Christmas is fast approaching. For retailers, this presents a pivotal opportunity to ramp up sales numbers before the year is out. There’s a reason why the period between October and December is known as the “golden quarter” for the retail industry.

This is also applicable to those selling on Amazon. With so many consumers turning to the online platform for their Christmas gifts and goodies, there’s the prospect for Amazon sellers to exponentially boost their profits.

At least, that’s if they know how to make the most of the situation.

Strategies to Increase Amazon Sales

Are you an Amazon seller that’s wondering how to best gear up for the holidays? This guide will cover some key tips on how to increase Amazon sales for Christmas and beyond.

Amazon Sales

Use a specialist marketing agency

If you’re a serious Amazon seller and have the budget to do so, it makes sense to work with a marketing agency. The right agency possesses the skills and expertise to maximize the visibility and sales potential of your products.

As Nuanced Media (an Amazon marketing agency) notes, a holistic approach is beneficial to make the most of selling on the platform. The issue is that when running a company, focusing so much energy on marketing on your own is often impossible.

With an agency supporting this part of your Amazon business, there’s no need to worry. Keyword research, product listing optimization, advertising, the request for reviews from past customers – all of these points (and more) can receive the proper attention they demand.

Amazon Sales Increased

Hit the right price point

Pricing is always important with your products. You know that already. However, it is especially vital during the Christmas season. There are more potential customers around, yes, but they’ll be buying multiple products. This means they are on the lookout for any special deals to ensure their budget stretches further.

Enticing customers with low prices may seem easy enough. Yet you cannot go too low. Do this, and despite racking up extra sales, you’re putting your business at risk of making next to no profit. Due to this, you have to be intelligent with your pricing strategy.

One way is to set up pricing alerts for the same – or similar – products that are being sold by the competition. Why? Because you want to at least match these prices or, ideally, undercut them when possible. By setting up these alerts, it lets you know when the competitors change their prices, giving you the ability to react swiftly.

Holiday Amazon Sales

Create holiday-specific deals

Within the Amazon Seller Central section, it is possible to create deals via the “Advertising” tab. While these deals will cost you – $150 for an eligible lightning deal product, $300 for a standard seven-day deal – Christmas is the ideal time to run them and stand out from the crowd.

Also explore the possibility of putting together specific holiday product packaging or money-saving bundles. Steps like these can either convince customers to buy your goods or splash out more than they initially planned. Either way, it’s a win-win for your Amazon business.

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