Research shows that 21% of teens have been cyberbullied, and we totally understand you don’t want your child to be one of these numbers. The easiest way to ensure your child is never bullied online is to monitor their phone’s activity. There are countless phone spy apps in the market, but not all of them give you a clear window into your child’s phone without them ever knowing, which is why we’re here to help you.

So today, we will teach you how to track your child’s Android phone with these five simple tools. Be it your child’s location, contacts, or social media activities, nothing will remain hidden from you anymore.

Why Track Your Child’s Phone

Track Your Child’s Phone

One of the biggest reasons to track your child’s phone is to protect them from danger. They’re too young to know what’s right for them, but at the same time, hovering over their heads 24/7 can further drive them away. The best way to protect them is to stay in the shadows, watch what’s happening in their lives and only take action when you sense any real danger.

Best Tools to Track Your Child’s Android Phone

Here are the top 5 tools you can use to monitor your child’s phone

1. uMobix: Best Android Tracker

The uMobix spy app for your child’s Android phone is specially developed for parental control. Compatible with both Android and iPhone, uMobix can monitor up to 30 popular mobile apps, including social media apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, and TikTok. You will also be in the know of their whereabouts in real-time thanks to the GPS tracker feature that allows you to pin down their exact spot on the map.

Along with remote monitoring, it is also possible to send remote commands like blocking a website, deleting an inappropriate app, or accessing deleted information. Even if your kids try to outsmart you by renaming contacts, you will be immediately notified of the change.

  • Easy setup
  • 100% undetectable
  • Multiple secure payment options
  • One plan can only be used on one device

2. FamiSafe: Perfect Parental Control App

FamiSafe is another popular control app that makes it possible to track your child’s Android phone. It not only helps you protect your kids from bullies but also ensures that they aren’t involved in activities inappropriate for their age. For example, you can turn on their auto-detection for indecent images and later blur or delete those content. This feature also extends to social media messages; any toxic or improper message will be instantly deleted.

Track Phone

Along with that, their advanced web filter acts as a shield between your kids and unsuitable pages. Any time they try to penetrate that shield, you will be notified immediately. Other features that make your life easier include live location tracking, screen time control, activity reports, and more.

  • Diverse and cheap plans
  • Smart, integrated dashboard
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Protect 5 to 10 devices with just one plan

Doesn’t let you see all the text messages on the target phone

3. Google Maps: Free Tracker for Android

If you are confident that your child won’t lie to you, you might not need to break into their phone. But just to be on the safer side, it’s still best to keep track of their live location with Google Maps — the best GPS tracking app for your child’s Android phone. This is also the perfect solution for “How to track your child’s Android phone free?”

Google Maps has a special “Family Link” feature developed exclusively for children. Just open the Family Link app, select their account and turn on the location-sharing option. Unlike the other two options, you will need your child’s consent for this trick.

  • Zero risk
  • One-click set-up
  • Real-time location updates
  • Doesn’t require snooping
  • Only helps with location tracking

4. Verizon Smart Family: Best Android Tracker for Remote Access

Verizon Smart Family is a parental control that’s a little less invasive than uMobix. For starters, you can check on their live location, screen time, and the list of websites and apps they use. It is also possible to apply content filters and manage their calls and text messages to ensure they are in the right company. But you cannot send remote commands to eavesdrop on their surroundings or access their deleted information.

Track Teens Phone

Verizon Smart Family allows you to track your child’s Android phone and gives you the perfect blend of protection with freedom. With this app, always be there for your child without overstepping any boundaries.

  • Turn off internet access remotely
  • Access to their driving activity
  • Easy pick-up requests for your kids
  • Alerts on suspicious searches
  • Negligible control over social media

5. Samsung Find My Device: Best Tool to Track Your Child’s Android Phone Free

As the name suggests, this is an exclusive platform to track your child’s Android phone for Samsung users only. It helps you track a Samsung device’s live location or unlock the phone without the pin. Naturally, you will need access to your child’s Samsung account to use this feature. In addition to that, you can ring the device remotely, erase its data, or back up data. However, you will probably need your child’s consent to track them this way.

  • No legal worry
  • No chance of data leaks
  • Unlocks phone remotely
  • Retrieves calls and messages
  • Cannot be done without Samsung account credentials


Over 35% of teens prefer texting over talking face-to-face. So if you really want to know your child and what’s happening in their lives, you need to track your child’s Android phone. Instead of snooping around or waiting for an impossible chance to grab their unlocked phone, get an unrestricted view of everything they do online with these 100% undetectable and user-friendly spy apps.

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