As a gym owner, you know the importance of keeping your members happy and smiling. If your members are happy, they will keep coming back for their workouts. Consequently, your retention rates will always remain high.

Also, happy gym members will refer their friends and family to your gym, thus helping to grow your membership. In short, keeping your gym members happy is key to growing your gym business, whichever way you look at it.

And the good news is that keeping your gym members happy doesn’t require you to invest thousands of dollars or do something extraordinary. A few simple changes will be enough to do the trick. In this article, we will discuss six key ways of keeping your gym members happy.

Go One Step Beyond

Gym Members Happy

Going a step beyond what’s expected of you will help to separate your gym from the competition and keep gym members happy. By doing so, your members will see the value of coming back to your gym, as opposed to joining one down the road.

And, going a step beyond what’s expected is possible with minimal effort. Some of the simple things that you can do include sending a simple thank you to the client whenever they renew their membership or offering complimentary personal training sessions for a client who has been signed up for several months.

Another simple thing that you can do is by surprising your members with something they weren’t expecting. For instance, you can offer free childcare over the weekend. You can also go a step further and host fun classes for your members’ children.

Celebrate Clients’ Success

Reaching a particular fitness goal requires a high level of commitment and dedication. Also, it can be extremely physically and mentally exhausting. In short, it’s not easy for your gym members to reach their fitness goals. By rewarding your clients and celebrating their success, you will significantly reinforce their accomplishments, keep them motivated and keep them happy.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways of recognizing success at the gym and celebrating member success. The methods that you will use will depend on the resources at your disposal.

Some of the ways of recognizing success at your gym and celebrating member success include posting their success stories on your social media channels, featuring their achievements in your monthly newsletters, offering them fitness related gifts as well as posting their pictures on the gym notice board, just to name a few.

Build a Community

Your gym

Your gym should instill a sense of belonging in all your members. And you can accomplish this by building a community in your gym. If your gym fails to provide a sense of community, it’s likely you will end up losing some of your members to other facilities that are providing a safe and strong community for their members.

So, how can you build a community in your gym? Well, there are several available strategies, which you can experiment with and implement. Again, none of these strategies is expensive or complex.

Some of the strategies to consider include creating a Facebook group for your gym, holding contests and giveaways, giving away merchandise with your facility’s logo, organizing field trips or outdoor workouts, organizing sports activities outside the gym, as well as introducing new members to older members, to make them feel welcome.

Maintain Gym Equipment Properly

Well-maintained gym equipment can also go a long way in keeping your gym members happy. Besides helping to keep your members happy and satisfied, properly maintained gym equipment can also help to prevent or minimize accidents, which can lead to costly lawsuits.

So, how do you ensure that your gym equipment is always properly maintained? Well, it will be a great idea to have a maintenance checklist. This way, your equipment will always be serviced on time.

Also, you should be conducting regular examinations of all your equipment. A daily examination will help you to identify any faulty, damaged or broken equipment. You can then take it out of commission before your members come for their workout sessions the following day.

Maintain High Hygiene Standards

Besides making sure that your equipment is properly maintained, you should also ensure you maintain high hygiene standards in your gym. Maintaining high hygiene standards will create a pleasant and friendly fitness environment for your members. And, the friendlier the environment, the more likely they are going to remain happy and satisfied.

remain happy and satisfied

Some of the measures that you can implement to ensure high hygiene standards in your facility include wiping equipment down after every session, vacuuming and cleaning the gym regularly, as well as providing your gym members with bacterial wipes, which they will use to wipe equipment after use.

In Conclusion

Implementing and practicing the tips we’ve shared here will help to keep your gym members happy and loyal. And, a happy and loyal client is a valuable asset to your fitness business.

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