Poland is a member of the European Union, which for a long time did not perceive cryptocurrency as an official means of payment and treated it with great care. But as digital assets gain more and more fans, the Central Bank of the European Union and the Bank of Poland had to change their minds about this and realize that every year the crypt will become more and more popular. To work legally in this jurisdiction, you should get a crypto license in Poland. Now the country is open for online campaigns, IT, and cryptocurrency investors. For this, legislation was developed, and issues with paying taxes and releasing digital assets were resolved.

Primary documentation for crypto license

crypto license

It should be noted that a cryptocurrency license in Poland is a partial concept since, in this country, you only need to register your activity. Cryptocurrency authorization is registering a crypto business in the state register through the Chamber of Tax Administration. This process takes little time and effort, and the documents and stages you must go through are simple. Let’s look at the main points that will help you get started faster.

Before listing the main stages, it is worth paying attention to the package of documents and acts that will need to be prepared, or rather:

  • Memorandum of Agreement;
  • Signed AML/CFT charter (Poland and the EU are very conscientious in monitoring illegal activities, or rather money laundering and financial terrorism);
  • Identity card (passport copy, the document must be translated and certified by a notary if you are not a citizen of Poland);
  • Verification of an individual (for example, a local office account);
  • Documents and information of the directors of the company, its shareholders, and beneficial owners;
  • Open a bank account (to prepare documents, you need to consult with the bank).

The list of documents for a crypto license in Poland can be increased or decreased depending on your citizenship and type of activity with cryptocurrency.

Stages of obtaining a license for crypto activities

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When obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Poland, the rules that apply in this country and in the European Union will be taken into account. All you need to do is take the main 3 steps. Consider them:

  • Preparation and submission of necessary documents. It has been listed previously. If the papers are overdue or false, you must hand over everything again. You also need to pay all state fees associated with registering a company in the register;
  • Obtaining a Polish identification number (PESEL). It is required for electronic filing. To do this, translate and certify documents confirming the owner’s or director’s identity. After, the courier will deliver a document that confirms the receipt of PESEL. Once you have the paper, activate it at the Polish consulate. This process takes up to 30 days;
  • Apply for a permit and register a company. Here you will need to go through the AML procedure, check the readiness of all documents and wait for the result. All this takes place on the state platform ePUAP.

The registration process takes 14 days. Depending on your skill level and location (online or offline), this may take 5-6 weeks. Contacting a specialized company will help you speed up the process to 3-4 weeks.

Requirements for Work Permit In Poland

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Those who want to start their activity with virtual assets in Poland must meet 2 main rules:

  1. No previous conviction or criminal record. It includes such violations as crimes against state bodies and their activities, against property, against the reliability of documents, and against justice and its actions.
  2. Availability of qualifications and experience. Individuals who plan to work with cryptocurrencies must have professional knowledge or experience. The condition can be met if you have completed courses or training in working with digital assets or have more than 1 year of experience working with them.

You can contact the specialists of our company to check whether your organization meets all the requirements for obtaining a work permit.


Obtaining a crypto license in Poland has an easy and labor-intensive process and minimum requirements. But it gives many advantages and activities with cryptocurrency. It opens a more profitable market, and thanks to its relationship with the European Union, you will be able to find more customers and partners. The Polish crypto license’s frame and good reputation will help find potential investors. Many companies and people in the business already have well-established businesses with virtual currency, which can be an inspiring example for you. Poland is ideal for start-ups and those expanding their existing business.

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