Healthcare is a lucrative sector to entrepreneurs for its rapidly growing entity, but only creating a good health tech business plan brings success here. Health tech is the most funded industry, worth a $220.6 billion market value. And this is expected to be $551.09 billion by 2027.

It seems easy to succeed in the healthcare industry, but unfortunately, it’s not. Legal strictness, high standards, and a complex market make it difficult for startups to stand out. But don’t worry. We can suggest a solution. That is creating a proper health tech business plan.

If you’re wondering how to create one, you don’t need to ponder. This article lets you know all about the health tech business plan. After reading this article, you’ll be confident about creating digital health business models, samples, and templates.

Defining Health Tech and Business PlanĀ 

Before learning about the health tech business plan and models, we need to understand what health tech and business plan is.

Healthtech: Healthcare technology refers to using technologies to improve all aspects of the healthcare system. Various IT tools, devices, and software are now giving new insights into medicines and treatments and heightening hospital and organizational productivity.Ā 

Business Plan and Model: A business plan is a document that describes a company’s core objectives and its plan to achieve these. Business plans include all the information about the company’s goals, operations, marketing strategies, and financial planning.Ā 

Similarly, a business model is a strategy to run a business profitably. For instance, a healthcare startup business model guides a company to potential sales and growth.Ā 

Creating Digital Health Business ModelsĀ 

health tech business planThere is no such steady method of creating business models. Different professionals create business models in different ways. To design a digital health business, follow the following steps below.

Define The ProblemĀ 

Most business model plans start with identifying a problem in a particular industry. To create a health tech business plan or model, you must specify a problem or need in the medical industry. So, you must first define the problem and determine how to solve it.Ā 

For instance, patients have to wait for a long time for clinicians’ appointments. To solve this, you can develop an app that lets the users know about the wait time. And collect some primary medical data to reduce the time during appointments.

Identify The Target AudienceĀ 

Your sustainable healthcare startup business model must include demographic data about your target audience. Before developing digital health business models, you must gather information about the customers’ age, gender, purchasing intent, and more. You must determine the target market and efficient ways to connect with the audience.Ā 

Understand Your OfferingsĀ 

In developing digital health business models, consider what you can offer. Considering the problem, need and target audience, determine what product or service you are interested in selling. For example, if you’re interested in hospital management, at this stage, you have to decide whether you sell AI data managing software or a medical device.

Generate a Medical Internet Marketing Business PlanĀ 

Unlike other industries, the medical sector is a sensitive and conservative one. To succeed with a health tech business plan, you must generate an excellent medical internet marketing business plan.

In this case, digital marketing strategies would be the best measure for marketing in the health tech business. For this, you can make a presence on social media, create websites, and make other medical internet marketing business plans.

Find Key PartnersĀ 

All businesses have to develop some critical relationships with their related business. For instance, if you’re willing to create a medical app that tracks fitness, you must connect with professional software developers, digital marketers, healthcare business plan writers, and others. So, you have to identify your critical partners at this stage.

Set Monetization SolutionsĀ 

In this phase of creating a healthcare startup business model, you have to find out how you make money. For this, you have to select a money-making strategy according to your product and audience type. This monetization solution includes ways to reach clients and drive sales.Ā 

Test Your ModelĀ 

When you finish creating your healthcare startup business model, you must perform test surveys and soft launches. Knowing how people would feel paying the prices for your services would give you insights about your business plan. For example, you can plan for a pre-launch program or release MVP products for your new medical app or device.

Health Tech Startup Business Plan Sample

As mentioned previously; health tech has a wide variety of scopes in the medical sector. You can try a lot of business ideas in this health tech industry. Different facets of health tech that can help you to generate a health tech startup business plan are given tech business plan

  • AI technology analyzes patient data and predicts health conditions.
  • Cloud computing promotes the interoperability of medical data.
  • Machine learning and AI technology speed up drug development and patient-trial.
  • Medical devices facilitate error-free diagnosis and treatments.
  • Telemedicine, telehealth, and several apps enable tracking fitness, sleep, nutrition, and mental health.

