Did you know that it takes the typical consumer 5 to 7 impressions in order to make a brand stick in their mind? A huge part of running a successful brand campaign is finding ways to measure the impact and the number of consumers that it drives to your website. A good marketing strategy needs some form of measurement in order to determine its success.

Learning how to measure brand awareness is one of the more difficult parts of any social media marketing strategy, but there is no reason why you can’t do this. Identifying areas where your marketing strategy is lagging will allow you to get more people in your doors or to your website.

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn about some helpful ways to measure the success of your brand strategy.

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Study Direct Traffic

Study Direct Traffic

One of the most straightforward ways to determine the success of your marketing strategy and brand building is using a web analytics program to look at your direct traffic. If you measure the number of visitors that you get to your website or social media page over a length of time then you can get a better idea of your brand strategy’s success.

The more that people remember and think of your brand, the more that they’ll type it into the search engine. Don’t compare direct traffic for your site to other types of traffic. Instead, compare your direct traffic over one time period to that of a different period of time.

You should also look at the bounce rate if you want a good indication of your success from a marketing standpoint. The bounce rate represents how much time they spend looking around on your website. You should find that your instant bounce rate goes down sharply if your brand building is working well.

Measure Referral Traffic

You should also dive into measuring and studying the referral traffic that your business’s website gets. A sign of a successful marketing strategy is noticing a constant and consistent rise in traffic to your website. Still, it is important that your visitors are relevant to your website.

There is some risk to this because getting referrals from low-quality sources will end up hurting your website’s score in the search rankings. You’ll do some serious harm to your brand campaign if you’re getting referrals from poor sources.

A great strategy to consider is getting your employees to act as your brand referees for your business website. They can advocate for your brand in a way that won’t harm it and that will allow you to boost website traffic.

Track Earned Media Value

Earned media value is all about free publicity for your brand and your company. When you think of earned media value, you need to think of social media platforms and your business’s accounts. This is crucial if you plan on putting monetary values on mentions and customer engagement on social media.

Tracking earned media value and having an idea of its value means that you can evaluate the return on investment that you’re getting. It also means that you have a firm idea of the success of your marketing strategy.

Look At Share of Voice

Looking at your share of voice is another important aspect of learning how to measure brand awareness. Share of voice is all about keywords that your business uses. These keywords get compared to your primary competitors in the industry.

It is easy to keep track of share of voice when using social media because you can look at the numbers of mentions that you get on those social media platforms. You can then compare that to the number of mentions that your competitors get on the same platform.

You can then calculate how many of the mentions go your way versus your competitors. Share of voice is a quick and easy way to get a clearer idea of how successful your brand campaign is. You can learn more about getting more comments and followers here.

Compare Your Earned Media Value

Your customers will also likely have websites and social media accounts. In addition to comparing your referral traffic and share of voice, you should also look at your earned media value compared to competitors. Improving your brand awareness is a neverending competition, and you need to find a way to get ahead however possible.

If you track and compare your earned media value versus that of your competitors then you’ll have a better idea of how well your brand building plans are going. Share of voice will take into account the backlinks your website uses as well as your follower base.

Earned media value is different because it gives you a better picture of how valued and discussed your brand is on the internet and on social media. It isolates those things from the other aspects of your marketing strategy.

SEO Audit Report

Many companies use backlinks as a way to build their brand and increase their brand awareness. If you plan on using backlinks then you need to be ready to separate the backlinks that are organic versus the backlinks that are ones that you’ve paid for as part of your marketing strategy.

You’ll get different and important information from each type of backlink, so it is important to understand and track each of these metrics. Getting organic backlinks is a sure sign that your content brings a lot of value. People don’t backlink to content that isn’t easy and fun to read while also providing valuable information.

It is also a clear sign that your website is a reliable place according to consumers. If you’re not getting many backlinks, or the backlinks that you’re getting are not relevant, it is possible that you’re facing issues with your search engine optimization.

Failure to get the backlinks that you want could be a result of a lack of awareness around your brand. It could also be a sign that you’re offering the wrong type of content. Knowing these things will allow you to make the necessary changes.

Measure Your Social Media Activity

If you’re looking for a fool-proof way of boosting your brand awareness then you need to get your business on social media as soon as possible. It is easy to track your success thanks to the ability to look at the number of followers that you’re gaining and the number of mentions that you get.

The more followers that your business builds on social media, the stronger your brand awareness is. In addition to tracking your followers, make sure you track the number of likes that you get, the number of mentions you’re involved with, and how many comments you get on your posts.

Comments on your posts increase your reach and show that you’re getting the right target audience with your posts. You should make it a point to post social media content that encourages and impulses your followers to take action. Ask questions of your audience and produce some fun or light-hearted content for your pages.

Use Surveys

Surveys are one of the oldest tools in the book when it comes to learning how to measure brand awareness. It doesn’t take much effort or money to interview people with things like questionnaires. You’ll learn a lot about how your visitors found your website and whether or not they’d heard of you before.

You can also be a bit more forward when asking about how much they know about your brand but don’t get carried away. If you ask too much, you might push your customer away and annoy them. Short and simple is the key if you want to make use of questionnaires with your customers and target audience.

There is also the option of asking a random set of people if they’ve heard of your brand or not. You’ll have a great resource for learning more about what your brand conjures up in their minds.

Search Popularity

There are some great keyword tools out there that you can use as a way to learn about your business’s search popularity. Searching your brand and then comparing the results to your top competitor’s brand will give you a better idea of your search popularity. You’ll have an easy time measuring your search popularity and maintaining its progress.

Some keyword tools only allow you to search in certain increments. Make sure that you save your findings each time so that it is easy to compare your progress. You should also try to include typos in your searches to gain more insight into your brand’s popularity.

Now You’re Ready to Learn How to Measure Brand Awareness

Now You're Ready to Learn How to Measure Brand Awareness

Learning how to measure brand awareness is vital as a small business owner that is operating in a global and digital world. Make sure that you’re using tools like the keyword tool to measure your search popularity versus that of your competitors. You should also place an emphasis on a social media marketing strategy as it is easy to measure the numbers of followers and mentions that you get.

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