What technology is good for education? People want to know about educational technology tools and what modern technology is used in education? At the risk of sounding cliche, it is obvious to all that technology is becoming an invasive force that is pervading all aspects of our lives, with education being no exception. The “Third Wave” that Alvin Toffler predicted way back in 1980, gave rise to a book called “The Fourth Wave” where authors Herman Maynard and Susan Mehrtens discuss how the business will be affected by the upcoming boom in information collection, distribution, absorption, and finally, application.

Already the nexus of power no longer belongs to the liquor barons, or industry magnates, but to acquisitors, creators, and compilers of knowledge. Google, the silent monster, that has all but eroded the word “privacy” from our dictionaries, is surging ahead with new, more refined, and powerful algorithms to track down user preferences, how data is collected and distributed and is investing crores of dollars into analytics and data mining.

What technology is good for education? It is now clear to everyone that online learning is no longer an “if”, not even a “when” but has become more of a “how”, in the wake of the pandemic. How much of content will be disseminated digitally, how much actual teacher interaction will be there, and how will learning, especially adaptive learning, be assessed, calculated, and graded.

These are questions that emerging technologies have rendered urgent and imminent; and which need to be resolved soon. Educational technology and educational technology tools have become almost as important as the content that is packaged, so it’s important that we examine closely what is the latest technology used in education along with what are the current trends in educational technology.

Latest Technology Used in Education – Types of Educational Technology and Educational Technology Tools

What technology is good for education? If we are to examine the types of educational technology and educational technology tools, the “Internet of things”, smartphones, and laptops are already widespread in almost all urban educational environments and no longer regarded as novel, unusual, or the latest. Of course, the extent to which educational technology is being harnessed is tied to the geographical locations as well as the state of development, especially economic development, of the country.

Types of Educational Technology and Educational Technology ToolsOne cannot expect a remote town in central Africa to have the same type of online curriculum or content distribution, as say an affluent district in the US. Naturally, third-world countries which are struggling to extend internet penetration and optimize frugal resources will lag behind in educational technology tools, and may even lack the knowledge of what is the latest technology used for education. But if we consider a city or town with reasonable economic development and technological progress, then it becomes easier to define what are the current trends in educational technology

1. Latest Technology Used in Education – Proliferation of Graphic Tablets 

What are the types of educational technology? Researchers and technology experts are predicting that graphic tablets, more than smartphones or laptops, will be the de facto learning tool in the future of educational technology. Even in a not so developed country such as India, tablets are increasingly finding their way into the digital classroom as these devices are affordable, have more screen real estate than phones, and as smarter and more powerful processors drive these gadgets, it is but natural that they will find universal acceptance. Declining costs of tablets will certainly catalyze sales, as will other marketing strategies such as student discounts and loan schemes.

2. Latest Technology Used in Education – Adaptive Learning

The term is fairly self-explanatory and essentially refers to an educational technology that provides as well as repurposes content to students, based on their needs and past learning experiences. Having had its roots in Artificial Intelligence or AI, it generates customized resources to address the special needs of a learner. Advanced bots gather data as the student browses various sites, accessing different educational technology tools and these are used to provide hints, tools and tips to accelerate learning as well as making it more enjoyable.

Learning is “adapted” or customized for students with special needs, learning disabilities, or the average slow learner, so that the “rich media” experience can be truly beneficial, simultaneously ensuring a high degree of retentivity. If one were to consider what technology is good for education, adaptive learning certainly is.

3. Latest Technology Used in Education – AI-Based Technologies

What is the modern technology used in education? Talking about types of educational technology, without a shadow of a doubt, Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI, is reshaping and remodelling the future of education. According to a report, global AI in the education market is projected to reach $3.68 billion by 2023. Hitherto restricted to industry usage and to a lesser extent in the entertainment sector, it is now finding increasing usage and acceptance in Academics.

AI greatly facilitates the automation of content preparation, delivery, as well as assessment as assignments can be scheduled, sent without fail, and assignments and final exams are also graded automatically without teacher intervention. Tests are becoming increasingly more objective and these can be remotely accessed, scored, and displayed on University portals.

