing website will turn potential clients away, resulting in lost business for your legal staff. Focus on learning how to build a law firm website that is clear and concise for the best results.

Share Your Achievements

Boasting is looked down upon, but you deserve to shout your achievements from the legal mountaintop when you’re building a website for your law firm. Feel free to share the things that set you apart from the law firms you compete against. Law firms that focus on the same area of expertise will steal your clients if you downplay the success and achievements of your lawyers.

Sharing exploits like going paperless and using LED lights might seem irrelevant, but many people want to work with businesses and law firms that show their care for the environment and community.

You should also create pages that are dedicated to highlighting your achievements within the legal field. You’ll build more credibility when you speak with pride about the cases that your firm has won. Your clients will be more likely to trust your law firm over the competition.

Create a Blog Page

IT services for law firms

An essential part of any law firm website is the blog section. Ensure that you create a blog within your law firm website pages, as this allows you to share useful information with your target audience while boosting your SEO. Having strong SEO is a guaranteed way to generate organic traffic and increase the number of clients that want your help.

A law firm that focuses on personal injury cases should want to appear at the top of the list for people searching for personal injury attorneys near them. Create blog posts that feature keywords designed to bring more traffic to your site.

The content should also be engaging, as this will increase the amount of time that your target audience spends on your website. Avoid stuffing the content with keywords since that will have the opposite effect on your SEO efforts.

Share Your Successes

The best way to gain more clients through your law firm’s website is to share news of your successes. People want to hear about the cases that you’ve won. They’ll feel confident that you have the skills and experience necessary to help them win their cases.

Post any positive testimonials to your law firm’s website pages, making them easy for your potential clients to find. Your target audience is more likely to hire your law firm if they see displays of past success with cases similar to theirs.

Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

The days of accessing websites solely through computers are over. Many of your potential clients will search for an attorney near them through their smartphone or tablet rather than a computer. It’s imperative that your law firm website is accessible and smooth on any device that your target audience uses.

You will lose customers if your website is optimized for computers only. Customers would rather work with law firms that ensure their website is compatible with multiple device types.

Build a Fast Website

Build a Fast Website for Law Firm

Building a fast website that is within your web design budget is another vital tenet to stick to. A slow website loading speed is frustrating in a world filled with instant gratification. Websites that are responsive and smoothly display professionalism that will make fostering trust with potential clients an easier task.

Now You’re Ready to Build a Law Firm Website

Learning how to build a law firm website is essential if you want to start a law firm that takes over your local market and gains new clients. Build a website with fast loading speeds and an easy-to-use interface on mobile devices. You should also create a blog within your law firm website pages to boost your SEO and rise to the top of the local search rankings.

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