As a health tech startup business plan sample, a business plan for medical devices is discussed in the following. The template can help create any health tech business plan. For practical instance, we designed a brief medical software business plan according to the template in the other section.

Medical Device Business Plan TemplateĀ 

Business plans are generally identical for each business, even in the same industry. But the basic things are mostly the same. So, a general health tech business plan template can be generated. You can create your health tech business plan following the template here.

Medical devices are one of the emerging sectors in the health tech industry. We present here a medical device business plan template in the following. Let’s start with the essential structure most healthcare business plan writers follow. The fundamental design incorporates- an executive summary, company description, market analysis, product or service description, marketing strategy, financial projections, and appendix.

Executive Summary

This section illuminates the company’s mission statement, functions, employees, administration, and location. As it’s going to be a medical device business plan template, state the following in your executive summary.

  • Short Description of the medical device industry.
  • The type of medical device you’re interested in marketing.
  • Overview of your direct competitors and target customers.
  • Key members of your team.
  • Summary of your financial projection.

Company DescriptionĀ 

This section provides information about your company and what problems and needs it meets. To create a health tech business plan on medical devices, you must illustrate the clients, organizations, and businesses you want to serve.

Products and ServicesĀ 

In this part of your health tech business plan, you mention detailed information about your products and services. In this section, you may include the following –

  • Pricing of the medical device.
  • The lifespan of the devices.
  • Benefits that medical devices provide the customers.
  • Production and manufacturing processes of the devices.
  • Any patent data about the medical devicesĀ 

Market Analysis

Every business goes through its very early stage of market analysis. Like others, health tech business plans also need market analysis to complete. Market analysis to develop a medical device business plan template may include the following things.

  • Identify the competitors and the target audience.
  • Determine the key suppliers and trends affecting the medical device industry.
  • Point out the pricing and customer base of your competitors.
  • Pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors in the medical device industry.
  • Evaluate and analyze other tech startup business plan samples.

Marketing Strategy

This section of a health tech business plan encompasses attracting and retaining customers. Planning for a clear distribution channel, advertising, and marketing campaign is the best way of singling out a marketing strategy. In a medical device business plan, you must include the four P’s according to marketing principles. Which are:

  • Price: Set a competitive price for your product. Consider the purchasing intent of your target customers.
  • Product: Design your product in such a way that fills out the weak points of your competitors.
  • Place: Make the products available in the locations where their demand is higher.
  • Promotion: To drive and retain potential customers, take medical internet marketing business plans.

Financial Planning

This part of a health tech business plan is one of the most crucial one. It incorporates the company’s financial planning and projections. The funding source, income statement, balance sheet, etc., are included here. To get a more detailed and precise economic forecast, take help from a professional healthcare business plan writer.


This part contains additional documents like financial projections, a list of medical devices in your inventory, and more. You can also attach your competitors’ health tech startup business plan samples for reference here.

Medical Software Business PlanĀ 

health tech business planAs you read the article, you know how a health tech business plan is written. In the previous section, we illustrated a medical device business plan template. Applying the same template, you can design a medical software business plan also. Let’s briefly illuminate a medical software business plan.

  • First, you must write an executive summary, including information about the medical software industry, your company’s mission, and other essential things.
  • Secondly, mention the company description, its services, and its products.
  • Thirdly, detailed state information about your products, their lifespan, pricing, manufacturing process, etc.
  • Fourthly, analyze the market, identify the competitors and target audience, and learn about them.
  • Fifthly, set up a marketing strategy to reach the customers, drive sales, and retain the clients.
  • Sixthly, plan the financial aspects, funding, and other things in detail.
  • Finally, add essential and additional documents in the appendix.

This is an elementary outline of a medical software business plan. For a more detailed and precise business plan, you can take help from professional healthcare business plan writers.

Bottom Line

It takes careful planning, market research, and promotion to launch a startup in the healthcare industry. But above all, you need to develop a functional product that responds to a genuine market need. And hopefully, this article on health tech business plans helped you to feel sure about the health tech industry and how business plans flourish in the sector.

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