Do you want to increase app downloads? Well, there is no struggle quite like what is felt when you work hard on creation only for a very minimal number of people to see it and appreciate it. This is often the case for developers – all the work goes on behind the scenes, in languages that no one else understands, overcoming challenges and obstacles that ordinary end users know nothing about. When it comes to developing apps, you can spend a great deal of time, energy, money, and other resources in building the most amazing mobile application only for a handful of people to install it and make use of it.

How can you take your app to the next level, to be more than just an icon in a sea of apps on an online app store, to installed and in the hands of everyday users? Fortunately, there are several proven tips on how to increase app downloads, from obvious suggestions to lesser know tactics. As you implement these various strategies you will most likely see the difference in your app downloads, improving your profitability along with your morale!

Standing Out in a Sea of Apps


Over the last few years, there have been masses of people rushing to develop mobile apps. According to recent research, the Apple App store holds over 2.22 million different apps, and the Google Play store hosts even more, with 3.48 million apps. That’s clearly a lot of competition, and even the smallest of niches is likely already crowded with rivals. As such, relatively few app developers actually make it a success and find revenue from it. When there is such a surplus of available apps out there, developed by big names of the likes of Apple and Android, it can feel like it’s hard to compete, never mind come out on top.

Every app developer dream of making it big, but it’s vital to have some realism regarding the matter. Don’t expect your app to fly off the app store like some other apps that have hit the news headlines recently (like the 127 million downloads of the McDonald’s app that happened around the world in 2022) but by implementing some useful tips and tricks, you can expect to see an increase in your downloads to a certain extent.

How to Increase App Downloads

Below we will discuss four main areas that have an impact on the number of app downloads and what you can do to encourage an increase.

App Store Optimisation

store optimization

Brands today are all about optimization, and it’s possible to do the same when it comes to your listings on app stores. While 48 percent of smartphone users find apps to download by browsing through their preferred app store, an additional 21 percent of users find apps through search engines. Each app listing is therefore indexed with content and keywords that help the app stores algorithms to find the most relevant app according to the searched word or phrase. App store optimization is the process of optimizing your listing, making your app appear high in search results, and increasing the likelihood of the app appearing in the app store or editor’s recommendations. App store optimization can help to boost the visibility of your app whether people browse through the store or search using keywords.

App Localisation

The great thing about virtual products is the ability to sell them all over the world, and both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store allow you access to this global market. However, this is where localization becomes a necessity. People won’t download an app they can’t understand in their own language; hence localization is the process of completely adapting an application to meet the needs of different languages, cultures, and locations. This involves more than simply translating the content, it also includes optimizing the design and listing of your app too. By utilizing app locations, you can unlock a global market of potential users and as they see how adaptable your app is to their language and culture, good reviews are likely to spread.

Social Media

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Sharing content on social media can be a powerful way to improve the number of app downloads. If you can feature on social media some images, advice, or other content that is featured on your app, even ones who not looking to install an app like the one you have developed may be intrigued and convinced to have a look. If you have the budget to do so, you could get some social media influencers on board. They spend hours making connections with their followers, so you can use this groundwork of strong relationships and community to demonstrate your app and what it could do for your audience.


When deciding on an app to download, many people will take a look at the reviews and ratings, looking for feedback from other customers. Therefore, prompt existing users of your app to leave feedback. You can use this valuable insight to make changes and improvements in your app so as to meet the needs and wants of your audience. This feedback will also be motivating for app store browsers who are more likely to trust the reviews of a third party than the claims you yourself make as a brand. People are much more motivated by friends and family than they are by advertisements so encourage users to make referrals. Offer incentives for inviting friends to join on the app, or for sending referral links to family and friends. This small encouragement will get the word about your brand and app spreading.

You Can Make Your App A Success

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With the right development, applying the suggestions offered in this information, and taking the advice of experts and specialized platforms you can take your app to the next level. With a little concerted effort, hard work and pure determination you can successfully encourage more downloads. You may be surprised at the result you can achieve when you work to improve app downloads.

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