Did you know that the average cost to hire a new employee is $4,129? If you are in the process of hiring employees and want to make sure you spend a few thousand wisely, you are in the right place. We have put together this short guide to share our top tips on how to hire employees.

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1. Create a Detailed Description

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Before you begin interviewing, you need to let people know you’re hiring. Take the time to write a description of what the position entails. Do not rush through this step because you want to make sure your job posting is effective in attracting the top candidates to fulfill the position.

Make sure you include an introduction, the job description, and the qualifications you prefer. Once you write up your first draft, show it to relevant managers in the company to give you their feedback. They might have more ideas on setting up better expectations for the position.

2. Ensure That the Paperwork Is Ready

When you hire an employee, you will not only go through an interview and let them know they’re hired. You will need to also think about the administration aspect of bringing on a new person. Things such as direct deposit forms, tax documents, non-compete clauses, etc. all have to be in order before hiring a new employee.

Using the best HR software will help make this step easier. One major recommendation we have when it comes to paperwork is to consider using an e-signature service. This will avoid the headache of dealing with piles of papers and folders.

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3. Review the Applications

As people begin to apply, you will need to start going through each application to choose who you will interview. Take the time to evaluate each resume to ensure that the basic qualifications are met. Once you have a pile of resumes of applicants that meet the qualifications, then you can rank those based on either their cover letters or past experience.

4. Conduct Interviews

After reviewing resumes and setting up interviews, it’s time to sit down with each candidate one on one. Take the time to listen to them and ask them questions that will help you gauge if they not only can get the job done but also fit with the culture in your place of business.

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Think about how the candidate can elevate the role and if they have a future with the company. Once you narrow it down to the best candidate to fill the position, you can call them and make an offer. Don’t forget to also reach out to the candidates that didn’t make it and thank them for their time and maybe a brief explanation of why you decided to move forward with another candidate.

Now You Know How to Hire Employees Wisely

Now that you have our top tips on how to hire employees, you can make informed decisions in order to find the best employees to fit the positions you need in your company. The last thing you want to do is waste around $4,000 for the wrong person for the position and find yourself interviewing new candidates.

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