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Innovations in Mobile Application Development Redefining Businesses

The smartphone market is ever-growing and isn’t showing signs of decline anytime soon. AT 6.5 billion users, 87% of the current world population uses smartphones. As the number rises, market dynamics in every field change.

People now sell through smartphones. Online marketplaces for freelancers and retailers spring up. Advertisement rocks the internet. Every field is seeking innovative tech solutions to outwit competitors. In this age of mobile craze, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and indecisive.

That’s why Emphasoft is here for you. Today, we bring you 8 mobile app development innovations that can redefine your business.

Let’s get right in!

Top Mobile App Development Innovations

Beacon Technology

Beacon devices are small wireless transmitters that use Bluetooth to send alerts to phones nearby. They use the phone’s Mobile Advertising ID to send information to users. Beacon devices are a trendsetting technology that you can incorporate into mobile solutions. Here are a few use cases

  •  Carrefour, a multinational company installed beacon technology in its stores. As customers arrive, the device sends them product recommendations, welcome messages, and coupons. This makes their app engagement increase by 400%
  • Donald Trump used Beacon technology for the campaign. It sent push notifications to nearby phones and asked them to attend campaign rallies.

There are many ways you can integrate beacon devices to boost customers’ experience. Just be creative! Or ask an enterprise mobile app development service how.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Another innovative solution web development provides for startups is AMP. Accelerated Mobile Pages allows developers to create heavy web pages that perform better and load faster. This technology is handy when creating web-based apps.

Unlike before, you can now put videos, pictures, and graphics on your web page without worrying about loading speed. This, in turn, reduces pages bounce rate. A lower bounce rate can help you

  • Boost engagement
  • Better convert users
  • Better user retention
  • Brilliant user experience

Google and Twitter are front liners in Accelerated Mobile Pages. They integrate AMP listings to make HTML pages load quickly.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analysis gathers customers’ information through their habits, buying patterns, and preferences. Then, make suggestions and predict future outcomes. Thus, helping customers make better decisions.

Sites like Amazon and Flipkart make suggestions to users based on previous searches. This helps customers make better purchases which boost their user experience.

Predictive analysis is beneficial on the startups’ end too. Startups can use it to predict future issues and suggest alternatives. They can also track notifications with the best response to know customers’ preferences. Thus, making them tailor their products to what users need most.

Most developers may not know how to incorporate predictive analytics into apps. So, it’s best to outsource the task to mobile app development platforms. They have a wide range of expertise that can determine where the tool fits you best.

On-Demand Applications

On-demand software is mobile apps that meet user demands as soon as they place a request on them. They include food and grocery delivery apps like Instacart; ride-sharing apps like Uber and Taxify, amongst many others.

While the on-demand app had existed for some time, pandemics fast-tracked its adoption. Because then, users don’t have other options but to demand services online. Today its usage has even burgeoned more. On-demand applications are well used in the following

  • Food and grocery delivery
  • Ridesharing
  • Medicine delivery
  • Parking
  • Subscription
  • Pet and family care
  • Home Services.

Sure, on-demand apps had flooded the market. Another food delivery service won’t stand out as they are lots of options. However, with proper research, your solution can stand out. How?

Research loopholes in services provided by competitors. Discover a unique solution you can provide. Employ a custom mobile app development company to incorporate the solution. In no time, app engagement boosts and you rake in profits.

AI-Powered Chatbots

One of the biggest benefactors of AI adoption is chatbots. Chatbots have now redefined how businesses carry out operations and approach customers. Today 67% of companies use chatbots for customer support. It speeds up replies to customers who are demanding responses to their FAQs.

You can also incorporate chatbots features in your mobile app. This way, customers get their questions answered and fulfill their demands. It may even ask users questions and tailor their experience based on responses. Chatbots can also

  • Boost engagement and conversion
  • Personalize user recommendations and interaction based on the previous question asked
  • Keeps customers abreast of new developments in your brand.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Another mobile technology on an upward trajectory is mobile payment. Why do users have to hold money if they can pay online? It costs you less stress, time, or resources. As on-demand app adoption grows, mobile payment becomes even more important.

Over 2 billion users did mobile payments worldwide in 2021. And the numbers keep increasing. Today, we have lots of payment services like Google pay, Apple Pay, Android pay, and Samsung pay.

However, there have been issues around how to secure mobile payments. So, optimize the best security tools to protect users’ data when creating mobile payment apps.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things isn’t the buzzword it used to be. Adoption has increased as mobile devices are now entering the market. IoTs are smart devices connected to the internet. It allows users to automate control of devices remotely. It’s one of the best technologies that could redefine how humans do things.

Smart doors allow users to lock and unlock doors without being physically present. Self-driving cars, smart appliances, smart homes, etc are practical use cases of IoT. These devices are connected to mobile phones and controlled from another location.

There are currently 7 billion IoT devices worldwide. As predicted by Transforma Insights, the number is expected to reach 25 billion by 2029. Since mobile device usage is also increasing, IoT devices controlled by mobile apps are the way forward.

Low Code Development

Low code platforms are services that help you develop apps with little to no coding. Instead of scratch coding, you’d have a low code predefined structure that helps create applications. Then, add some code to complement its features. These platforms also offer no-code services. \Where citizen developers can create apps through drag and drop features.

Low code has many advantages. It saves startup companies the hassles that come with custom mobile app development. It can be a good solution for a small startup company that needs lightweight mobile apps. But when building intense sophisticated apps, coding is still the go-to option.

While low code has obvious limitations, it can be a brilliant solution in certain use cases. Well known low code vendors include

  • Google App Builder
  • Kissflow
  • Appian
  • Out Systems
  • Mendix
  • Zoho Creator

Amongst many others.

Why Should You Outsource?

Beacon devices help engage customers in-store. Chatbots help answer FAQs. Low code helps develop low-end solutions. There are different technologies that fit each use case. How do you choose the best new tech tools to improve your startup processes?

Outsource the task and focus on other things. Outsourcing mobile app development ensures that you get the perfect solution while you attend to other pressing needs. Outsource companies like Emphasoft to assess your business requirements. Then, they develop mobile apps with new tech solutions for your business.

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