Black Friday TV deals are some of the best on show come the final Friday of November each year. However, you might find yourself in some competition, especially if you have your eye on something top of the range. While there is something for everyone, if you aren’t sure what make and model suits you, why not look at honest consumer reviews on sites like before swiping your card on those Black Friday deals on a new TV? It’s also the perfect time to upgrade to a smart TV or invest in a streaming device from stores like Target, Walmart, Kohls, and more. Shop around, too, as your favorite department store might not offer the best value on the block; that, and don’t forget that Cyber Monday sales follow with potential new offers.

What Type Of TV Should You Buy On Black Friday?

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Many stores use Black Friday tactics of clearing out old stock under the guise of unmissable savings. Although they often are, you could also see yourself carrying away a top-tier brand or the latest model if you are quick about it. Familiarise yourself with a handful of the many TV display types you might choose between this Black Friday, but ultimately the type of TV you buy and the best deal will be the one that works for you, from the cost of investment to the style and size that suits your home and needs best.


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An evolution of the LCD TV, LED technology is much the same except for the addition of edge-lit or backlit LED lights and the subsequent improved picture quality. This type of TV will provide you with the best value for your budget and with more choices in terms of screen sizes.


A Quantum Dot TV is not altogether different from an LED TV as it utilizes the same backlit LED technology but in a more advanced way, therefore displaying additional colors across a broader viewing angle.


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If picture quality is a priority for you, an OLED or organic light-emitting diode TV will come at a higher price point than LED technology; but with a superior contrast ratio and display quality.

Is It Worth The Wait To Buy A TV On Black Friday?

While a TV is not strictly essential to daily living, it provides much entertainment, social connectivity, and a little escapism from everyday life. You might say a TV unit is an investment, especially when the colder months start to creep in and the holiday season sees families and friends enjoying cozy moments together indoors. If you absolutely must have the newest technology or an upgrade in screen size before the holidays, you could consider keeping an eye out for early-bird sales; alternatively, good things come to those who wait, and Black Friday promises to be a blowout each year. Whether you make it in-store or online, you could be setting up your new home theatre system for the holidays in just a few short weeks. Get the picture?

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