When you have a research project, how to find scholarly articles on Google, whether for college, work or school means finding the best resources, and Google Scholar is the perfect tool for finding journal articles free of charge. 

What’s the difference between ordinary articles and scholarly articles? Scholarly articles are written by some or other expert in the field, quite possibly by a researcher, and are usually written for professionals in a given field. The ordinary articles, on the other hand, are written keeping the general audience in mind and are mostly free of technical jargon and are relatively striagtforward to understand.

How to find scholarly articles on Google is made simple with the provision of Google Scholar. 

How to find scholarly articles on google – Scholarly articles sometimes go through peer research

The whole idea behind these scholarly articles is for the one expert to share the results of their research with other researchers. How to find scholarly articles on Google like these can be pretty helpful as they are free of charge. 

Another thing that sets them aside from regular articles is that they often go through a peer review. This is where the article is reviewed by a group of experts in a particular field.

How to find scholarly articles on google How to find scholarly articles on google? You can be sure to find what you are looking for through Google Scholar. Google Scholar was established fairly recently in 2004. It is a huge database of scholarly literature. Users can cross-reference the information with other sources and also keep up with new research. 

How to find scholarly articles on google – Anyone can assess Google Scholar

Researchers and students can access academic books, journals, conference papers, preprints, theses, abstracts, and technical reports. It is not only for researchers and students, and anyone can access the search database. 


it is also not just for searching for scholarly articles as there are other things you can do too. You can save articles to your library, you can create alerts, you can check out the reference section, and you can export an article’s full citation. 

How to Find Scholarly Articles on Google

As mentioned, Google Scholar is free to use as a search tool, but because it takes information from other databases, it is quite likely that some of the results you get will require a login and possibly a payment. 

The thing is, how to find scholarly articles on Google needs to be established and also how to distinguish between scholarly sources and non-scholarly sources. You can make use of Google Scholar to find scholarly articles on Google. It provides you with a simple way to search for the scholarly literature you need.

How to find scholarly articles on Google? Searchers making use of Google Scholar will find that it is comprehensive and free to use, proving to be a great tool for anyone searching for scholarly articles. 

It is constantly changing and expanding too. It provides citation counts and publishers’ content not available in controlled databases. People who use it say that one disappointment is the fact that Google Scholar does not support data downloads and it is, therefore, difficult to use as a sole bibliometric source.

Search for any scholarly topic

How to find scholarly articles on Google is understanding that it is possible by using an academic offshoot of Google – Google Scholar. It enables web users to search for scholarly literature on any scholarly topic. 

How to find scholarly articles on Google then requires you to enter your search keywords, and the search engine will turn up links for the searcher to find academic papers, books, and other resources. You will find that in some cases, the publication’s full text is available, but in others, Google Scholar will find another version that can be accessed through your local college or university library.

Now, what about Google Scholar Citations? Let’s find out in the following section.

Google Scholar Citations 

Talking about Google Scholar Citations, with Google scholar citations, authors can set up a profile page where their publications can be listed. Authors can choose to have their list of publications updated automatically or it is the author themselves who can update. 

Google Scholar CitationsWith Google Scholar citations you can set up a Google Scholar Citations profile so that you can check who has cited your publications, find your publications, and also keep track of citations to your publications. Now that we have learned about Google Scholar Citations, let us find out How to use Google Scholar. 

How to use Google Scholar

How to use Google Scholar? It is important to know how to use Google Scholar because you do not want to go searching all that indexed information on the web. Rather, Google Scholar searches just scholarly websites. It is free to search in Google Scholar, but a lot of the content is not freely available. 

Google does, however, try to find copies of restricted articles in public repositories. You can also set up a library connection to highlight those items available through your institution’s subscriptions.

When you find out how to use Google Scholar, you will discover that Google Scholar limits searches to a max of 1 000 results. This is a lot to explore and you need to find a good way to locate the relevant articles. 

It can help to know that Google Scholar searches are not case-sensitive. You also need to use just keywords instead of full sentences. How to use Google Scholar will also require you to add the year to the search phrase if you particularly want to get articles published in a particular year. 

Google Scholar Login

Talking about Google Scholar login, as suggested, Google Scholar is free to use by means of your mobile device or desktop. To access Google Scholar’s services and features, you will want to know about Google Scholar login. 

You can only consider a Google Scholar login if you have already signed in for an account. Once you open your Scholar account, the Google Scholar login page will come up and you will need to click onto the username or password field. Once you have clicked on your saved login you will be logged in automatically.

In the following section, let us discuss ‘My Google Scholar’.

My Google Scholar

Talking about My Google Scholar, if you want to display your papers easily with Google Scholar citations, it will be a good idea to look at My Google Scholar so that you can share your publications and also discover new citations to your work. It is a case of logging onto the website scholar.google.com and then clicking on ‘My Profile’ at the top of the page to get your account set up. 

Google ScholarOnce you have filled in your My Google Scholar details, Google Scholar will confirm your account. Then you just click ‘Next’ and your basic My Google Profile is set and done. Then it will be time to add some publications to it. 

Google Scholar research

We talked about My Google Scholar in the previous section. Now, let’s talk about Google Scholar research. Google Scholar is a search engine – an excellent resource for finding articles and then adding them to Google Scholar’s library. Google Scholar Research is for any people such as academics wanting to do research. 

As suggested, you will need a Google account. It is good to bear in mind that Google Scholar ranks documents according to the number of times an article is viewed or downloaded within a year. 

How to find scholarly articles on Google that are excellent for the purpose? Google Scholar research opportunities are excellent as Scholar promotes itself as an aid and resource that delivers great research-finding opportunities. It searches across numerous disciplines and covers many resources such as theses, books, and journal articles.

It allows researchers easy access to scholarly literature by searching for keywords related to a specific topic. How to find scholarly articles on Google simply and easily? Google Scholar research aims to simplify a researcher’s search, providing availability to online libraries. Unlike many academic databases, with Google Scholar research a researcher can expand how they use the database for designing and conducting research. 

The next question we will try to answer in the following section is if Google Scholar download is possible. 

Google Scholar download

How to find scholarly articles on Google? Is Google Scholar download possible? Thankfully, scholarly articles are available online and can be downloaded free of charge. You will find that Google Scholar mainly has material in medical-, scientific- and technical disciplines. This is because of their partnerships with the likes of PubMed and others. There are plenty of resources for students to find articles online, and of course, Google Scholar is the best way to dit it. 

How to find scholarly articles on Google free of charge? Many students or researchers find it irritating looking on the Internet for articles that they can download free of charge. How to find scholarly articles on Google? Google Scholar offers a wide variety of research articles, and many of these are free. 

All it requires is for you to go to Google Scholar. You can then type in a keyword search such as ‘2020 pandemic’ in the search bar. Once the results come in, click on the link for your article of preference. 

Once you have found a free article, you can download it and save it. With a Google Scholar download, you will notice that the free articles on Google Scholar have a PDF text link next to the article’s title. 

With this, we conclude this article and hope that you now have all the information you needed on how to find scholarly articles on Google.

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