Since Elon Musk took control of Twitter, he has implemented a series of changes worth questioning. According to ExpressVPN’s research, he dismantled the existing laws that regulated Twitter blue, abandoning the credibility check and authenticity verification process and replacing it with another version of Twitter Blue that anyone could buy for just $7 per month.

This fascinating change has led to different opinions among the old and new users of the social media platform.

A Chaotic Twitter Blue Launch Seen Controversial by Many

Twitter Blue Launch Seen Controversial

The launch of Twitter Blue was seen as controversial by many users, with Musk setting a fee for Twitter Blue and making it available to anyone without proper identity verification.

Soon after its launch, many users started paying the fee and impersonating celebrities, big brands, and even Mr. Elon Musk with a verified blue tick.

Many advertisers backed out following Musk’s takeover of Twitter, which led the company into a dire financial state, forcing Musk to think outside the box and come up with ways to increase revenue.

Musk Looking for Finance to Introduce “The X App”

The blue tick and other changes brought by the eccentric billionaire are a bid to raise enough cash to support his upcoming project, known as The X App.

The X App is an application where you’ll be able to shop for anything and everything under one roof. The plan is for the X App to merge with the Twitter ecosystem and propel the social media platform to new heights.

Executive Decisions by Musk Have Put Him in the Limelight for All the Wrong Reasons

Elon Musk Twitter

The deranged changes in the network are still frown-worthy because ever since Musk started allowing anyone willing to pay $7the Twitter Blue tick.

However, without proper checks and the subscription fee, it led to a rise in hate as many believed that there were no credible people or information left on the platform due to such a chaotic launch.

No More Free Speech As Musk Rolls Out New Advertising Algorithms

The new policies surrounding Twitter Blue are absurd for the old Twitter users, who are distraught over the claims Musk made when he first took over the social network.

Elon Musk completely knocked his claims of free speech on Twitter by making special advertisement algorithms available for Twitter Blue owners only and restricting all users who don’t pay monthly for the verification.

This restriction ruins the knack people used to have with random appearances on the home page if they hit a funny and viral tweet because now Twitter’s algorithm won’t allow them to be freely advertised or recommended on other people’s home pages.

All in all, it is worth paying attention to whether Elon Musk’s takeover is working in favor of Twitter or not.

Twitter & Elon Musk

If the apparent development of The X App improves the credibility of the original Twitter, it may result in excellent success never before seen in the past 17 years of Twitter’s existence. However, if it’s a complete flop, it could potentially be the downfall of the social media platform.

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