71% of small businesses have a website. Have you created yours yet? If not, you’re behind the times!

Your company website is an essential tool. You can use it for marketing, customer communication, and much more. It’s difficult for a business to get started at all in 2022 without a website.

We’re here to discuss how you can make your new website count. Read on for a few quick tips.

First: Make Sure It Works

Website Design

This might seem silly, but you’d be shocked at how many people create a website but never bother to check whether or not it works.

Website development isn’t all about the appearance of your website. It also includes all of your site’s “behind the scenes” features. For example, if your site isn’t easy to navigate and responsive, it won’t impress your visitors.

Before your site goes live, ensure all links work and that all information is accessible. Don’t just check on a computer. Make sure it works on mobile devices as well.

We recommend investing in professional web design services if you can’t get your site working well. You can’t afford to have a non-functional website!

Keep It Clean

In the past, websites often looked wacky. The brightest, loudest, and most visually exciting sites were the clear winners. Nowadays, however, that’s no longer the case.

You want your site to look clean and stylish. There shouldn’t be any confusing font, auto-play videos or music, or large images and gifs that take up too much of the screen.

That isn’t to say that it shouldn’t have character. On the contrary, of course, it should! You need to keep it reasonable.

Include a Fun Freebie

Revamp Your Company Website

Do you hate seeing popups on sites? Would you feel better about those popups if they included a freebie? So would everyone else.

It’s normal to want people to sign up for your email list or an account on your website through a popup, but you need to make it worthwhile. Consider including a discount code, a gift, or free information (like a free eBook).

This will cause visitors to think more positively about your site.

Be Consistent With Your Brand

Whether a blogger or a business owner, you have a brand you’ve created to represent yourself and your work. Your website is going to be one of the first places people come in contact with your brand, so make sure you’re consistent.

Use a color scheme, make sure you’re using a brand voice, and remember that this website will match your social media accounts and other promotional material.

Creating a user-friendly website

People love seeing an intentional and cohesive brand that starts with your website.

Make Your Company Website Count

If you want your company website to serve as a customer-attracting tool, you need to make it memorable and appealing. These tips are just a starting point. How will you make your business website come alive?

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