For exciting content, Hulu is the best streaming service today. After getting a subscription, Hulu opens a world of content to the user. It comes with different plans as well. In many countries, Hulu login is not available and Canada is one of them. To watch Hulu in Canada, you need to use VPN. After doing everything right, sometimes it is not possible to stream Hulu.

Your Hulu account is blocked for different reasons. Users report issues, and all these issues have a solution. Stay tuned with us to know how to fix all these problems.

What is the reason Hulu login is blocked in your region?

Fix your blocked Hulu account

From wrong credentials to network issues, everything leads to the problem. Below we’ve detailed some reasons that are the possible culprit to lead the block on Hulu login.

Wrong or invalid credential

The first and most common cause of Hulu login blocks is wrong credentials. Holy never let you allow access with wrong or invalid credentials. The fact is, users can instantly identify this problem. If you put in the wrong credentials, Hulu shows a message it says “Your login is invalid. Please try again,”.

Issues with the subscription

Hulu is very sensitive to subscription issues. If you are not getting access to your Hulu account from other devices, but only browsers can, that means there is an issue with your subscription plan. Subscription issues arise for multiple reasons. Maybe it expired or your card is on hold.

Inactive Account

You cannot get access to Hulu without activating your account. Hulu login sends a link to the user’s email to activate the account. Sometimes, users ignore the link and try to get access directly to the account.

It is not possible to bypass the link. This link is for activating your Hulu account. On top of that, activation is required for getting additional packages for Hulu as well.

Server Issues

Hulu always tries to keep everything optimum. The error happens and the server gets down. Hulu does not work at that time. The downtime of the server outage puts the user out of service and shows a message on your screen that says “Your login has been blocked”.

Violation of terms & service

Hulu is not available for different countries because of geo-restrictions and licensing issues. Hulu customer service have come up with specific terms and conditions for the streaming that is for only the USA.

If you try to stream it from another country, the terms & conditions of hulu customer service get violated and you cannot get access to your Hulu account.

What Are the other reasons for blocking Hulu accounts in your region?

stream Hulu

All the reasons we’ve discussed earlier are not the last thing you can face that leads to blocking your Hulu account. There is more. Here are some more major reasons given below.

  • A glitch in the Hulu app can make trouble to log in to your Hulu account through the app.
  • Sometimes the protection tracking system of your internet browser can prevent Hulu from running.
  • If your devices have a connectivity problem, then it does not properly work. As a result, you cannot log in to your Hulu account.

How To Fix Hulu Login Failure?

Fixing Hulu login failure is easy and simple. Before you try to fix it, find the reason first. Once you find out the reason, just jump in deep to get the solution.

Use right credentials

When the user enters the correct details, the problem is solved. Put the correct email id or username and password in the required section. Sometimes, users forget the username or password.

Hulu offers an ID and password recovery system. Select the “forgot password” option and Hulu will send a recovery link. This link guides you to change the password.

Fix the subscription issues

If your subscription issue arises due to the card and payment method, then update the payment method. Once the payment process is complete, your account will be unblocked and Hulu login lets you get access again.

Active your Hulu account

Hulu will send a link that guides you to open the account activation message. Check your mail inbox to find the specific message for the link. If you bought a bundle package from Hulu, then another additional link will be provided to you. This link will help you to get your account updated with the bundle package.

Overcome server downtime issue

Unfortunately, there is no specific solution to this problem. It is not in your hand. To find the problem, you need to enter Hulu login from your internet browser.

There will be a message you can see that shows relevant detail about the current status of the server. To see if the problem is solved or not, you can log in to your Hulu account after a few hours.

Use VPN to avoid restriction

Hulu accounts

You can stream Hulu in different countries like Canada. To watch Hulu in Canada, use a reliable VPN and get a premium subscription. It will let you bypass all the restrictions and never let Hulu identify any issues of violations of terms and policies.


We can understand the feeling of the users when they get blocked while streaming Hulu. Hulu is a platform that is full of content and can make our day beautiful in front of digital devices. It can ruin when Hulu blocks our account for some reason.

We tried to figure out all the possible reasons and how to solve the issues as well. You can easily solve all these problems by yourself except for the server-down issues or you can contact hulu customer service. So, don’t worry when your Hulu login is not working. Now you have the solution for it.

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