Although many might think that being able to code is useful only within the technology industry, there are multiple industries that can benefit from these transferrable skills.

If you’re looking to broaden your skillset and attract a variety of employers, learning to code is an excellent place to start. There are many starter kits such as Beagleboards and the BBC Micro: bit, which offer an easy introduction to coding for beginners.

Also known as STEM education, learning to program is a great option for young people who might want to choose a career in technology in the future.

We’ll take a look at four industries that are becoming increasingly reliant on computer technology and coding skills.



Coding skills are frequently used in the financial industry, particularly when it comes to analytical tools and programming. Programming languages such as Python and Java are vital in the areas of risk management and are also used in the cryptocurrency industry.

Coding is essential in this industry for developing applications and analyzing data, such as APIs, especially across open-source networks where data and information can easily be shared and synced. Moreover, programming is needed in situations such as pricing derivatives and setting up electronic trading systems.

Among the coding languages, Python and Java are preferred in finance. C++ is not as popular as it used to be, but still, a knowledge of this programming language can still prove useful as banks operate legacy systems built on C++.



Technology systems are advancing across the healthcare industry and are seen in a number of settings. Computer systems and analytics are used to help develop new pharmaceutical drugs and medical researchers rely on software and programming to discover trends and patterns.

Many medical facilities also use computer systems to store and manage patient information and interpret data, as well as make bookings and share data across medical teams.


Coding Assignments

Marketing can encompass a variety of roles within the digital sector and employers are likely to place a high value on skills such as HTML development skills and software engineering. Applications are used across the industry to measure and analyze data, leading to more refined marketing strategies for businesses.

Coding skills are also sought after for many hybrid roles in small and medium creative marketing agencies, where having basic knowledge in various fields can become a competitive advantage over other candidates when looking for a new job.

Agriculture And Food Development

A variety of machine learning tools and AI techniques are used to maximize crops across the country. According to research, the US Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture Market is estimated to be 248.12 million USD, projected to reach 528.14 million USD by 2027.

Technology, including coding and programming, has also revolutionized how the food market develops new products and targets specific markets. Nutrition information is more accurate, and applications have made it easier to gather and interpret information to produce the highest quality items.

End Note

With many industries experiencing the advantages of programming and coding, opportunities within the field of technology are becoming limitless. If you want to develop skills in this area, you’re no longer restricted to tech or software businesses.

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