Not just that, but AI can also keep track of weaker students and prompt the teaching faculty as to what corrective action can be taken in these special circumstances. So if one wishes to ascertain what technology is good for education, AI certainly is near the top of the list. 

Latest Technology Used in Education – What is the Modern Technology Used in Education?

What are the current trends in educational technology and what are the modern technologies used in education? Since all the tools and technologies deployed in the advancement of learning use the Internet, it is apparent that a lot of resources and government expenditure will be directed in ensuring greater penetration of the Internet as well as increased speed and connectivity. Fiber-optic connections are now commonplace in the big cities and very soon 5G will be introduced which will revolutionize all sectors, particularly in the education field.

modern technology used in educationAs videos move from standard resolution to HD and UHD, as more and more corporations network globally with increasing multiple video conferencing demands and as security leaks happen, it is evident that the present 4G system will not be able to handle the current load. 5G is the way forward. The only question is how cheap and accessible can it be made, and implemented on a global scale.

Immersive Technologies: It is becoming increasingly fashionable to use the word “Immersive Technology”. But what exactly does it mean? Put simply, immersive technologies refer to Virtual reality and Augmented reality learning environments and the reason it is known as “immersive” is that AR/VR technologies ensconce the user so completely in a virtual, near surrealistic world, that s/he becomes oblivious to his or her surroundings. This technology is finding tremendous usage in the medical field, where budding future surgeons can do a virtual tour of the human body and visualize how the surgery will proceed even before it is performed.

Latest Technology Used in Education – Competency-based Education

What are the current trends in educational technology and What is the latest technology used in education? Competency-based education refers to the current trend of matching pace as well as the level of content to the students’ learning ability.

As bots track students browsing habits as well as the rate at which they view videos, google analytics kick in, providing data to the content provider, of what the students current level of competence is, weak learning areas, and what subjects interest him or her, and arenas of specific skills that need to be targeted. This type of education is particularly helpful in assisting students with learning disabilities, as modules can be developed which circumvent repeated blocks found in knowledge assimilation and retention. 

Latest Technology Used in Education – Block Chain technology

What is the modern technology used in education? Taking our discussion on the latest technology used in education and types of educational technology further, as the ubiquitousness of ed-tech grows, the role of block chain technology multiplies. This is the method whereby information is secured in small bits or “blocks” and this is connected back, or “chained”, to previous data, thereby creating an effective database of any internet user.

 Current Trends in Educational TechnologyThis technology has achieved many milestones in record keeping, especially student documentation, and obliterated the need to verify various academic degrees and records. It also, by the very nature through which it is implemented, ensures transparency, removal of obsolete data, and reduces possible cases of fraud in schools or universities where extensive records are kept.

Latest Technology Used in Education – Gamification

What is the modern technology used in education? Like Block chain technology, this is also a very new concept, and although the name is misleading, seeming to undermine the serious nature of education by reducing it to the level of a game, its importance is growing. Especially in primary education, using gamification to teach ensures learner engagement and consistent involvement.

Long ago the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius made a keen observation on the necessity of practical application to internalize knowledge. He said, “What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand”. The principle of gamification is nothing but a fun way of applying this vital aspect of the cognitive learning process.

Latest Technology Used in Education – STEAM

When we talk about what modern technology used in education, we cannot but talk about STEAM. No, this has nothing to do with the ironing of clothes or the kitchen. STEAM formerly known as STEM is an acronym that stands for Science Technology, Engineering, and Maths. Recently, it has been expanded to include “Arts” also and STEM evolved into STEAM.

Educators and Academicians recognize the need to include Arts and creative forms of expression to make dry subjects like pure sciences more appealing and also provide a medium for personal expression and empathy. The addition of Arts to STEM is a welcome addition that is attracting students to STEM jobs.

Latest Technology Used in Education – Conclusion

Concluding our discussion on the latest technology used in education and types of educational technology, only time will reveal what types of educational technology and what educational technology tools will be truly useful to the learner and be of lasting value.

Given the fact that technology is changing so fast, the window for it to be tested and applied universally is becoming smaller and smaller, and if anyone were to ask what are the modern technology used in education, as the pace of life and of learning accelerates, it’s easy to list what are the current trends in educational technology but it is anybody’s guess, how long this will last…


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