Did you know that 30% of female students play volleyball while 33% of male students play football?

While these are a couple of the most popular high school sports, there are many others that are worth watching and getting hyped about. Nowadays, it’s possible to stream games live so that a bigger audience can enjoy them, including other students, parents, faculty, and more.

Are you wondering how it’s possible? Keep reading to learn all about how to start a high school sports broadcast.

Raise the Funds

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If you want to turn your high school broadcast ideas into a reality, you’re going to need to raise some funds. After all, the equipment alone will cost you a pretty penny.

Since there are often many sports fans associated with a given school, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the necessary number of patrons. You can set up a table by the parent pick-up area or even during lunchtime and ask people for donations. Aside from donations, you could even sell some commercial space to local businesses.

Don’t forget to ask permission before starting a sports fundraiser. You’ll also need to get permission to live-stream the events. You should speak with the relevant faculty members, including the coaches and the principal.

Get the Equipment

Get the Equipment

The type of live-streaming camera you buy is going to make a huge difference. The last thing you’d want is something that steams in low quality. Not only should the picture be crystal clear but the stream connection should be reliable as well.

Instead of investing in the first sports broadcasting camera, you come across, it’s crucial to look at online reviews first. The key is to balance out the cost with the types of features you get.

Aside from the cameras, you’ll need tripods, extension cords, a high-speed internet connection, and more.

Assemble a Crew

Assemble a Crew

Are you still wondering how to live-stream a high school football game? Without a reliable crew, having a successful high school sports broadcast can end up being extremely difficult.

Things will be much smoother and more successful if you have at least a few people who can operate the cameras, edit the footage, and work the software. For instance, the Apollo Streams app has a simple and easy learning curve for anyone who wants to share their sports game with as many fans as possible.

Are You Ready to Start a High School Sports Broadcast?

Now that you’ve learned all about how to start a high school sports broadcast, you can make sure the students and faculty are informed about everything that goes on throughout the year. This will go a long way toward pumping people up for each big game that’s played. More support means a better chance of winning.

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